2014 Chevrolet Impala vs. 2014 Toyota Avalon

2014 Chevrolet Impala vs. 2014 Toyota Avalon

People are sick of being bored. Customers want a little excitement for their hard earned money. We’re not talking about feeling like a six-year-old at Disney, but something a little more exhilarati…



Rtvoll says:

Love the Toyota guys crying bias. The Toyota has a nicer interior and thats
it. The impala won hands down.

jamesgjt says:

in other word, it is Lexus ES vs Cadillac XTS

NOLAItsNotOva says:

I equally like both. I like the tech features you can get in the impala and
I like the high quality feel of the avalon. However, I don’t like the
Impala’s back. It looks disproportional to the front. I also don’t like the
steering wheel. I’m kind of iffy about the center stack of the Avalon and
again the back doesn’t match/go well with the front to me, but fits better
than the Impala

mak450 says:

To be quite honest I find the Avalon to be the absolute least appealing
vehicle in this class, the way it looks inside and out is just…ich. It
seems to me like even if the Avalon didn’t have bad ride quality they’re
both so close that I would choose the Impala on looks alone.

YourName says:

Ford Taurus SHO. Done.

John Mark Webb says:

I don’t like the Impala’s front end. It looks too awkward. 

RayzaBlayz says:

the impala a pointless reason to purchase a xts

Timothy Redd says:

I think the impala’s interior is too busy and tacky and the Avalon is good
but has a stiff ride for no reason. My pick is the KIA cadenza!

twell609 says:

The impala will not last longer!

TheKRNG says:

toyota > chevy

CanBoChoChet says:

Biased review! But you cant argue Patriotism.

rantanamo says:

Why does AutoGuide seem to have the weirdest reviews that are almost
universally contrarian to every other auto mag out there?

thesrt8dodge says:

Volvo S80. No discussion

Evans Cheruiyot says:

why would anyone pick any of these over a Chrysler 300 ?



Xavier Mangubat says:

The Lexus ES is pointless since it’s a more expensive Avalon. I’d pick the

keri ellerbe says:

Did they chango the Impala grill?

FoodyTunes says:

People saying the Impala will not last long? It’s one of the longest
lasting vehicles in Chevy’s line up, next to their trucks. I mean just look
at how many 15 year old Impalas you still see on the road! 

Jordan Bierbaum says:

the grille on the impala bugs me so much…why not make it all mesh. it
would look so much better. with it the way it is, it just looks…odd.

Carl Manney says:

Another biased review the Toyota will last longer has better build quality
and a better interior we all know who the real winner is

Santa Joe says:

For me, reliability plays a major role when buying a car. That being said,
I chose the Toyota.

Jake Ryans says:

the toyota is such a good car but the impala in general performs better and
feels more upscale and fits my taste. I want it. thirsty engine tho. *sigh*

momoney71o9 says:

If you care about resale value I suggest u get the avalon

Barobran92 says:

Whats with the stupid looking grille in the Impala, is it an accessory or
something? The normal grille looks way better.

Joel Morales says:

If I need a full size sedan it will have to the the Impala. Beautiful
American car. 

Stewie Renaldy says:

The two host format is kinda awkward, I find it. Don’t know though. Just
what I found. 

scarlett o'hara says:

Were are you guys? It’s close to the end of spring and you have snow?

João Vlademir says:

In my opinion I can say the following have a Chevrolet Cruze LT; I like
Chevys … but the impression it gives is always the same are poorly
finished as the Impala, a beautiful car but with a few lines of
construction and finishes ….

nateawzom13 says:

I LOVE the Avalon interior

jlostracco says:

That impala steering wheel has to be the ugliest I’ve ever seen!

Moh Mah says:

2014 Ford TAURUS vs 2014 Chevrolet Impala

Evans Cheruiyot says:

it’s funny how they missed to point out the fact that the Avalon is also a
lexus es350 underneath, biased fucks

Leonardo Costa says:

What about reliability….?? 

snazari1994 says:

Freaking hate that impala

Toyota4Life says:

Avalon for the smart buyer. More reliable, better built more efficient,
weighs a lot less, its engine is one of the best engines Toyota ever
made. Not to mention the Impala is on the verge of silly looking. Its HUGE
and the rear end is ugly

justin bouche says:

god that impala looks amazing. 

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