2013 Toyota RAV4 XLE AWD: Blending in just got easier! In-Depth Review

2013 Toyota RAV4 XLE AWD: Blending in just got easier!  In-Depth Review

Toyota’s all new RAV4 has made some significant changes from the previous generation, including no V6, no third row, more traditional tailgate and spare tire and “updated” styling. This vehicle…



John McDonnell says:

Glad he agrees the new face looks awful compared to the old front end and
those angled pillars suck. I like a big open back and side windows so you
can see your blind spots. 

Kirarin says:

its a good looking car, i’d buy it.

loveslife 99 says:

nice review looking to buying one 

Dwayne Wiltshire says:

Got my XLE AWD 2 weeks now and no regrets, i dont listen to that mommy van
etc kind of talk. Great design, meets my expectations all round

2010V6RAV4 says:

What, exactly, are vehicles supposed to intel? Not everyone needs a 60k
dollar Cadillac or a 80k dollar Lexus with heated/cooled seats, all power
lumbar with 2 person memory..
The RAV4-Some say they’re boring.
Some say they’re not powerful enough.
Some say they don’t have pretty interior.
Ok-taking that in to consideration, people, such as my wife and I, bought a
2013 AWD RAV4. It has a backup camera and touch screen. It plays YouTube
via bluetooth connection. It’s all cool and not as much technology to short
The list goes on and on..if you want a fancy interior, a lot of push
buttons to tear up, leather to ruin and wrinkle, and an expensive car in
general you’re afraid to park it beside someone else, by all means go for
it. If the RAV4 isn’t for you, why criticize it anyway? You’re not gonna
buy one and had no intentions of it, so buy something else. If I were 20
again, I wouldn’t buy this car. I’m 34 now and Now that I have a small
family and we travel light, the RAV4 works for the 3 of us..goes good in
snow, easy on gas, rides good-it just works for OUR needs. I’m not trying
to race someone. I’m not off-roading, I’m not mud bogging, rock climbing,
or whatever else you people criticize this car because it can’t do it all.
It works for us. 

booksyn says:

Would love a RAV4 black, spruce mica green, or blue crush metallic.

Dan Man says:

It’s the soccer mom of yuppy cars….Generic?? lol…All Toyota are
generic and reserved styling. Toyota don’t wanna piss of their Old Farts
that’s been buying their cars year after year.

321verykind says:

I would buy a used vehicle for the price of the rav4. My friend has a rav4
xle 2013 which he paid over $25000. Borrowed it for a day. Ya it has the
back up camera and stuff but the ride is not smooth. Good review…..but
the seats r not comfortable, when compared to competing crossovers such as
the gmc terrain and chevy equinox.

Javier Crespo says:

Awesome review! You covered all the subjects that I was curious about with
this vehicle. Considering getting one in a few months. Any other vehicles
you would compare this to with better performance around the same price
range? Thanks again! 

LoveStallion says:

Jack Johnson makes me want to set myself on fire.

Ganapati Hegde says:

Awesome SUV ! and excellent commentary !

Vladimir Miangolarra says:

I miss the old Rav-4 

Sam Mas says:

this thing in Australia is like $37.000 while in America topof the range is
$27.000 fuck you toyota

Vinz Clortho says:

Good review of an otherwise boring non-descript vehicle. I’m guessing
Toyota will sell a lot of these to people who really couldn’t care less
about enthusiastic driving and just want to get from A to B. 



Loud Noises says:

Hello Greg, watched a majority of your videos and love them. Thank you for
doing them. Is there any vehicle preferably in the small SUV or crossover
market that you are personally looking forward to in the next year or two?
We have a 2012 Rav4 for my wife and I and our 11 month old baby.Thank you
again for doing these videos!

Supercars226 says:

The front end looks like an Acura RDX to me (not too shabby looking!)

Brendon Henderson says:

parents just bought me one so excited to be able to drive it :D

Mikei97 says:

We have a 2008 rav4 and the second row actually slides, but that was there
because it would give more leg room to the third row of seats. Since they
eliminated the third row for this generation, they eliminated that feature.

