2013 Toyota Prius C Test Drive and Review: Is it Right For You?

2013 Toyota Prius C Test Drive and Review:  Is it Right For You?

Greg Cavanaugh, automotive writer for the Gallup Journey Magazine, evaluates the features of the 2013 Toyota Prius C. This video supplements the written article on the 2013 Prius C found in…



Alex Kreus says:

I like how you exaggerate the last words sometimes like Adam Sandler

Whump Tapus says:

Hey, I know this is something small but you did mention that the battery is
now in the engine bay when it is actually under the rear seat. Otherwise,
great video.

ahschick602 says:

I found this review incredibly interesting and informative. Thanks! =]

Mursyid Omar says:

Good review sir! and congratulations on not being a hipster, haha! 

matthew von says:

Why did I get the impression you see dissing Saabkyle in the beginning lol
he goes through every spec as if he made the car himself… good review tho
just found that interesting haha 

R VC says:

Your review is better then most of the so call pro reviewer.

SuperNin10do says:

What’s an organic soda?

Michael Slanina says:

Great review my currant car is about dead. Was thinking about a prius c
because there are some cheap used ones around. But since I also have a
family of 4 your video was perfect to show me why I shouldn’t get one.

Leon McDaniels says:

I like this car because right now I drive an 09 Toyota Yaris and I get
about 45MPG… It makes me think of what I would get if I were to purchase
this Prius C. I just like having to NOT stop as gas stations so often…
LIfe is too short and there are way more important things than getting gas.
🙂 I also like smaller cars…

I either want the Prius C or the Honda CR-Z. I know the CR-Z doesn’t get as
good gas mileage, but I do like how it’s smaller and more sporty looking,
while still getting better gas mileage than my Toyota Yaris.

Robert Schmitz says:

I love my 2012 C. During the winter months I average 50mpg but during the
warmer months, that jumps to the mid 60’s. Depending on the number of
hills, trips can even get as good as 90mpg. 

Grady Bowers says:

Good review , you remained focused on theme. I own a 2012C , enjoyed every
moment. Tip: interior space favors driver surprised at comfort!.
Stronger tempered steel body and (9) nine airbags helped sell me

Chris Powell says:

why are you so defensive in the beginning? holy shit

Gregory Hill says:

Great review, you looked at the things real people need to check out about
a car.

D0nQuix0te says:

Gees why can’t all car videos be like this. Great job!

J Chu says:

my 2012 Prius C is 50000 miles now(53MPG). I saved about $3000 gas already
compare to my 2010 Civic 30 combine MPG. live in CA. my A/C is turned ON
all the time. the only maintenance I’ve done is oil change every 10000
miles. and one air filter. that is all.

I don’t care other stuff. I will save $6000 on gas when my Prius C is
100000 mile. will buy a plug-in for my next car. will get more than 90 MPG
for the same commuting. 

MrHeathinator says:

Just test drove a 2014 c and thought it was ok. The only big issue I had
was that the airbag light was on all the time stating it was on. I think
that’s backwards and should to tell you that its off. So you drive around
with a ok looking dash with this terrible yellow airbag light on. I guess
there’s nothing some really dark window tinting can’t fix, dealer said they
would do it lol.

Georgina Zambrano says:

Love your introduction to this video. I decided this is not the car for me,
but keep up the great work. You are amazing and made for TV.

Josh Mccarter says:

Do you think you could test a seienna ?

Mike Anderson says:

where do you buy an organic beer?

Blade says:

What was ev mode not doing for you ?

J.L. Infinger says:

Just purchased this car and watched this to justify that. Great review.
Makes me feel like I made a good decision. Loved, “Hey, I care about the

Rebecca Abramowitz Holmberg says:

This is a wonderful car! I commute 260km/day in stop & go traffic and get
an astounding 4.0L/100km. It might be a tad on the small side though. 

Chaim Cohen says:

Great review! The Prius C looks terrific, hoping I can get one soon.

