2013 Toyota Land Cruiser – SUV | New Car Review | AutoTrader.com

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser – SUV | New Car Review | AutoTrader.com

The 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser upholds a tradition of full-blown off-road sport-utility capability while loading up with a host of new standard features. Learn…



gantulga ganhuyag says:

Yup. Jeeps hand down. Toyota lc200 nails rocks. Americans cannot really
afford to buy this to go offroad. Fide has changed and toyota only selling
prius to US… Which is good cuz they are poor

AutoTrader.com says:

Features that used to be optional are now standard in the 2013 Toyota Land
Cruiser. This includes voice-activated, touchscreen DVD navigation system
and an integrated backup camera. http://shout.lt/bO11 

kdog18ful says:

Wtf did Toyota do to this truck it’s HELLA UGLY looks like a Prius an a
venza had a ugly love child

Jamal Fakih says:

I feel the new 4Runner Trail Edition is better off road than the (U.S.
version) of the Land Cruiser.

Adam Toye says:

who would take a 78k suv off road the way they are saying. just get a jeep

Carmaker1 says:

YES, there are vast amounts of Land Cruisers on the roads of Africa! Have
you even been to anywhere in Africa to even make such an ignorant
statement? The Land Cruiser has always been a status icon to many Africans,
that many aspire to own them.That is where a lot of the Land Cruisers in
the United States go to nowadays, as exporters buy them and ship for sale
in African nations. While there are millions of poor Africans, there are
also millions of wealthy Africans that will buy them in droves.

cool8406 says:

hello Lexus LX

M50SA says:

Nice car

mtksbctk says:

So you are telling me that there are almost as many land cruisers as there
are people in Africa? *insert Skeptical Third World Success Kid*

Nick Parker says:

It will last you 30 years!


i have a land cruiser 100 series 2004 , it cut more than 260.000 km most of
the time i go off-roading , i did not face any issue .It cost me that time
53K which is 196.000RS and it Deserve every Real i paid for

Joshua Sinclair says:

The Land Cruiser of today is suppose to be a luxury SUV. You don’t shop for
a car based on what the badge says. You shop for the best car for you, and
if that means an expensive comfortable toyota then so be in. They sell
quite a few of these every year. I hope I could help in some way, and
please don’t take my words for an insult that wasn’t the intent. I’m
attempting to explain the logic behind it lol. Have a good day! 🙂

symmetry08 says:

people don’t really need this kind of opulence. It is kind of show off or
mere glamour. If you like high seating and occasional climbing mountain and
snowy ski resort then should buy efficient reasonable crossover vehicles
that are more spacious than these heavy frame semi-military equipment.

weirdshibainu says:

30 grand cheaper then a ranger rover 30 times more reliable

Dimithri Seneviratne says:

Review Toyota Land Cruiser prado

taitai907 says:

I don’t like that fact that the 4Runner is made in Japan. The Land Cruiser
is OK because it’s sold around the world. The 4Runner is currently a U.S.
exclusive and I think it should be made on U.S. soil. That said, at least
it does get legendary Japanese engineering.

Jacob Silk says:

Why does everyone call cars that are not from the U.S imports? They have
only been imported if they weren’t first registered in the country you live

Brisk2124 says:

Way too expensive.WOW

WeDream OfEagles says:

That’s why they sell the Toyota 4 Runner.

Igorls L-h says:

and Lexus LX 570

kazburo says:

телка ничтяк))))

carlobautista24 says:

Thats why ford could not compete against toyota

323alex11 says:

I barely ever see these. Probably one of the only descent Toyotas

Joshua Sinclair says:

Very true.

SinhCung says:

too expensive

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