2013 Toyota RAV4 0-60 MPH First Drive Review

2013 Toyota RAV4 0-60 MPH First Drive Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Toyota RAV4 is all new. The 4th generation of the first and original small crossover now only comes with one engine choice…



damieg82 says:

currently shopping for a small SUV and test drove this Rav4 along with most
of its competitors. I absolutely hated it… the exterior design is nothing
spectacular, but the all black rear bumper looks soooo low rent and
unfinished. Then there’s the interior… very plasticky, with poor fit and
finish. The instrumentation and its illumination look dated already, and
lacking (no lights in a lot of the switches) and the audio system was
awful… my Ford Fiesta’s audio system sounds buckets and spades better
although its a much cheaper car. X’ed it off the list immediately. Will
probably get one of the Koreans twins… Tucson or Sportage

NovaScotiaNewfie says:

In Canada these are expensive. I’m not sue why, it’s not like it’s a
pickup. Toyota just charges more I guess. The question is do you get more
for more money? 

Albirocker says:

It’s vertici ugly tris car. It was netterà shaped the previous version

Thomas Yohannes says:

Why doesn’t the Saudi Arabia version not have the back up camera.
I have the 2013 Rav4 full option (for saudiarabia anyway) but still doesn’t
come with a back up camera or navigation or even blind-spot monitoring. 

Franky Ramos says:

This car is nice

Michael Reece says:

I like the Toyota girl more than the rav4.. 

shunsuke Kanoh says:

Nice nice come Japan:D

Chalaka Ranaweera says:


Javier Q says:

I think Toyota have to learn from Audi , Hyundai or Kia, they have muuuuch
better lines , clean and modern, this is still like a robocop or
transformer car, too much from japanese comics. very ugly front and rear ,
what a shame they do not learn with all the time they have in the market.
the toyota truck are getting better than this RAV4 looks like old

2A556FMJ says:

Face palm* I’ll just leave it at that.

palokowski says:

I am really disappointed with this new model. it looks to me they have
copied Mistubishi AWD. I have always admired the RAV4, I still do tough.
Hopefully they dont release this model soon here in Brazil.

AntsAfan301 says:

Can we get a review of a 2013 Hyundai Tucson Limited complete with the
panaramic roof package Nathan and Roman??

Ahmed Kamil says:

Finally, a fine looking Toyota SUV !!

fjzar says:

looks much better than the CR-V

tedimansour1 says:

this thing is hidious

BentlyboYY says:

toyota didnt create shit b.s.

The Fast Lane Car says:

As a journalist since 1987, I’ve always asked that question. More often
than not, I’m truly surprised by the honest answer. But perhaps you know
more than we do…or perhaps you just like to find fault?

Bob Kalvelage says:

You should know by now that Ford’s milage guesses are way off…

CarEnthusias Ber says:

very good

Intrepid Voyager says:

VW Tiguan check the sunroof its huge, the cool engine 2.0 Turbo with sports
mode, its also 210 HP one of the fastest crossovers yet.

SqoonGaming says:

1. A sport button on a NA 4 cylinder engine CUV does NOT make it drive
sporty. That’s like putting the word “Sport” on a minivan. 2. Trying to
call the Rav4 sporty after dropping the v6 engine, which made it a segment
performance leader, is contradictory.

K. Kele says:

I own the 1st ’13 Spruce Mica RAV4 XLE on the Big Island of Hawai’i 🙂
Thank you for building a better SUV, Toyota!!! 😀


I love your reviews!

Allen7551 says:

thank you some one gets it

MetaView7 says:

smart video… you got the rep to do the talking

Honeycombe88 says:

Notice how they don’t cover the interior very much?

bswizzle967 says:

So hideous, especially the rear fascia. Looks like they “borrowed” styling
cues from Mitsubishi. There’s nothing special about this that will make you
turn around and stare in amazement – just disgust.

Sam Tripp says:

… often, I4s are better performing than V6s. Take Ford’s Ecoboost, for
example. The 2.0 Ecoboost pumps out 250hp, it can be tuned for more, but
compare that to the old Duratec 25 SVT engine Ford used, which had 195hp,
or the old Duratec ST 3.0 V6 with 226 hp, then a smaller displacement and
less cylinders doesn’t mean less performance. FAIL.

قـلـب ابو خشه says:


Mac S says:

Hey lady who works for Toyota marketing, How do you like teh new RAV4?

Lernatix says:

Kuga (escape) is too small and the santa fe is too big. Thanks for the
thorough review, look forward to my cruiser (limited) arriving this month.

Bladenball says:

9.5 seconds… bullshit

Digger Nick says:

Escape 2.0 Ecoboost

kyle51895 says:

1:02 Welcome to the ’98 Civic Hatch!…..I mean….

mi16t says:

i hope she shoves that “chrome piece” into her special spot that clearly no
one loves.

yesyoumay says:

A SUV but its geared to city people rather than country people. Too many
electronic “gizmos” which I don’t want to pay for. Too much emphasis on
appearance rather than function. Lack of a bit more power for highway
driving. The only really good thing is the 6 speed automatic and, maybe,
the rear opening door.

sweetnatedog72 says:

I have a 2008 Rav4 limited. And I love it. I would buy another one.

Honeycombe88 says:

The V6 didn’t sell well. It’s all about gas mileage and technology, now. No
one, but no one, buys cars to have fun on the interstate. The goal is to
have enough power, be safe, and get there on as little $ as possible, in
comfort. There’s a niche for muscle cars, and there are still plenty of ’em
out there.

Sunshine Toyota says:

Check out another look at the Australian version on our channel, Cheers!

hammy y says:

the rear tire on the door was the most retarded thing ever as it meant the
boot couldn’t be opened up, and opening it to the left or the right makes
my OCD brain go mad!!!!!

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