2014 FIAT 500L vs. MINI Countryman vs. Scion XB vs KIA Soul vs Nissan Cube Matchup Review

2014 FIAT 500L vs. MINI Countryman vs. Scion XB vs KIA Soul vs Nissan Cube Matchup Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The new 2014 FIAT 500L is small but perky little Italian car that is new to America but already in sale in Europe. However America …



Zahmbie Horde says:

Xb all the way! Fiat is such a cheap vehicle and very plain

Giuseppe Capozzi says:

fiat 🙂 very happy car

farr64 says:

Sorry but apart from the fiat the others are very ugly looking boxes …

PjotrGaming says:

eww fiat 

M L.R. says:

My dad bought a 500L in 2012 (european version) and, even if i don’t like
the style, ( I think all of these car too boxy and not stylish) I must
admit it’ s reliable and comfortable. Not very fun to drive, but roomy and
it perfectly fits its family car role. 

Shantanu Manerikar says:

this guy is biased

99yhy says:

Bias… Scion xB has the highest cc and hp for the lowest price. I have one
and it even comes standard with a front sway bar.

CV Andy says:

Spaghetti with meatballs? Are you reviewing cars or restaurants? Too bad
TFL get in the way when I’m browsing for real reviews.

porschetr says:

Too bad they didn’t have 2014 Kia Soul. Entirely new.

David Hee says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

spencer angel says:

I love mini coopers. they are way faster than the fiat 500L/ and every
other fiat

vitalie zabulica says:

FIAT 500 orait,.ok.klass

Kendall Gelner says:

He says the 500L is a car with a little more space than a Countryman
inside, but it sure doesn’t look that way in either looking at the cars
side by side in this video, or the other videos showing the inside of the
500L. If nothing else I would say the rear seats of the Countryman have
more headroom, since it does not have the sloping roofs all the other cars
have. Like the 500L, the Countryman also has a good amount of space for
adults in the back seats.

canadaisthenorth says:

Fiat must have taken you out to dinner at a nice restaraunt XD Just give
the 500 a few more years and it’ll live up to the Fiat name: Fix It Again

jared novak says:

i think the vw golf and ford focus hatch would too and the toyota matrix

superchan7 says:

Last I heard push starts weren’t really important in sports cars. And there
are very few truly “crap” cars nowadays; only cars built to a price point.

Ryan S. says:

The styling isn’t for everyone. I own a cube and it’s very practical and
comfortable. I have never gone below 30mpg.

Jake Krause says:

500 l definitely

3656761 says:

The Xb shown has a different front end look…how come?

Ryan S. says:

Haven’t had a single problem with my nissan.

1guyin10 says:

My mini experience wasn’t that great so between that crowd I would have to
decide between the Soul and the 500L. The street price on the Soul is quite
a bit lower than sticker so the “what you can actually get it for” price
leans heavily in its favor. That 500L is growing on me though.

Flaheat says:

The second gen Scion xB is hilarious because Scion polled first gen xB
owners about what they wanted in the next gen xB and everybody said, larger
with more power. Scion gave them what they want, but everybody hated it!

brutus diego says:


Oumar DiAllO says:

2014 soul is gonna be a hit compared to these haha

M67v says:

I disagree with you. All those cars are good, btw that’s 5 not 4.

Noel Ebbert says:

I love yall guys ( NO HOMO). I try every morning before i start my daily
activities to have a cup of coffee and watch TFL! Plus yall respond to
comments and really represent an organization that cares about providing
entertainment and information with passion for automobile enthusiasts. KEEP
UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! i totally wish there was a live show with audience i
would travel all the way from MS to watch!!!

Carlos says:

This Video sounds like you love the Fiat more and want everyone to love it
too. If I can make a suggestion and that would be to make these vids more

WRLondon says:

both look fugly though!

David Hill says:

Soul for the win!!

Smrtsk8tr1 says:

Haha your buddy forgot his seat belt. Trust me, i hear that often

C G says:

Cube looks like a retarded baby!

Sean Poirier says:

Thank you Roman for refraining from putting your hands in your pockets.
Much more professional. Keep it up

Gideon Kuroiame says:

xb for me

anassgame says:

ill take the fiat!

Dan Troop says:

I am not in the market for a car in this category but if I were the Mini
(no longer a descriptor but a brand name) Countryman would be my choice.
The FIAT may no longer be rust prone and likely to leave you stranded on
the side of the road like its predecessors were but the company will have
to overcome that image before it will get any of my money.

Christopher Rickerd says:

Every one of those cars are ugly. VW GTI trumps them all.

Ledjar says:

I think the cube remains a cool car even if its a bit boring to own. You
just don’t see many on the road which makes seeing one kind of fun. I
wouldn’t own one personally but if for some reason i had a kid instead of a
sports car.. I’d consider getting them it.

gene978 says:

Ok Roman, I use to trust your honest reviews but I’ve HAD IT WITH YOUR
SLANDER. Calling the little Cube Not Cool. Why are you to afraid to tell
dirty pool with no wheel covers on the Scion XB, making it look even worse.
Shame on Italy. Haha. Good work Roman

alessandro tangini says:

fiat 500 L the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

moreanimalspirits says:

What about the FIAT’s power and freeway and mountain driving? I heard it
blows around a bit as well.

Isis Smith says:

Kia soul

Grajjie says:

I’d take the countryman. High quality German car with so many customizable
options that you only find in a Mini.

bmwmsport11 says:

seems like the Fiat 500L has an advantage over the others. Fiat needs to
bring over a normal looking car. not a italian city car served with a side
of pasta and meat balls. the 500 and 500L are just too city oriented and
too cute looking. same with Mini. they need to make a car like the xB or

snooki1336 says:

Mini all the way

Patrick Austin says:

Roman I wish you would put links to pervious videos in your description. It
would make it convenient to see the 500L test drive.

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