2013 Toyota Rav4 Video Review — Edmunds.com

2013 Toyota Rav4 Video Review — Edmunds.com

This Toyota RAV4 video review features information about fuel economy, price, safety and how it compares to other compact crossover SUVs. We also discuss its…



CMH Toyota Alberton says:
Banism24 says:

a thousand bux more than Honda CRV

Supercars226 says:

I use the triangle storage compartment for the car keys.

sandwichtube says:

The XLE has a large sunroof. You have to go up another $5000 to get that in
a competitor. The triangle bin is for coffee change. I went from a Mustang
to this and it gets up to highway speed just fine. I like the way it
connects to my iphone music while it’s in my pocket :)

David Hee says:

Considering a compact crossover SUV? We got behind the wheel of the 2013 +Toyota
USA Rav4 to see how it stacks up against its competitors.

Edmunds.com says:

Considering a compact crossover SUV? We got behind the wheel of the 2013 +Toyota
USA Rav4 to see how it stacks up against its competitors.

East17A says:

i think the new KIA sorento is a competitor among SUVs. regarding size and
price and options.

camshaft53149 says:

Atleast they are honest and arent completely partial.

mx5hong says:

The folks at Cnet recently reviewed it also and they said the transmission
is a CVT. HAHAHA!!!! They should just stick to reviewing smartphones and
tablets. And the sad part is, apart from one person, no one corrected them
on the CVT.

kaitoyzc says:

Make sense if only going to keep for 3 years which maintenance is covered
for the first 3 years. And big job like Haldex awd fluid change is at the
4th year which is going to cost you. My 2013 SE sun/nav awd has 3 problems
on the first day of delivery, spent 3 days at the service department for
fix. Door sensor show door is not locked while it was shut tight, alarm
goes off when lock the car for about 1 minute, and rear window won’t roll
up. $34000 “well spent”

Symmetrical AWD says:


Videos says:

“It really hasn’t lost any of that utility?” Compared to the previous
generation (2012): nearly 100 less horsepower, 75 less lb-ft of torque,
2,000 pounds less towing capacity, 1.3 inches less ground clearance, no
3rd-row seat option and a small temporary spare tire instead of the
previous generation’s full-sized spare tire. No more downhill assist
control either. Seriously! Utility doesn’t just mean cargo space. In 2013
it went from being a compact SUV to a soccer mom station wagon.

MysterySparkz says:

I want the mazda cx5 over this

Balo657 says:

The triangle bin can be used to store cheese :D.

Brandon Friesen says:

Lets be honest you’re not really saying much since the Rav4 is terrible in
every way. Any car in the class is better. Hell even the Mitsubishi
Outlander is miles better. You know something is wrong with a car when a
Mitsubishi is better.

mstblue says:

Sorry, this video reminded me of the latest episode of Top Gear. Just throw
the Stig away at the tip.

Hao Trinh says:


Camerons Car Reviews says:

The Subaru Outback doesn’t compete with the RAV4 it’s the Venza it competes
with the RAV4 competes with the Forester

05Forenza says:

What about cross shopping the Tiguan?

megavern72 says:

No V6 option? See ya!

one free says:

that is my dream car.. love it

petelebu says:

no v6 option just killed it for a lot of us

huma izi says:

Rav4 is the best..

BH Thundercloud says:

What about the Forester?? Or the CX-5??? And what higher end features
doesn’t it have compared to the others??

daniel9068 says:

Where the Mazda CX-5, its better handling, better quality and better fuel

MetaView7 says:

i have a 2001 Rav4. The only money I have put in the car are 2 sets of
tires, 1 battery, and 1 brake job. Can’t beat the reliability. This is a
Japan made model. The later ones are made in Canada, I heard they are not
as good.

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