2013 Toyota Prius Liftback Review

2013 Toyota Prius Liftback Review

As the North American sales leader among all alternative energy cars, the 2013 Prius Liftback is reasonably fresh from 2011 styling updates and a complete 20…



Choi Simon says:

When you have low drag, it also means you have low downforce. For that
reason, sports cars have more drag coefficient than conventional
sedans.Therefore his argument that it feels planted at high speeds don’t
make sense.

Lenny7118 says:

What model prius is that one in the review exactly ? Prius 2,3,4 and what
additional options does it have if any ? Please if you can respond because
I’m looking to get one ASAP from DCH toyota in NB , NJ . Thanks

John Lawry says:

The problem I have with the Prius is first off the look second its not that
Eco friendly it takes like 10 years to counter act the damage it has
already done to the environment over a regular car due to the nickel
mining. A much better choice for people who want truly more Eco friendly
car is the Tesla

Elmer Manzano says:

Im going to get my first car that i buy my self and i was just wondering
with prius will fit me 1,2,3,4,5, i take one or twice a week drive to
Arlington from Tyler witch is 119.5 m , i also try every to go to
greenville witch is 76.5 m, and i want a hybrid car if you can give me some
options and help me understand what i need to look at when i got to the
dealer ship so i wont get pressure to getting something i dont really need
in my car…. thank you

sirclip says:

Just bought a 2013 (Base model 2). Traded my beloved Civic Hybrid in and
took the 0% 60 mth finance from Toyota. A GREAT deal after the Costco
Have to say this vehicle is terrific, the review is right on in my short
estimation and I have no problem with the 60MPG average from my first
tankful. Much more comfy than the Honda, very nice to have the AC run
electrically – this dosn’t drag the engine down at all. The power-mode
really kicks in some acceleration when its needed, but I really play the
ecconomy game with this car. Would recommend anyone out for a new ride to
try one, theyr’e mainstream now and a very good buy with the current 0%

CreativeSoulTV says:

Thanks for your video review on the Toyota Prius Liftback, I was looking at
the Toyota Prius V and wanted to know what are your thoughts on that model?
BTW, great editing and review!

HybridCars.com says:

Potentially, yes. You can still choose to be moderate and careful in how
you accelerate and otherwise use the gas.

georgebanuelos1 says:

My dream truck is a Chevy

Chie C says:

Prii? Plural for Prius? For real?

Nate Cabico says:

Watching this because i just got hired for a delivery job and these cars
are this prius is the car i have to use

abdulkarim talib says:

Damn good review. Very thorough with regards to the everyday consumer’s
concerns about this car.

fgdfgdfdhfgfghfghfghg says:

Great, thorough review!

mangpi77 says:

Can you do Honda Civic Hybrid review please! Thank you.

Stuart Kerrison says:

I just bought a 2013 Prius!! 🙂

someboredinsaneasian says:

AmericanPatriot Maan yeah right

HybridCars.com says:

Thanks CreativeSoulTV – The v stands for “versatility.” It uses the exact
same hybrid engine with shorter gearing off the line to accommodate the
extra heft of roughly 240 extra pounds or so of curb weight. Excellent car
with a good bit more interior space at the expense of mpg. EPA rates it at
44 city, 40 hwy, 42 combined. The Liftback is rated at 51 city, 48 hwy, 50
combined. It is a trade-off. If you need the extra room, and like the mpg,
the v is a strong option.

Brandon Bailey says:

I was wondering, for this model, does switching to power mode effect the

Vince Perin says:

this is my dream car!

cvelez0427 says:

Thank you, it is very informative! Very well done! Thx again!

XZizeR says:

thanks for the review! it’s a nice piece of car.

Ricardo Teruhiko Yoshiga says:

I have one… Best car I’ve ever seen..

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