2013 Toyota Venza Review

2013 Toyota Venza Review

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Bob Keilitz says:

The Venza is a nice car. It IS good for road trips, and is wider than the
Camry. If you want a vehicle that is wider than the Rav4, and don’t want
the size or the need to step up into a vehicle, the Venza fits the bill
nicely. However, if your OCD will be activated by the ill-fitting dash
panels, don’t buy it! I thought that Toyota would have addressed this by
now. We had an I-4 AWD (leased ’09) that handled well here in Michigan
winters, and is on my list when my Rav4 lease is up.

chris chiang says:

The top of the line model of this is a base lexus rx

Cassidy Hoffman says:

I have a 2010 venza. I absolutely love it 

2008calander says:

Cant believe Toyota would let a car on to a sales lot with such horrible
fit-n-finish. Quite disappointing especially since I really like my camry.

JogBird says:

o always saw the vensa as a camry station wagon

DKniller95 says:

Great review! 🙂

Jason Adrian says:

This guy’s awesome — funny but great information, and summed up the Venza

fernando montano says:

My wife is so happy with the venza! She didn’t notice about the dashboard.
Till I pointed to her:) but at the end she didn’t care!

juan lopez says:

good video, but I dont care much about specs I care about how it feels
driving, how comfortable the seats are, how much quality feeling are the
materials inside, etc.

Tuoyo Jackson says:

268 ponies. Lol

Ivan Vojt says:

The 2.7L is under powered for this sized vehicle. Once you add in the V6
the price skyrockets. 181HP for 2.7L of displacement, that IS a joke. A
Venza LE, you are being charged $5220 for a cargo hatch vs a Camry LE.
Apparently not too many buyers fell for this scam aye Toyota? I’d dump the
Venza and make this a Camry for a Camry price. Get the weight back down and
put in a DI 2.5L. Loose the stupid trunk in the Camry & dump the low
selling Venza.

Jan-Michael Franklin says:

Yeah, Toyota’s interior quality has gone down since the 90’s for sure, but
I would rather the dome light fall off than the engine failing like it
would in an American or European car. Honda and Toyota still make the best

firestormze says:

This guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite reviewers. Keep up the
witty and entertaining reviews.

Mak Gunner says:

The venza is nice but I’d still buy the new Rav4

zero says:

great reviewer. very funny.

David Halifax says:

I’ve always found the Venza too wide and bulky. The new RAV4 beats it in
every aspect.

Mrchevy baja says:

not only that, but into its ‘press’ fleet too!

GameHEADtime says:

Nice Windows Phone liking this video!

LeadHammer says:

Yep, Venza is just a Camry Wagon, or it should be. Compared to the Camry,
Venza is overpriced. At 3:22 the flap between the cargo floor and the rear
seat back is made of plastic, it cracks if you put something heavy on i…
like your knee. And by the way, in SoCal you cannot buy a 2.7 AWD Venza.

MilestoneGeek says:

XD best reviewer!

dave dunn says:

The venza is dope. I own one the limited. It handles great, its quiet, but
yes they did a shit job putting the dash together since 09. The panel gaps
are so bad its embarrassing

king95MK says:

really like this guy! good revieww

zero says:

he kind of reminds me of a young top gear reviewer.

ldawson103 says:

Interiors are junk on most new toyotas. I like the reviewer though.

tony lin says:

very perfational

Mohammed Jaffer says:

I like the review and the reviewer! I criticized him once for wearing a
suit x2 his size at an auto show review, good to see he took it positively!

youyouhongshu says:

Good review! By the way, I don’t like this car~

paulkimlax says:

The guy looks like Timmy from south park….

Onoff314 says:


autor98 says:

Ugly music.

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