2013 Toyota Landcruiser vs 2013 Lexus LX 570 vocal video with differences Review

2013 Toyota Landcruiser vs 2013 Lexus LX 570 vocal video with differences Review

2013 Toyota Landcruiser Review 2013 Lexus LX 570 Review This was my first time doing a review on both vehicles, I apologize I did not know every single diffe…



Jake Carlsen says:

Sorry but my dad’s king Ranch f150s interior kicks both of these in the
butt and literally costs half the price of the lexus.. I don’t understand
these overpriced Japanese suvs…

Ako Jamal says:


jaybee barro says:

wish the lx was a diesel engine like lc200

Teris Pantazes says:

That was a phenominal review and comparison. I can really tell the
difference between the two. I like the back seats!

FanaticGuide1 says:

Literally, the Lexus LX and the Toyota Land Cruiser are the same thing, I
had a 2007 LX470 and it kicked the ass of a normal pickup truck, but I
traded it in for a Jaguar

Toyota Avanza says:

Lexus is also Manufactured by Toyota but in higher price and all cars there
are pure petrol v6 – v8 engines

tinboy479 says:

What kinda comparison is this when you don’t even show the other car? You
don’t even know what most of those buttons are for! It’s for off-roading!
Pointless video.



Khaled Al zhrany says:

يالب التويوتا بس

Usama Fida says:

Good try. Keep it up.

Sloom Alamri says:


pushtoyota says:

Well you do have ride height control with the LX, in the end of the day I
would choose Land Cruiser… Off-Road Land Cruiser is King, for luxury and
added features the Lexus LX would win. Either way you can’t lose…

Equus Parke says:

@gerry chan soooooo true.

Anas Alkirbee says:

تنفع في البمن مع التعكيس

Procurement Dep. ReadyMix says:

So where is the comparison dude and Lexus vs land cruiser come on.

Nicholas Cheng says:

i think u can restrain from moving your camera all the time, get a mic with
wind noise reduction and a camcorder instead of a dslr to record cuz they
hv wider angles.

nyif29 says:

ترا العتبان والشمر خيسين

3XICS says:

In what way is the suspension better ? On-road, off-road, both ? Some say
the LC is better off-road because of the KDSS but from what I’ve read from
official sites the LX has a similar system that functions like the KDSS
only that it isn’t labeled as KDSS because it’s elctro-mechanical rather
than just mechanical like in the LC. Do you know anything about this ?

Reg Bell says:

If you dunno what the buttons are for then you’re in the wrong business.

bonyos16 says:

the best SUV, LAND CRUISER. I know some one in africa who has 1956 land
cruiser and still has it.

Khalifa Almuhairi says:

LX570 is beauty on the road (y)

kmmkmmcoco3 says:

Toyota is born Japan , made in U.S. Lexus is born USA , Japan made

blenguini says:

I have the lexus lx570 its the best car ever. Everyone knows that lx is the

Wtrxprs007able says:

no you cant use these to transport your bombs

alasiri675 says:

يلعن شكلك يالاطخم فاك يو

worlddxb says:

i have a lx570 and i know what ever button does if anyone wants to know

Aliensurfer80 says:

who is this this f**ing clown

نايف المطيري says:

انت حمار ياراعي المقطع حاط vs وماصورت الا اللكزز فاك يو

Muhd Alif Bin Ramli says:

The biggest thing on lexus is they offer more comfort. I means on the
suspensions setup. Fj200 really hard. Jumping on uneven road. Go get lx570
for better ride

mephisto1025 says:

What kind of review is this the car is filthy ….. Amateur

amar1234557 says:

400،000 مهي لعبه

salamah7 says:

والربع كلهم هنا ههههه ، ودي مره ادخل مقطع ما احصل رد عربي هههههه ، الله
يرزق كل اللي ردوا بالعربي ، جيوب لكزس ٢٠١٤ وانا اولكم ، آمين ~

Praticrit Roychowdhury says:

I’d normally say Toyota all the way but compared to the Lexus I seriously
gotta go for Lexus this time

Thanh Truong Nguyen says:

I prefer the LX 570, of course 🙂

tubelisity says:

if you want to compare them why dont you start with the exterior (front to
back) and show the differences then make ur way inside. after that do the
technical diffrences and make shure you know what all (at least most) of
the buttons do so that means reading the user manual first and getting to
know the car. preparation is the key to succes!! 😉

MonkeySpecs301 says:

car salesman seems like a super boring job.

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