2013 Toyota Land Cruiser: Review and Walk Around

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser: Review and Walk Around

Today we look over the specifications on the newly redesigned 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser. This walk around will go through the interior and exterior. We will t…



Creative Reviews Productions says:

Search for Land Cruiser test drive, we made a separate video. 

Sinto Stephen says:
nyak63RUS says:

Why didn’t you actually drive it?

Karthikk Kumaresan says:

200,000 to 300,000

Creative Reviews Productions says:

That’s true, these are so limited though, I assume Toyota knows how much
people are willing to pay or else they would have brought this down. When
these hit dealerships, they go quick.

Nalen N says:

I just bought a 4Runner ant it seems much better than this… Who buys

Raza Rizvi says:

This is a bad review, you do not know what this vehicle is capable of
offroad in deserts and snow. The Toyota Land Cruiser is also used by UN
convoys across the globe. It is very powerful and provides top comfort
levels. For the price you may not get toys like shiny buttons and multiple
cameras but you get pure Japanese engineering at the vehicles mechanics at
heart. Thank you and I am expecting another creative review off road.

Creative Reviews Productions says:

@tonyy33055. Yes, the Sequoia is significantly larger and heavier as it has
been for a while.

stinkfistin says:

great review of an even greater car

Creative Reviews Productions says:

Kid, you are hilarious. Keep it up.

Creative Reviews Productions says:

Why? They are made by the same company but are totally different in terms
of people that are going to buy them. It’s good to compare and contrast.

Ismail Alansari says:

They actually have the V6 1GR-FE 4.0L but I think its only in the Middle

Aaron A says:

people with lots of money haha

Ahmed Awadalla says:

eh bro r u sayin ass tray ?


Бля, у вас 80000 , а в России 120000 ! Это просто парадокс !

CharlieDoan says:

I like the older one 4.2L 6 cyl and rear wheel drive, in line
engine…..less electronic..less problems to fix and pay attention to all

CharlieDoan says:

Please talk NICE or else the BOSS OF THIS ROOM will kick both of you OUT
like I did to my cat last night! (don’t let him inside the house!!) and
surrounding him are many many female cats in the season of in heat (NEED TO
MAKE LOVE) kkk BIG FAVOR for him. To do that mean to balance + and – in his

Creative Reviews Productions says:

You are an emberassment to yourself. For the sole fact that I am American,
I should shut up. You say ask the world and you don’t even kno what they
would say. I know there is a bad connotation with Americans these days but
don’t put blinders on.

SwankyUniform3 says:

Can you stfu about the damn price! That car will easilly drive 300,000
miles in is lifetime and is very dependable. trust me, our familly owns one
and its had almost no problem after buying one new in 2000 for $65,000 and
now has abot 150,000 miles on it.

Isaac Janssen says:

Oh trust me you do its heaven

Creative Reviews Productions says:

In US dollars or another denomination?

Creative Reviews Productions says:

To everyone asking. My “better” is in terms of quality of a car. Price is
not factor. If its about money then it does change per situation and
person. This Land Cruiser is a better vehicle, better interior quality,
better overall durability, better ride quality, better reliability, etc.

Creative Reviews Productions says:

True, other than the interior quality difference between the two, the gas
is the major difference. Regular for the Toyota vs. premium for the Lexus.
This is why the Toyota LC is so popular overseas where gas prices run high.

CharlieDoan says:

I loved to argue with those people, they look stupid in the public when
they said somethings which NEVER MAKE SENSE but They themself keep doing it
over and over again even they knew that is wrong!! – Have you had cases
like that in the past?? funny hee?

Creative Reviews Productions says:

You are such a disappointment. I thought I would be talking to someone
intelligent on the outside but here I ended up with a conspiracy theorist
with misconstrued ideas of the world.

Creative Reviews Productions says:

I’ll keep on doing reviews like this. 🙂

Hannibal says:

ok, explain No.7 then?! and the “pentagon palne”, where are the parts?
where is the recording? there is only one explanation for no 7, and you
know the answer!

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