2014 / 2015 Scion FR-S (AKA Subaru BRZ & Toyota 86) Review and Road Test – DETAILED

2014 / 2015 Scion FR-S (AKA Subaru BRZ & Toyota 86) Review and Road Test – DETAILED

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Alex on Autos says:

Sure, putting the FR-S on a larger track like Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
reveals the FR-S is out-gunned by plenty of rivals, but doing so also
misses the point. I like to think of the Scion/Toyota/Subaru as baby’s
first track car, the kind of car you can use to hone your driving skills
before moving up to a more-powerful, faster and deadlier vehicle. The key
to loving this low-slung 2+2 is to understand what it is, and most
importantly: what it isn’t.

mountainhobo says:

So, +Alex on Autos, from your mentioning Miata repeatedly, should we
understand the review of the 2015 is coming?

future62 says:

Whew I dont feel bad about not connecting with this car. I don’t live near
any mountains and I get to the track maybe once or twice a year tops. I am
a highway slicer. My Z fits the bill a lot better. It’s a shame, because I
like what this car is about and WANTED to connect with it. But where I
drive, it’s just a little too slow.

To be fair though, I think with 500 more ccs and a powerband biased more
towards torque, as well as taller gearing, it would probably be perfect for
someone like me, and have broader appeal. Big 4 banger RWD cars work
great… look at the 964 and the 240SX…

Eric D. says:

I like the stop sign at 15:53 where you stop so you could take a really
good look at the gnarly trash can !

Seriously … I just love you reviews … No nonsense, In depths … Great

court bowes says:

27 minutes of wasted video. For that car,maybe 10 minutes,maybe.

Munther AL-sulaimi says:

2015 Subaru WRX please ?

Hiblario says:

Alex I just wanted to say that I think you do some of the best auto reviews
out there. Very informative, straight to the point, and unlike a ton of
other reviewers out there you do your homework before you do your review.
Keep up the great work, looking forward to more.

Pete Zaitcev says:

So it looks like the spirit of hachiroku was adequately captured.
Unfortunately I am having a hard time justifying this car for myself. If I
were the guy who visits illegal races in Fremont on Tuesdays, or barreling
60 mph around Boulder Creek, then perhaps yes. But I don’t.

mountainhobo says:

It could use the Subaru 2.0 l Turbo engine.

Kelvin Tso says:

Hey +Alex on Autos, any possibility on testing a 370z? I just wanna know
how you feel about it.

brian B says:

If I had a dollar for every time he says relatively. 

Christian S says:

Chest height, not breast height.

Ramiro Lasala ® says:

Please do not touch those tires!!! this car its exquisitely tuned for it
purpose!!! About the infotainment as Alex might be right about
aftermarket, I always prefer physical buttons makes it more intuitive to
operate. Nice reference to the D4-S wich is the future of Toyota engines.
Awesome work keep it up!!!

arifisik says:

@AlexonAutos even the base BRZ has HID headlamps as standard.

Richard Gard says:

Always enjoy your reviews. You put a lot of thought and care into the core
message and it is carried through the video while still hitting on all the
important details for that particular car. Great job Alex.

Robstafarian says:

This car seems to be made for me, except for a few key points:
1. I appreciate a quieter ride, particularly when dealing with factory
audio systems.
2. I love torque and would prefer the option to maintain highway speeds at
low RPM.
3. I am unwilling to ruin my financial future just to “afford” a car which
would cost much less if the entire industry had not moved on to making road
going washing machines.

Basically, the hachiroku is the ultimate illustration of how little I have
in common with the “average new car buyer.”

Doug Childers says:

Any plans to review the new WRX?

Nightmaru says:

Great review, as always! 

Dominic Sun says:

could you do a video to show how to use paddle shifters

darkspher4 says:

lol I like how you do your review at the Millbrae Bart Station

aardvarkansaw says:

Very, very thorough analysis. One important decision point for me is: The
car rides really rough and stiff making it a questionable choice for a
daily driver. But I had to rule these cars out anyway, even before test
driving one, because I am 6’2″ and like to sit up really straight, (and
without back support when I pull over to meditate in my car). There is
just not nearly enough headroom for me in an FRS or BRZ. I am driving a
new Mazda 3i Touring and the ergonomics work great for me. I just wish
Mazda would make a rear wheel drive sports sedan with about 215+
horsepower. That sounds like the car for me.

hiroanz says:

I can leave 12 ft long black strips on the pavement when I drop the clutch
at 4500k RPM in stock tires. I can also hit the rev limiter in first gear,
and churp the rear wheels as I upshift into 2nd at every stoplight without
going at speeds that could land me in jail. I love it. I’m sure I’ll love
it more with and additional 50hp/50lb.ft. But as it is, it’s a car that
makes me happy every day.

TheMattstermind says:

Excellent review as always. Your style and attention the details that
matter most is fantastic. Great job!

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