2013 Toyota RAV4 Review

2013 Toyota RAV4 Review

An originator in the crossover segment, the 2013 RAV4 sheds even more of its SUV-inspired traits. Will consumers miss the variety, or flock to the new update…



David Jedai says:


2010V6RAV4 says:

This car is nice. Trading in the Camry for one! AWD is a must where we
live. My 2010 RAV4 is a snowmobile! We drove the 2013 RAV4 and an Outlander
Sport, and hands down the RAV4 wins. Power in the RAV4 is awesome compared
to the Outlander Sport..and roomier too. MPG is the is pretty much the
same, and the ride is smoother in the RAV4. I like this car. 

Thomas Yohannes says:

Why doesn’t the Saudi Arabia version not have the back up camera.
I have the 2013 Rav4 full option (for saudiarabia anyway) but still doesn’t
come with a back up camera or navigation or even blind-spot monitoring. 

James Dempster says:

my parents just got one a couple days ago and it still hasn’t arrived
yet and I keep nagging my parents about if I don’t like and all that stuff
so after this review I think I’am starting to like it.

Carvidos says:

2013 Toyota RAV4 Review

Lustine Toyota Scion says:

Have you been thinking about the RAV4? I bet you were thinking about the
RAV4! Check out this video review on the 2013 model!

David Hee says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

nhan tranviet says:

Preston Toyota says:

The 2013 Toyota RAV4 has a look and feel that you will love. Click here to
check out this great review.

thenameisethang . says:

Yep. It takes about an hour of interstate/city driving to get to work. It
sucks, but my kids don’t want to move out of the school district. My father
was in the air force when I was growing up, so I moved all over the United
States. From Puerto Rico to the state of Washington to Texas to Michigan to
Florida. So, I know how bad it sucks to go to a new school. Now I’m just
blabbering. haha

11ESSE11 says:

Toyota and all Japanese company except Mazda are one-two step behind in
design and technology in compare to european competition

igorh555 says:

The most reliable, most beautiful, most economical. I love you TOYOTA!!!

dunti21 says:

176hp from a 2.5?? Not very impressive… I suppose it’s the American
market engine. They like useless fat blocks.

Eesti Laudur says:


thenameisethang . says:


Jimmy Ma says:

I don’t like inside or the outside… Not satisfied with it.

Carl6s133M says:

it looks like a mitsubishi on the rear end

Febin Mathew says:

I think Toyota reduced the price by using very thin metal body.I have
compared 2012 and 2013 side by side.2013 having good looking interior and
some fancy features but the body is like a thin paper sheet…check the
doors and the hood..I think its light weight car and not SUV now its
crossover.Older model was good

m301 says:

Where did the spare go?

Adolfo drs says:

tiene lineas exteriores de nissan y renault

greetrigh28 says:

Is there someone out there who already owns the car and stands at least
6’2″ tall. Will I have enough head room?

geniusfde says:

For some reasons when I first saw it on the road, it looked like
photoshoped Sorento & Sportage based on Toyota layouts.

John O says:

Well, that is just an oppinion

Carlos Jaros says:

That’s one of the worst looking SUVs I’ve ever seen….

Alaatin61 says:

Check my review on mychannel

DTDuncanT says:

Despite shared platforms and buttons, the Lexus models are still much more
upscale. The cheaper hard plastics in Camrys and Highlanders are not
carried over in their Lexus counterparts. I’m not saying that Lexus has no
hard plastics in their cars but there certainly is significantly less use
of those materials. The new Lexus models are more engaging. The GS for
example came first in a comparo against the 5 series, M37 and A6 from Audi.
This may not say much but it does say Lexus is improving.

LTF85199 says:

Can it get any uglier?

ray britton says:

God its ugly. Jeez

Jorvas25 says:

CR-V it’s the few models that are good looking imo from japanese brands
latest models, we actually have one in the family it’s awesome, in my
country the leading selling brand is now Hyundai with Toyota being all-time
leader being 2nd. But my comment was more on the aesthetical point of view
not selling, latest korean brands cars are imo original, good looking…
compared to MOST latest japanese models which imo are boring, just the same
thing with a little change here and there, unexciting.

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