Driti Gjolena says:

i want to buy my new toyota rav4 and this video makes me more decided to
buy it !! i just have a question how much coast the luxary version of this
rav4? Thank you very much for the video. 

HaughtiestZombieChic says:

He did a bad job reviewing this video. Personal opinions are not wanted
unless it’s about safety features. 

Ed Berger says:

Hey Greg, does the rav 4 have better fuel economy then Honda CRV ??

Driti Gjolena says:

hi greg.i want to make you a question.the hac system works with a button or
is automatic used. thenks greg :D

Greg Marks says:

i leased a 2013 equinox and cannot wait until i can turn it back in. i’ll
be either getting this, a forrester, or cr-v. hate to say it but the
japanese are making far better automobiles these days.

77rxpharmacy says:

GREAT intro. Love how you set up the rest of the video with that opening.
Do you have any experiences with other compact SUVs such as some of the
American variety (or any non-Japanese ones)? I know the Rav4 is good.. and
I know Toyota makes reliable cars. But really if I have a choice, which I
do, I want to buy an American. But only if there is one that can match the
Toyota in reliability. What do you think?

benji888578 says:

I agree with Greg here (I’ve driven a couple Rav4s, don’t own), the carbon
fiber is obviously just plastic with a texture made to look like carbon
fiber, not real carbon fiber, and just doesn’t fit. Toyota has been making
some nice interior changes recently, but, sometimes too busy, too many
things going on…here drop the carbon fiber. It really doesn’t fit.

Jane Burdette says:

Could u do a 2010 rav 4

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

thanks! -Greg

Saniel Dingleton says:

Where’s the V6?

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

Great, glad you caught this before you went! thanks for watching. -Greg

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

thanks for the comments! (and for watching!) -Greg

brorowcarwiz says:

Plastic door handles?!? C’mon Toyota. At least try. Anyways, great review.
Love the way you structure your videos. Also enjoyed the dual view during
the drive.

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

glad it helped, thanks for watching! -Greg

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

Not sure. I’ll look into it. Might be a nice comparison. thanks for
checking it out. -Greg

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

good points. Not sure why no rear vents, DC outlet…really puzzled on that
one. thanks for info and checking out the review. -Greg

bony i says:

very very important review for a buying decision…thank you very much

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

Of course taste is subjective. Personally, I just think carbon fiber
doesn’t fit with the vibe of this CUV. thanks for watching! -Greg

SDU-Tango says:

I like the wheel on the trunk, i personally think if they put the wheel on
the trunk, then they can deepen the space of the trunk.

Steve T says:

As always, great review.! Keep up the good work.

ijaz moh says:

Very direct and comprehensive review.Yea carbon fiber come on.Toyota did a
pretty good job with the restyle.

TheUndergroundAce says:

great review. styling is wierd looking. especially with those tail lights
sticking out like 7 inches from the back. same with the crv hockey stick
tail lights. too much plastic.

benji888578 says:

that V6 felt too big for that little Rav4…but, yeah, fast, but,
suspension was too soft in previous Rav4s, didn’t really work. …I imagine
Toyota dropped it to make production simpler, less expensive, by only
having to tool it for one engine, they have some little extras inside the
vehicle that are nice for the price range. This 4 banger is same as Camry.
The 6-speed tranny makes it fine for normal driving, most will like it,
but, not a performer.

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

appreciate you checking it out. -Greg

Cherokee Rose says:

I just bought one of these in Red.. Before I left the lot I got several
compliments on the color and style. Today a guy stopped me commenting on
the style and the color. Sorry I didn’t like your review.

David Malinovsky says:

I think the lack of rear seat air vents would be a non-starter for a lot of
people. The Ford Escape has them

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

Gone! Only 4 cylinder power now. Most people will be fine with the 4,
although I hear the V6 made the RAV a little sleeper! -Greg

ерунда сэндвич says:

Lol u cant even buy a mercedes wagon these days. Mercedes only make it when
you pre-order.

Andrew O'Steen says:

How’s it ironic that you got behind a fiesta?

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

thanks for chiming in! (and watching) -Greg

Gallup Journey Test Drives says:

glad I could help! thanks for stopping by. -Greg

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