2013 Toyota RAV4 Test Drive & Crossover SUV Video Review

2013 Toyota RAV4 Test Drive & Crossover SUV Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/toyota/rav4/?id=32972 The Toyota RAV4 first hit the shores here in the U.S. back in 1996. This little crossover SUV along with the H…



ebuff57 says:

It really helps when reviewers walk around vehicles (like you did) which
gives me some idea of the scale of the cars you test.

Herbert Boxman says:

They dropped the V6 for the Escape too!

Gravitas37 says:

I’d consider this if they still sold it with a V6.

Athul Shyam says:

Does the XLE come with the “start/stop engine” button??

Mathew Varghese says:

how tall is it

netman88 says:

Nice new refresh look.

C Carr says:

i like it

marjomjom says:

I don’t mind the 4cylinder, at least 200hp bcoz its a small suv. But
interior is great, this is a good car for work, buy groceries or drop off
kids to school. I might buy it.

TheK24Kyle says:

cr-v… because it has real leather LOL

PilottomSim says:

umm… yeah that is pretty ugly even I think the CR-V looks better and the
styling is a bit goofy but still looks good

hamdanaeae2 says:

this sucks, it has the same toyota camry engine 2.5L , and the 3.5L camry
engine is installed in the new toyota avalon,toyota aurion, lexus is350,
lexus es and lexus gs350. all same engine…

shelbycobra78 says:

Seems like great car, but a little wimpy looking

mzdanni says:

headlights look very similar to the acura mdx.

faisal bajwa says:

Older Sport V6 was better performer with super model looks, but this one is
like every other mouse looking car on the road.

bmwmsport11 says:

What happned to the Honda? Nobody was in it and it rolled away…recall? Lol

Андрей Стародубцев says:

сзади на китай похож

chewsir says:

Not true, you forgot the the 3.6l Outback. however Subaru is also offering
a turbo in the XT which produces 250 hp, 258 lb-ft torque.

Olivier David says:

Toyota should search for a new designer! The design just sucks!

Derpy Derp says:

Shut the fuck up you mexican.

Don Juan says:

I couldn’t quite place that grill either… Mitsu or Isuzu. I don’t think
either are a huge compliment. Still, this new version is far superior than
the old.. just not my cup of tea.

David Malinovsky says:

Cool camerawork with the through the windshield thing. It’s always weird to
see a loaded top trim compact CUV, mostly because no one will ever see a
real customer buy one.

SandZofPersia X says:

OR 2013 Subaru Forester with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive 🙂

sky nguyen says:

Sure compare a 25k SUV to a 40k SUV dump ass

Ajeeth Uthayakumar says:

I Don’t like the design of it though, looks awkward …

adyyy22 says:

You obviously never did drive with someone who knows how to actually drive
the manual. Not to brag, but i always get compliments how nice and smooth i
drive my car which is manual of course. As far as safety goes, i can agree
with you on that, not many people are cut out for it. It does take some
practice and getting used to (not a lot though), even then some never get
it down. Also, bigger percentage of vehicles in Europe are manual and they
don’t have as many accidents as there are in US. 🙂

Bryan Wiley says:

most fuel efficient? forester gets 32 not 31 and is all wheel drive so…..

maxthehulk says:


Joseph Lara says:

Wtf is up with the taillights? They remind me of something that was from
the nineties

Brian Tan says:

good car.. but design like the new corolla… New 2013 Grand Vitara i
reckon is better car.. but im might be wrong…

Dave Miller says:

Of little use except for driving around snowy suburban streets. This tincan
would fail miserably on most offroad trails here in the Colorado Rocky

gordan james says:

yeah, they need to.

Matt Steelman says:

The front end reminds me of the old Pontiac Sunfire, But overall, it seems
like Toyota did a good job on this car.

95thRiflesOCI says:

I have and its sluggish. The v6 feels so much better

Gustavo Borges says:

the new front is nice but the rear is so fuckin ugly..

MustRabbit says:

Hmm, and I like 2013 Subaru Forester

deultimateusername says:

2013 Honda CR-V or 2013 Toyota RAV4?

Honeycombe88 says:

The reason a lot of pepl don’t want manual is safety and smoothness of
ride. Manual gets jerky when changing gears. Also, it’s safer not to have
to use a hand to change gears in an emergency. For city drivers, changing
roadways often, they’d be constntly shifting gears. It’s impractical. AT is
better for big city driving. I hate to ride as passenger in MTs. It’s jerky.

joker3388 says:

If you still want a Rav4 that has a V6, carry 5 adults and all their gears.
Toyota still makes one but……it’s called a Highlander now :p

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