2013 Toyota Yaris Test Drive & Subcompact Car Video Review

2013 Toyota Yaris Test Drive & Subcompact Car Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/toyota/yaris/2013/?id=32972 The 2013 Toyota Yaris is part of the increasingly popular subcompact car segment. These vehicles combine…



Livelifechill says:

I love my Yaris. It gets me from point A to point B with out using a lot
of gas.

Criss Francisco says:

Does your yaris have door locks beeps?

Ali Ahmed says:

Just need an arm rest along with all the other Toyota small cars!!

Thomas Passarelli says:

The 2015 Toyota Yaris will be built by Mazda on the Mazda 2 platform. The
Prius C is built on the current Yaris platform. So what will happen to the
Prius C? 

Didi Henry says:

I love the weird design =) its different =)

JungolistMassif says:

Mazda 6 if you want a sexy fuel sipper.

symmetry08 says:

What is happening inside Toyota design department? Are they drunk with

VictorPascal says:

Rear ok. Front awful. What’s happening to toyota designers?

mh sharp says:

The Honda Fit drives better!

Charsept says:

Those old Echos are awesome

PussMag says:

hmm, how about start from Tercel? Echo is Tercel’s replacement anyway.

BoxingJ says:

Legendary reliability?

Septembersrain912 says:

I test drove a Yaris purely on accident. It was a rental while my old car
(2004 Kia Rio) was in the shop. Turns out that, to me, it’s actually quite
a fun car. I love how it gives just enough acceleration when I need it. It
doesn’t feel cheap or unreliable like some of the other cars I’ve looked
into. I tested a Ford Fiesta, Mazda2, Kia Rio, and Chevy Sonic. All I can
say is don’t always judge a car by professional reviews (Non-owners). What
fits one, doesn’t fit all.

alex joel says:

Honda fit’s mpg gets you only 33 mpg on the highway….mediocre mpg’s …..

fernando montano says:

Good review! All this little cars are noise.

bumble144 says:

I test drive a yaris too, saw on at the dealership and thought let see what
that cheap car is about, when i got in I was like wow, its really
comfortable, smooth, and fun to drive, its quite speeding and feel like
you’re driving go kart. For an economy car, you really can’t go wrong. it
got radio, blue tooth, 4 seat and big trunk space and super MPG

ThePharm4Life says:

try google

Antonio Carrión says:

nice Yaris

supercooled says:

Drove the 04 echo and it was really fun.

ThePharm4Life says:


rskim119 says:

Don’t forget the Tercel before the Echo.

bumble144 says:

I agree not all of us have the money or need the bell and whistle, some of
us don’t live in our car, we get inside get from point A to point B and
nothing more. All we need is a safe reliable car. I know more than a few
people who household income is over 500k but they stick with good old
corolla and camry

Kelvin Tso says:

No love for the Nissan Versa Hatch?

LaoK8710 says:

We know it sells very well, just saying ppl should realize that there are
many cars doing much better than the stupid Corolla

DOM LOVE says:

Nice review. I use to have the old model.I got 220,000 miles on it and
still had life but I bought a jeep. I was wondering how would you compare
this to the Mazda2? Toyota’s are every reliable but then I’m also kind of
steering to something new which is the Mazda2. So having a hard choice
right now.

dave dunn says:

Toyota is relying way to much on their reputation for the car. They have
done nothing good hear. Fresh sheet metal but 4 speed auto? 106 hp? Come on!

Ying Yang says:

how tall are you ?

Timothy Pham says:

What about the tercel

MrAlex3344 says:

Corolla is still one of the best selling cars in the world. Stop making up

Jay Alford says:

The Corolla is getting replaced?! By what?! O_O

Autobytel says:

We got Honda Fit Love watch?v=0tdeZ1isgEc

Dark0blivion says:

I think he meant that the 2014 Corolla is a complete refresh, so 2013
models have big incentives on them.

RayzaBlayz says:

what is so awesome about it, looks like an ordinary everyday shirt

CarbonbigfootDotNet says:

My 2007 Yaris hatchback gets an average of 38.5 mpg… That’s a lifetime
average. It has about 98000 miles logged now. Sometimes on a long trip I
get as much as 43 mpg. I think the sticker estimates are a little too low.
I use Mobil 1 oil in all of My cars. My Yaris is an automatic. I wonder
what I could get with a 5 speed?

MisFitMiners! says:

There is a 2014 Yaris Sedan model now of days, and it is worth checking
out. I currently have a 2014 Yaris SE Hatchback and it has wonderful gas
mileage (35/40 easy) and has all the little things you could want 😀 It’s
honestly a very nice car and will last for years, since it is indeed a
toyota – super reliable. Not to mention the warranty on it is amazing!

Autobytel says:

Right Here watch?v=0tdeZ1isgEc

andreasmith9 says:

corolla is being replaced??

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