2013 Toyota RAV4 EV powered by Tesla Review & Road Test

2013 Toyota RAV4 EV powered by Tesla Review & Road Test

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Nav Singh says:

Who the fuck will spend 50k on this. It’s so damn basic. And the volume
button seems frustrating and it isn’t very responsive. This car will not
sell for 50k but could sell in the price range of 25k. The companies need
to figure out a way to mass produce the battery packs for less

Tony Diaz says:

OMG the MUSIC is horrible!!!

Lakario Davis says:

I kinda agree

TheWolfdoctor says:

The background music is very annoying.

Zazzle Delacruz says:

I agree. I think the days of owning one car that does it all are over. I’ve
got my gas car for long trips and my electric car for my daily stuff. I’ll
bet there are more multiple car families that single car now.

Nick K says:

I still feel that the range is primitive on most EV vehicles except for the
Tesla S which give you what, 300 miles? Which is amazing nonetheless What
amazes me even more is that people think that this technology is new, but
in reality electrical vehicles have been around since early 1900’s if not
late 1800’s. Car makers thought it was a silly idea for some reason at the
time I believe..

shark1669661 says:

Except my gasoline car runs about 350 miles before needing to refuel

msyin9 says:

I just test drove my first EV today, a Smart EV and I have to say as a
Prius owner, I had already decided my next car has to electric! The torque
you get in an EV is bar non, the quiet, exceptional, the ride; smooth, but
what I love the most is the fact that charging stations are probably going
to be more numerous than gas stations in the next 4 years, in the mean
while you will do what we all do every night, charge up our devices we used
during the day. Cell phones will limited battery

TecnamTwin says:

Performance of a Porsche Cayenne. Nuf said.

Zazzle Delacruz says:

Same thing that happens if a gasoline car dies, or you forget to put gas in

msyin9 says:

of over 52 I would like to say good buy to gasoline, oil changes, and most
other increasing expensive cost of owning a car that still runs on gas.
It’s great that we have choice, and more choices are coming.

bmw2go11 says:

$49,000 is OK if you consider how much you’re saving a year on gas.

flybikes90 says:

Steve Jobs just woke up in his grave over that home button.

mrjaffar says:

The Leaf’s touch screen is a mistake… Touch screens and car controls
don’t mix. They are dangerous!

Jeff Burke says:

Compliance car.

shark1669661 says:

Arrogant tree hugger

TheCashistrash says:

50K for this SHIT??? for that money I rather get the TESLA.

msyin9 says:

has already trained us to do that without it being a big deal. When they
were new I am sure people forgot to charge, had more than one charger etc
but cell phones are ubiquitous now. As for range, depending on your wallet
and lifestyle you will also have choice until Tesla completes their
nationwide supercharging station role out by late 2014. EV’s are growing in
popularity and truly our current lifestyles suites them. Who really loves
going to fill up at a gas station anyway? Even with my MPG

Pager1991 says:

i agree – i can’t stand touch screens! buttons you can tell what you’re
doing without looking at them1

bestfrogs247 says:

Thank you for posting the video!

Lakario Davis says:

lmao i was thinkin the same thing

Lakario Davis says:

Im not fortunate enough to own an ev tho ive always wanted one. but i do
own a prius. and i know a thing or 2 about being exxons bitch driving my
chrysler pacifica. and i agree one gas saver and one gas guzzler for size
is a good way to go.

shark1669661 says:

Im curious, but what happens if something happens and your car dies……or
you forget to charge it? Or the power goes out……..

Strotherz015 says:

Why buy this when you can get the tesla model s

TecnamTwin says:

It’s the cheapest Tesla that you can get. It does 150 miles (per real
owners) as well as 0-60 in less than 7 sec. However, that’s not the whole
story. The passing power from 30-70 mph is also better than the V6 version,
and the torque is instant and constant, no shifting. Because cargo space is
the same, it’s a really practical vehicle, but more convenient because you
always wake up to a full charge; no more range anxiety on startup. Who
cares about recouping costs! It’s a way better vehicle!

Jig Pu says:

apple is going sue toyota next, for having that home button lol

Zazzle Delacruz says:

It can’t do CHAdeMO or Tesla Supercharge. Darn!

Poll Ivanov says:

дедушка мороз! я был хорошим. Подари мне такую тойоту.

Zazzle Delacruz says:

We EV owners have gasoline cars too, so we know how far a gas car goes on a
full tank. We also pay 5x less than gasoline by using electric the majority
of the time. If you enjoy being Exxon’s bitch then keep driving on gasoline.

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