2013 Toyota RAV4 vs 2014 Mazda CX-5 – Track Comparison

2013 Toyota RAV4 vs 2014 Mazda CX-5 – Track Comparison

Several months ago, AutoGuide set a Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 side-by-side. As you might remember, Mazda won. It wasn’t long before Toyota launched a letter…



guru gara says:

Go Rav4!!

shahnawaz shahnawaz says:

Despite your two videos on rav4 comparison.I have booked it.delivery is
next week, 14 Nov.
Rav4 remains a better suv.

Rick Stylus says:

CX5… good job, Mazda!

Mohammad Farochi says:

joss kabeh gak ono sing elek. :D

Ed Zweiger says:

13 to 1 compression ratio in Mazda probably means premature engine smoking.

Mohammad Farochi says:

joss gandos pokok e pak de

TheTruthRock says:

Toyota Rav4 is more durable, less expensive, lower coast of ownership,
higher resale value, and the car last longer. Why would anyone buy mazda?
If you are a smart consumer you will buy Toyota, but if you must buy mazda
for the looks, that’s okay, but if it’ snot for the looks and maybe tiny
bit of meaningless fun to drive factor, RAV4 would be the choice. If you
want real AWD, get subaru. Subaru has best AWD system. Honda CRV is an
another option.

Dark_Defender says:

The Toyota looks ugly as hell compared to the CX-5. To me, looks mean a lot
and therefore the Mazda is easily the one I’d pick.

Ed Zweiger says:

13 to 1 compression ratio in Mazda probably means premature engine smoking.

guy proulx says:

maybe mazda is more fun to drive but in 4-5 years lets see how much fun it
will be when your mazda is already full of rust and starting to get
expensive to fix, and after 2-3 years has dropped in resale value
substantialy, toyota quality , reliability and resale value is number 1,
honda and subaru are way ahead of that cheaply built mazda also

Reheapification says:

For some reason my opinion about the cars are just opposite to both of them

josephboot1 says:

Hey guys, it’s so funny when you compare vehicles like this and complain
about things that are your own personal taste. Why don’t you compare
reliability through quality history? When a consumer buys a vehicle, it
better start everyday and keep going as long as possible. All the
electronic gadgets, fancy interior, correctly placed buttons will not
replace quality!

BMW188 says:

Mazda CX 5 …. Is great…..

Nan Xing says:

You can well replace the two reviewers with 2 speaking robots.

Дмитрий Пашин says:

It was joke? Interior in rav4 better then cx-5? Maybe in USA another
material in this cars, but in Russia cx-5 have soft plastic, aluminum and
real leather, but rav-4 hard plastic, painted plastic and synthetic
leather. And rav4 with “leather” have disgusting smell. And design of
interior, i don’t understate, but rav4 inside is not so good.

Kevin Wang says:

seriously, CX-5 do not drive like a CUV, it’s more like a sedan for its
steering and body rolling. Nice car. RAV-4 has reputations of engine and
transmissiong lasting for ever, thanks for FORDs suckie ass tranny ruining
Mazda’s reputation. But the new skyactiv technology that had included
engine, tranny, and all the way down to the chasis makes the Mazda a much
much nicer ride to have~

P Fasih says:

Toyota is gonna be pissed off ..

BMW188 says:

I love this car…. 

Majdi Zidan says:

fair enough

Νίκος Ροδιτάκης says:

mazda cx-5 is very beautiful,fuel economy,reliability,more technology.
The old- fashioned toyota tried to upgrade but failed..

jacob omourloglou says:

mazda cx-5 is better car,more technology, fuel economy, reliability and

ميدو مازن says:

السيارة مازداcx5 افضل كثيرا من راف فور 

WolfBandit89 says:

Mazda! It always come down to mazda. Heck yay!

osmond greg Duamalagan says:

Rav4 is the best… I have it rav4 2013 love it…. much better than

Danny says:

I like the exterior of the CX-5 but I like the interior of the RAV4 

Abdul Loai says:

Hay i am looking to buy a car and i was thinking between the 2014 mazda
CX-5 or the 2014 nissan rouge witch do you think is a better car Thanks 

Duck4212 says:


Ana Soares says:

mazda the best

AKDEN says:

I would like to see 2014 Mazda CX5 vs 2014 Nissan Rogue track comparison.

Robert King says:

Impressed with the CX5; would be inclined to choose this over the Rav4 4

Fernando Martínez says:

The only “premium” at the 2013 toyota rav4 is the price. At last here in
Mexico, prices are to expensive.

thebunnis says:

I don’t get why people think it’s SO absurd to test a CUV on a track. How
else are you going to test it? Would you test a Mazda 6 on the track?
Yes? Well they both have the same engines available and get this – a
weight difference of only 11 lbs.
Mazda 6: 3183 lbs / 111.4″ wheelbase
Mazda CX-5: 3194 lbs / 106.3″ wheelbase
Yes of course I realize a CUV is taller and has a higher suspension setup,
but we’re not talking about some truck here. This is basically a raised

JulieGraceify says:

Rav 4 exterior looks better

Xezatt says:

rav4 is ugly as fuck

Ed Berger says:

You guys never mention those dam head rests that can’t be adjusted….they
push yr head in a forward position…very uncomfortable for tall

musicfude83 says:


George McKean says:

I actually like both of these cars. If I were to buy one, it would be the
Toyota due to its excellent engine and transmission. It is a proven
product. The Mazda may be good also, but I would wait until it has been
around a couple of years like the Toyota’s drive-train.

percussion86 says:

the toyota rav is fugly aesthetics wise..

ReturnIn2009 says:

cx-5 is really awesome!!!!!!!!!

Franky Ramos says:


Jose Cabaluna says:

The review that i have been looking for! Because of this cx5 got my money.
Thanks great review btw.

Rich Archer says:

BOTH THE SAME MAZDA looks better. And price would go to the RAV4.
Service here is Western Pa is awful for TOYOTA, Paint issues .

Franky Ramos says:


95thRiflesOCI says:

Rav4 needs to go back to the previous gen but without the swinging gate. V6
for efficient power. More then 6 inches of ground clearance (basically a
hatchback camry) Get rid of the grey plastic stuff >.>

Franky Ramos says:

Rav4 to me but in track not better

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