2013 Toyota Prius – Hybrid | Totally Tested Review | AutoTrader.com

2013 Toyota Prius – Hybrid | Totally Tested Review | AutoTrader.com

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Meow says:

I’m in the market for a prius, I currently drive a VW Jetta, (Non TDI)
since I travel to college, I would take 50mpg over 23 mpg anyway, Is the
prius worth it? Just need some feedback from current prius owners. 

Roman Bobrakov says:

.16 coef. of drag, LMFAO in your dreams!!!

cgcgundersen says:

Shouldn’t that kid not be in the front seat? 

vladcontact says:

Nicely dun
Thank you!

Lee Engdahl says:

I’ve had two of these, and I love them too, but when he says that they are
not the ultimate driving experience, he means they stumble something
fierce, from a dead stop, particularly when cold. So don’t try to beat that
train over the track. You will be disappointed. Which is ridiculous when
you think about how incredibly available electricity is to an electric car.
I like the small gas engine, it could be smaller, but it shouldn’t be
powering the wheels.

Hordetuff says:

1.9 million recalled… great car.. lmao!

Tim Jones says:

Doesn’t it take like 150 years for a Prius to help the environment 

Buffy Putin says:

Anyone who drives a Prius is a gay hippie

Buffy Putin says:

Prius sucks its the worst car ever made

thebestvideosever100 says:

diesel ftw

jravens1313 says:

The drive shift on this car has to be one of the worst things a car company
has ever done. Absolutely unnecessary and idiotic. 

Buffy Putin says:

Ford mustangs are cheaper and aren’t terrible and if you want to save money
on gas buy mustang horse

berryfairy68 says:

This is the best looking Prius I’ve ever seen… I was wondering why it
looked different.

denis dixon says:

Hi Guys, I just came across this new website togethersave – it seems you
can buy many Cars and Trucks here at a reduced price through people Group
Buying as a ‘Crowd’ – I’ve had a look and it looks good :)

Buffy Putin says:

Coolride u ain’t got a cool ride

Cisco S. says:

I wish I had a newer version of the Prius.. Nevertheless, my 2005 Prius is
in great condition and saves me a lot on gas 😀

igeekone says:

The only difference is the wheels and what appears to be a lower body kit.
Other than that, it looks identical to other Prius models. Also, I don’t
see a Sport model on Toyota’s website. But you can get Prius PLUS
performance parts that will give a sport appearance and handling. They also
have the Prius PLUS Performance Package.


Love the SeaSucker Mini-Bomber Bike Rack!

LoboWarriorForever says:

It re-charges by itself? explain more.

dave dunn says:

That honda looks like a piece of shit! But its incredible that he created
something with sooo much less than a prius

AutoTrader.com says:

We totally get where you’re coming from, but there is something about THIS
Prius that’s a lot sharper looking than other Prius hatchbacks.

mudhudgie95 says:

what brand bike is the red one?

Kyle Simon says:

The other car looked like crap

Pito VH says:

the other car is shit…

Cody Powell says:

That kid should not be in the front seat.

xena777xena says:

I have a 2005 110,000 mile Prius and my HV battery just died. Toyota wants
me to buy a new battery for 4000!!! My car is only worth $5000!!! SHAME ON
YOU TOYOTA!!! I will never buy a Toyota again. Before this car I had two
Corollas and my mom has a MR2. Is this how you treat your loyal customers?
I will NEVER buy a Toyota again. I was your biggest
cheerleader……………………….until now 🙁

Brett Sullivan says:

people who drive prius’s drive so slow

AutoTrader.com says:

You’re talking about a real “sports car.” We could argue about what a
sports car is exactly – many think a sports car has to have only two doors,
high power to weight ratio, sharp handling and an open top. Obviously, cars
like the Toyota RAV4 Sport, Prius Sport and Honda Accord Sport are not
really sports cars – they’re just sportier versions of a normal car.

CSplayahata says:

<3 the Prius

Keiya Realist says:

THE Japanese Best Eco Car ! 1200km / 40L Gas Samurai Car

Coolride17 says:

I have two of them, best cars I’ve ever owned.

conceptcs says:

Dad and son talking cars, how cool it that!

AutoTrader.com says:

He says it in the video – the company is Seasucker and we think the model
is “Minibomber”

Dirk Diggler says:

OMG…what a piece of crap Honda.

Seth Ragonese says:

That child should be in the back row.

Mr1Xtra says:

Tesla Model S is better

Abhinav Mishra says:

I want a high end Corvette ZR1 and a fullt loaded prius in my garage. And
maybe a Ford SVT Raptor.

LamboFan says:

So, you plan on reviewing the EcoGreen Ferrari when it comes out?

gene978 says:

I guess when you’re well off you don’t have to follow rules.

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