2013 Toyota RAV4 AWD Off-Road Drive and Review

2013 Toyota RAV4 AWD Off-Road Drive and Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Toyota RAV4 is all new and completely redesigned. With an eye toward fuel efficiency, Toyota redesigned the new RAV4 to ma…



ewtubewatcher says:

lol my sedan has about the same ground clearance, just a little bit less

tillallareoneluv says:

You better take the mini-mini van to the grocery store and stop fooling

GRRB says:

Its as good off road as a civic, crossovers are dumb

subi9315 says:

Toyota How about an off road package for the Rav4 ? Until then, I will
stick with Subaru ……

Lapua Mag says:

Great car, excellent Toyota quality and reliability. Off road worth? very
mild off road stuff. Great car for slick roads, very comfortable, and the
reliable Camry engine.

Franky Ramos says:

Good offroader only low clearance 

benzfen says:

is it really 6.5 inches ground clearance? Because in some specs I fond 197
mm which if calculating it right is about 7.7+ inches…

Moneyneversaves says:

yes we do take rav4 to offroad and this new one is horrible. the design and
everything is just awful

Bergstaller01 says:

I have one of these, and let’s face it, the majority of people who would
drive this would never take it off road to begin with.

Lars Friman says:

This car looks a lot lower then mine under the doors, prolly just my

XxMetalGorxX says:

The new RAV4s SUCK! NO V6 and NO BACKTIRE..

R.I.P RAV4 1994-2012
Love my 2010 RAV4 V6 Limited!

Toyota Avanza says:

i still want the 2009 rav 4 its bigger and high clearance

Kevin Choi says:

I think it would have done better with the steps at the bottom sides

TheTruthRock says:

it’s called running boards you guys. lol… and yeah you can take if off
road where not too many rocks… 

bill boris ccencho ramos says:


BerettaM9USAF says:

what was the point? to show that you could tear up the running boards?

Besmir Zanaj says:

what are all those shoot-outs

H15A5H1 says:

Did you guys ever find the owner of that malinois that was following you

Moparman90 says:

What a pathetic little SUV. Can barely get up a dirt road. Great review
though. I would say the xj cherokee was the original thiugh

Fabian Padilla says:

where can you buy the bottom step??

kerrykiwi55 says:

In Oct / Nov 2010 we toured around Central Australia in my 2009 RAV4 CV
2.4L for six weeks. Car fitted with Bridgestone Light Truck tyres on mags,
tougher suspension, under engine alloy gravel guard. Carried full manual
recovery kit (hand winch, cables, etc) 100L fuel, 120L water plus 3 people
carrying limited personal equipment. Average daytime temp of 36C, with
peaks of 45C some days. Car went like a dream. Mud, sand, gravel, creek
crossings, around Lake Eyre all taken in stride. Hardest jaunt was
Arkaroola in Northern Flinders range. Had to get the passengers to walk up
hill on two occasions. Steeper and rockier than in the video. Be daring and
try harder next time fellas. 

Moparman90 says:


Franky Ramos says:

Please make another video in dirt,mud,or snow that the rav4 can do with the
6.3 clearance.
Also please use 4wd and use the 4 wheel lock mode.

sandwichtube says:

They should have a real review. Snow banks and ice.

Dwayne Peterson says:

Thanks for putting together this review. As you guys said this really does
not have the ground clearance for those kinds of road. Personally unless
you have money to blow why risk breaking a $30k car when you can purchase a
cheap and cheap to fix used SUV for this kind of driving. The RAV4 of this
generation is designed to be comfortable and economical while allowing you
better all weather handling. We had the “misfortune” of driving home
through the Cascade Mountains around Crater Lake during a spring snow
storm. While dealing with three or more inches at some points the RAV4
handled beautifully in variations of powder and hard packed ice to heavy
slush and areas of standing water as we came down in elevation. 

msanchezym says:

What happened to the dog?

rubenapez says:

Shoots and more shoots

glen walters says:

why would you use the rav 4 with running boards…this don’t even make

palmero8877 says:

Excellent video. This car has done more off road than 99.9% of the Rav4’s
would ever do in their lifetime. Too bad toyota doesn’t keep them as off
road worthy as the original ones.

tinhinnh says:

running boards use as rock rails? lol

95thRiflesOCI says:

Toyota basically, killed the rav4 for snow and offroad fun by lowing it
from its 7inches.

techperson34 says:

Fuck. You should take the fucking side steps and throw the side steps in
the fucking garbage!

congausa1 says:

I think this car looks much better in person. The interior is much better
then the past generations. I hope Toyota keep it quality up and above. Not
everyone buy Rav4 to take it offroad but it’s good to know that the car’s
capabilites. Great video!!!

heylol33 says:

–‘ offroad hahaha

MKS Inertia says:

Subaru invented the crossover


its probably one of the best compact suv meant for LIGHT OFFROADING and of
course its as good as a civic lol tards


nice dirtbike

Mr.Derpy Waffle says:

We finally own not just one of them but two of them! Great little car

63R01d says:

Running boards? On a car that low…. What a joke.

Franky Ramos says:

Why didn’t you removed the running boards

Ciro Barili Pinto says:

the car is urban idiot…

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