2013 vs 2014 Kia Soul side-by-side



George V says:

I would not have bought any of the previous models of the Soul ! The 2014
is their best work yet! Next up AWD and bigger engine!!

George V says:

Just got the 2014 Soul great car and I tested at least 10 cars. The
features in the Soul blow away the competition! The navigation screen is
amazing and the heated steering wheel and seats are fantastic! Fiat keeps
calling me and i told them the Soul blew your car away!!

ben badio says:

2013 vs 2014 Kia Soul side-by-side

Make the choice for yourself on which of the 2 that you would decide.

Soul vs Soul

Heather Barley says:

so cute………….

DaddyDog42 says:

2014 looks a lot nicer

Noble Hans says:

I like it.

Erik Zakarian says:

2013 for sure. Exterior and interior design looks better on 2013. 2014
overdesigned and looks a bit weird in my opinion.

Alberto Diaz says:


Diego B. says:

I like 100 more the 2013 one,i owe it for a year and its sooooo good to
me,trouble free,i have a video of my car in my channel

Mike Alpha says:


Carlos Chilla says:

What Happened to the Rear!!? Im all for a lower sleeker look. The boot
looks like it will cause accidents from rubberneckers thinking, “Oh did you
see that accident?”.

Shishizurui says:

the dodge neon of present day, everyone has them and they’re horse shit,
I’d opt for a 92 Astro Van instead

Katie L says:

Love love love!

TorontoSammy says:

The fog lights were better integrated into the front fascia on the 2013
model; on the 2014 model they look like warts, as well as the corresponding
circular lights on the bumper (which the 2013 didn’t have). Without those
“warts” the 2014 model would’ve looked great, but even with them it still
looks nice.

Sex Sells says:

Kia have done an excellent job updating the Soul, and making it look
sportier and sleeker, while maintaining it’s original shape.

Wooly Creek says:

I like both the interior of the ’13 makes me less fearful of fingerprints
where as that glossy black plastic is more than likely a finger print
magnet. I wish it could have had the best of both worlds.

cesusjristS2 says:


Samuel Yu says:

i love 2014 car

Cameron Wydra says:

Sup dude

JohnnyPostman says:

The old model looks better. Also, one of the best features of the Soul has
been the great interior space for such a small car. The 2014 model now has
less head/leg room than before. For this, Kia has bumped up the price

Buclodized says:


MrOrthogonalization says:

I like the 2014 but the color choice is disappointing.

Julio Coello says:

Gotta love that panoramic sunroof! *.*

28mainza says:

I have a 2011 kia soul it have everything in it

u kkuk says:

good review

70semi says:

I have a 2011 and I love it . Liked the updates in 12-13 but the looks of
the 14 looks goofy . I know I will not be upgrading . I will keep mine and
find something different when I am ready to get a new one .it has lost it’s
looks off cute and perky in 2014 model .

Christopher Redhead says:

the soul is not bad u want bad!? look a the Nissan juke

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