2014 / 2015 Hyundai Elantra GT Detailed Review and Road Test

2014 / 2015 Hyundai Elantra GT Detailed Review and Road Test

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TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

Does anyone know if you can pick and choose options with Hyundai? I’ve
never bought a brand new car before so I was wondering if you could special
order a car with only certain options from each package. Because I’d want
the tech pack but wouldn’t want the sunroof. 

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

I have a regular 4 door elantra and the torsion beam suspension (which the
GT also has) is unforgivable. Utterly terrible.

While this car is 26K, a VW GTI is less than 27K WITH the DSG. Granted, it
won’t come with a sunroof and nav for that price, but it’s not stripped
down either — has heated seats still. Not to mention loads more
horsepower. For 1K more, I’d go with the GTI for sure. 

Kamaka Chang says:

Aloha Alex, another great review, I like returning to the single video

man0z says:

Is this the i30?

loveyouforever91 says:

great review as always Alex! Will you do a review on the 2015 Honda CR-V?
I’ll buy a CUV next year, and the 2015 Rogue, 2015 CR-V and maybe 2016 CX-5
are on my list. I’m looking forward to your review on those CUVs.

pioneer7777777 says:

Can you please review the 2014 Sonic LT hatchback with the turbo? It’s a
lot of car for just $16k after rebates.

milattx says:

Hi Alex, thanks for detailed review. I kinda find strange you talk so much
about Mazda 3 while introducing this car but fail to mention some important

1- Hyundai warranty is much longer than Mazda. Hyundai has 5 years/60K
whereas Mazda has 3 years/36K. Powertrain warranty of Hyundai is one of the
longest in the segment with 10 years/100K.
2- According to 2014 study of J.D Power initial quality study, Hyundai tops
the list in terms of non-luxury brand. Even better than Toyota whereas
Mazda was close to the bottom just 2 steps above Jeep.
3- i30 (Elantra GT Euro name) is sold as the top non European car in
Germany in terms of sales volume. In my opinion, claiming Mazda 3 looks
better, is very subjective.
4- Mazda dealers in US don’t budge on the price at all which makes the
value comparison is more on the side of Hyundai.

Montgomery Harrison says:

Hi Alex, thanks for amazing reviews! I found almost all compact sedans I
was interested in your reviews, except for Mitsubishi lancer, what do you
think about it? Are you planning to review them in future (base

mountainhobo says:

In my 2011 hatch opening is flat with the floor. In this 2014 it is not.
That’s a major hindrance when loading and unloading heavier items in the
2014 model.

dennisscipio says:

the 2016 elantra spy shots grille looks similar to that sonata, i think
that’s what they’re going for

mountainhobo says:

+Alex on Autos Does Elantra still require an automatic transmission
before you can buy upgraded seats? Because I wanted a manual (2011 Elantra
Wagon), I had to put up with *very* basic seats. That’s the only thing I am
not happy about, and if I was buying in the future, if I could not buy
better, adjustable seats with a manual, I would not buy it at all. — Okay,
you answered that question at 15:37. Thanks.

Kamaka Chang says:

I’ve always liked the look of the Elantra GT, but I’d go for the Mazda3,
Golf, or 2015 Focus.

mudhudgie95 says:

i have heard Hyundai clutches don’t last too long even with easy driving.
Do you know if this is true?

Dwayne Demaurivert says:

I like the forte 5 better with the 1.6 turbo! I love your videos Alex! Keep
doing what you are doing! 

Ivan Vojt says:

If you can deal with the rear seat legroom of the Mazda 3 pass on the
Elantra. The MPG numbers for pretty much any Hyundai / Kia product is
laughable. Why I don’t know.

respdoc says:

Great review Alex…especially at 12:45. That should be your new channel
tagline: “Revving the Nuts off of Engines since 2011”. 

razr john says:

Can you do a review on the 2015 elantra sport or limited.. please 

Skyhawk1987Turbo says:

I would still take a focus over this or any import

JHJ8203 says:

Great review!

Epitopi says:

Blurry video for anyone else? Alex’s face, the car, and the environment
were out of focus for the entirety of the video. I know you have a decent
DSLR, with what I assume is a pro-grade lens, so I’m not sure why the video
quality appears low to me.

ThorMaxx says:

Funny… My 2013 elantra sedan does not require the special cable for iPod
connectivity. I can use just a standard lighting cable.

aquateen77723 says:

Very nice presentation, Alex. I really like the style and the value that
Hyundai packs into the GT. 

Greg Moore says:

Another infomative review. Thanks Alex.

Daniel Duong says:

What about a review of the new 2015 Honda CR-V?

n777ua says:

Gosh, Hyundai really wants to be Volkswagen, right down to the flip out
rear view camera in the logo…why you’d buy this over the Golf is beyond
me, especially given the resale. Europeans seem to agree, if the paltry
sales for this and it’s Kia brother are any indicator 

scf685 says:

Alex, can you test the Forte 5?

stripes12345678910 says:


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