2013 Toyota Land Cruiser Test Drive & SUV Video Review

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser Test Drive & SUV Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/toyota/land-cruiser/2013/ The Toyota Land Cruiser has been around since the early 1950’s when it was built for military use during t…



mthebex says:

really appreciate how you included the history of the Land Cruiser in your
review… great touch!

dx80cruiser says:

Land Rover is a manufacturer like Toyota, whereas the Landcruiser is a

Vladimir Miangolarra says:

do you think they will ever make a hybrid version? I mean i love toyota and
their cars but I also think alot about the gas price and the environment.
it really is a nice car. 

Bro Lee says:

80k?? For a toyota?

99PorkChop99 says:

Btw check out the Lexus LX. It’s basically an upscale model of this because
Lexus is owned by Toyota.

Sebastian Vedia says:

and for the captain chair comment this is a purpose built car its meant to
be practical and form follows function this isnt an escalade

Sebastian Vedia says:

I mean you say the escalade is like the epitome of SUVs and the land
cruiser has more equipment that the escalade doesnt even offer

Sebastian Vedia says:

why do you keep saying “near luxury suv” what is luxury suv then? and what
features does that have that the 2013 land cruiser does not have? 

Nadhifa'sUslessChannelLOL says:

please test drive and review the toyota prado

ThePlofadi says:

The older versions are better they look more manly not like this soccer mom

Bill Cooper says:

I love Toyota Land Cruiser, I remember when I was in Saudi Arabia that’s my
service, no SUV or truck could stand the heat and environment like the
Toyota land cruiser, it will bring you to places you want to go. Its
cooling system is the best in the industry.

99PorkChop99 says:

I actually still have a ’99 land cruiser. He really means it when he says
it will last you decades.

Cummins Diesel says:

can anyone tell me what kind of a landcruiser the one at 0:58 is?saw it in
a movie couple of days ago and absolutely fell in love to it.

Adamjones2002 says:

why it is so expensive ?? I just do not get the price

TRonlyOne says:

In my Country It cost like Twice the Price…..$16.0000…. With The Tax
500$ each year….hehe

FoodyTunes says:

Obviously they wouldn’t have DVD screens hahaha

3ggt3 says:

I agree, Toyota could do better considering its price. However, one must
remember that the price you pay does not necessarily go to luxury as it
does with Range Rover. The price mainly goes toward reliability. The Range
Rover will typically give problems in 6-7 years, where as the Land Cruiser
will go 15 years + easily, assuming both car are well taken care of.

amrdossaji says:

One ugly face of yours.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

But the US is one market. Go to Africa, Asia and Austrlia and they’re
everywhere. Who needs a uber reliable SUV in the US? A handful of rich
people who live in the middle of Texas, and that’s about it.

naimuniverse says:

Here in Afghanistan All of Deputy prime minister, ministers, deputy
minister, US military, Afghan police are using Land cruiser most of them
are the latest models. Its my dream to effort one sometimes.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Why would they lower the price? They still sell a retarded amount. New
series 70(yes series 70) go for the equivalent of $73,000USD in Australia.
The UN still buys gazillions of them. It’s a commerical vehicle first and

Hussain Sharrofna says:

a “bare bone Land Cruiser” is a V6 and costs around $45,000

PremierAutoMan86 says:

@jimmyhoffa9 Not London, but of course people still buy them I didn’t mean
it in that sense. But the market has shrunk 10 years ago full size luxury
SUV’s were everywhere (I live in NYC) around here Range Rover’s and
Escalade’s are a dime a dozen but other full size SUV’s are much rarer
sights than before.

faisal bajwa says:

Arctic trucks have made it even better.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Ever been in a semi modern RR? the interior decimates the LC in quality and

Andy Ad says:

you are an idiot lol

jimmyhoffa9 says:

That’s average, not highway fuel. And the US has smaller gallons.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Lol an Armada is not a luxury SUV. Nor is a Suburban/Tahoe. The fullsize
SUV market has declined because of fuel prices, but luxury SUV’s are still
very popular.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

What country are you talking about? Most cars in Aus can be considered
imports 😛

yyAjax says:

Confused with land rover? I wonder who would get confused…

Abdul Wahab Mahmood says:

atlast video of AUTOBYTEL !

doodskie999 says:

range rovers are unreliable and overpriced suv’s compared to land cruisers,
ive seen 60’s era Land cruisers that are still running all stock and did
not went into any kind of restoration.

bmwmsport11 says:

I always though the Land Cruiser had a interior to compare to a Range
Rover…it’s nowhere near a Range Rover. The interior build quality is
solid and rich looking, but isn’t as good as the LX570. But atleast the
interior doesn’t creak and rattle like a Range Rover. Plus, these are one
of the most reliable cars you can buy.

TRonlyOne says:

The legend is born

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