2013 Toyota RAV4 Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

2013 Toyota RAV4 Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

For the latest Toyota RAV4 pricing, reviews and vehicle information: http://www.kbb.com/toyota/rav4/2013-toyota-rav4/ The 4th generation RAV4 is the most civ…



Jason Wang says:

4 speed lol Cherokee just announced 9

snazari1994 says:

This channel is getting better everyday

buzzingbee25 says:

By far, the safest SUV to just blind buy. Ive driven this one and its just
amazing. Great visibility, ride, handling and reasonable power.Amazing
amounts of space.

TheMichaelRN says:

so this is the best design they can come up with after 7 years of previous
gen? i guess i’ll wait to see what they’ve got with the upcoming highlander.

John Moye says:

I just purchased the limitted version. The 4 cylinder is capable, it has
plenty of power and get up, all you need! It’s has a lot of room. Plus you
are buying a Toyota, It never dies!!

Autopten.com says:

Love the evolution of the RAV4!

fernando montano says:

Mazda cx5 looks nice but I’m afraid that it just came out!!! So wich one
should I pick the new sexy looks cx5 or the still looking nice rav4 that’s
reliable durable and been around for decades with very good reputation!

John Moye says:

Just purchased one Love it! The Toyota quality is there!

TheRaydeezy says:

your avatar really matches the music at the beginning of this video haha! 🙂

Newfer58 says:

I think the interior is a bit more interesting compared to the CX-5. Also
the RAV4 has more room than than the CX-5, and the rear seats fold up and
down a lot easier The CX-5 has an advantage as far as overall driving
experience: better steering and better at absorbing road bumps. Overall,
hate to say but the RAV4 could be the winner.

cremazie says:

I enjoyed the light hearted and honest review! I nominate it: “Car review
of the year”!

Jonadam23ify says:

I’m not liking Toyota’s new design language. The taillights look plain old

Marat Baspak says:

I got one last week. XLE model. Happy with it. Exterior may take some time
to get used to for some folks, but, hey, you spend most of the time inside
of the vehicle anyways. )))

Harbir Brar says:

what a review man. forgot about the Toyota for a while. good job guys.


$25 -$30k ?? no thank you…I’m happy with my rommier Scion XB upgarded
with leather seats, wheels, and Thule roof Rack for way less.

Tuppoo94 says:

Stupid gasoline 4-cylinder. If it were a turbo diesel we could have a

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

yeah i think toyota turned into a profit oriented business rather than
providing good vehicle nowadays

brian Aromin says:


elyeunas says:

cx5 my opinion

James Castillo says:

re-tired haha

Jay Lee says:

Nice car

MrCondoriano says:

You guys really put alot of effort in these videos, and I really appreciate
your hard work. these videos are not just informative they are fun and very
enjoyable to watch. from hilarious scripts to beautiful camera shots and
views to great editing. top professionalism. My second car was a rav-4 I
owned it from 2005 to 2010. it was so boringly reliable hehe, but
reliability and dependability are what keeps bringing customers back.
waiting for the next major update to the land cruiser.

TheTmamoros says:

One of the best review channel….great job !!

Harry Mitchell says:

Cheap hard plastics? Consumer Reports is gonna be all over this vehicle
(think 2012 Civic) and will give it the scarlet letter.

Roger Carr says:

it is

MRelemint says:

Great video review

Omarsito318 says:


ThatBlackGuy says:

this music reminds me of sonic 3d blast!! ^_^!!

Ac13addict says:

Can u do a review on the 2013 honda civic

BellinghamsterTrail says:

I am a bit distracted by the video quality. It is so entertaining and
excellent that I find myself thinking of the new format more than the car.
It calls to mind “Top Gear” UK that has a knack of making slick video
segments. Great job.

صاحب المعالي says:


Gregory Perkins says:

I’m not sold. I’d rather have a forester by far

Roy Pardede says:

Toyota rules the world.

Nick .ra says:

I bought a new RAV4, and also looked at the CX5 and Ford Escape. The Ford
was too expensive, and the CX5 had less rear leg room and cargo room than
the RAV4. The power is just fine in most driving, and I’m getting 31-32 mpg
on highway trips, and this is in hilly PA. I’m real pleased with the RAV4.

invy951 says:

Entertaining and informative.

mas502arc says:

I love these reviews. You guys seem to love doing reviews of all kinds of
cars and have a fair and level-headed opinion about each of them. Too many
other car reviewers on Youtube take minor quibbles way too seriously and
want everything to be sporty or ‘fun to drive’

123gwf says:

I love the music to these videos.

God Lee says:

I wanna see in tune on the dash rather than the ancient head unite.

Kayla D says:

It’s always been a bit weird here, welcome to the show 😉

ThePharm4Life says:

my car! 0:54

Curtis Rodgers says:

What about the Forester?

swissmrkc says:

you guys need a roku channel. just saying.

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