S. McCloy says:

I was thinking what if people added a tow hitch and could add a platform
that carried all the additional gear for when the 4 wanted to take a trip?
I have a Prius gen 2 07 with this set up and I can carry a lot of extra
gear back there and I don’t suffer any MPG as a result I thought I would
but some reason the platform does just fine.

Jigar Joshi says:

thanks!, what about re-sell value ?

Nismo Z says:

I drive a tuned 370z but im thinking about the prius C because 1200km with
one tank lol

d p says:

your on the right track … keep up the channel… cheers!

Bob Keilitz says:

Good review, Greg. Considering a C, and your perspective is helpful. I have
been watching a few of your other reviews as well. I like your direct
approach. Keep up the good work!

hahtsauce says:

I love your use of hipsters… lmao I hate hipsters

morgan williams says:

I just bought a 2012 Prius and this would be the one for a family, this car
is a lot roomier than it looks. I’m enjoying the features and driveability
more and more as I go along 

MayerEO says:

This is a very great review. I drive a 2011 Fit right now, and just wanted
to browse at some other options, should the time come to trade it in
sometime in the future. This is probably my favorite option thus far. I
want a hybrid, and I love hatchbacks!

Jason Fields says:

FYI – The battery is actually under the back seat, not in the engine. I’m
getting at least 50MPG on highway in warm weather with mine. 

Kok Wei Koh says:

Very practical review from all angles focusing on key areas of
consideration when purchasing a car. Thanks for the great video. 

StevenD30303 says:

Awesome review. 

Wendy Watters says:

Thanks for this great review. It has certainly helped. It was made more
interesting by having to convert miles back to kilometres for this Aussie. 

Tank Sanchez says:

Hey Greg, I’m in the market for a new car and have been checking out your
great videos! I think its awesome that you give a no nonsense, no BS
assessment of the cars you review and they’ve really helped me in choosing
a good car. I think I might just go with this prius c #3 because of the gas
it saves and the price is just about right. Thanks for putting up great
video reviews!

Thomas Kramer says:

Great review. I’m going to test drive a 2014 Prius C 4 today. My only
concern is that I’m 6’2 1/2″ with long legs. It looks like that won’t be a
problem and I’ve been told that it won’t be an issue so I’m excited about
this car.

chiefofsages says:

I’ve been looking at getting the C two, and this is the best review yet.
You’re up front about its downsides- this is not a family car. I am a
single young adult with no plans for kids in the near future and very
rarely have more than one person in the car. So, this will be fine for me.
But, if I should choose to start a family or go on a long trip with a
bunch of people, a different car would be better. 

starview1 says:

Interesting stuff but the Ford Cmax and Fusion Hybrid get better or same
MPG and the Fusion has more room (parking assist option is neat), and a
better overall look on the other hand the Chevy cruze eco (which is non
electric) is bigger than the prius,and costs less, the cruze diesel gets
47mpg plus. I guess if size matters the Ford,Chevy or the Dodge Dart are
worth a look

Inbal Feuchtwanger says:

Thinking about getting this car, this was a good review. 

C Jayy says:

Toyota is number one there is a reason why …and many car manafacturers
are shutting down their factories 

Outkast Racing says:

Diesel > hybrid

sumeet bajaj says:

Drive a prius c 3 package and it’s great on gas, never got stuck in snow
but little under powered. The great thing is that it’s a clean pass vehicle
so you drive in Hov lane in NY and since it’s a green vehicle I have a
green ezpass which offers cheaper rates on tolls.

Hallowed Be Thy Name says:

And which Prius C model was it, a 1, 2, 3, or 4?

Hallowed Be Thy Name says:

Dude! Is this your home?

blackpantswhitesocks says:

Organic soda lmao.

Phacob Anderdney says:

Excellent review for a fellow amateur, thanks!

emanueltwr says:

Awesome video, very informative! 

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