2013 Toyota Fortuner 2.5 G VNTurbo. Start Up, In Depth Review, and Test Drive

2013 Toyota Fortuner 2.5 G VNTurbo. Start Up, In Depth Review, and Test Drive

My correction: -The vanity mirror is only on left side sunshade.



Dino Daquin says:

Your English is so terrible, I should kill you

Rizal Djohan says:

really really really bad english. i have to shut down the volume to watch
the video.
Thanks for the video anyway :)

Dafele Arozal says:

tou should get a canon 60d or 6d camera a microphone that your voice can
sound clearly 

MusicInME says:

true he’s trying to be saabkyle40. 

Wan Kuantan says:


Rene Ellis says:

boleh video of new ford everest please

Erwin Kusuma says:

Nice review bro..

CarEnthusias Ber says:

3:25 Failed

Khopets Ceodock says:

teglis or singlish? Pake basa indonesia bae toh pak…
Bridseton taye’ is the brand really that important?
it’ll be just great if you preapare the script well, try to watch the Car
Buyer UK channel

Rexxis35 says:

your English is so sloppy, stop reviewing in English.
Just do it in Indonesian

Gplus suc my dik says:

I cant understand a fucking think he is saying.. ‘and saw withou doo, i
star fotuna’

eemetyawu creek says:

01:41..”with power steering…electrically”.. sejak kapan fortuner pake

de Bunnies says:

Mobil gendut, mahal ga ada fitur hahaha, dikentutin mulu nih mobil..

chris t says:

Can I make a request to make a video of all new Mazda 6 skyactiv plsss 🙂
thank you

chuki do says:

nys choice,,,,,,,,,,,

Earl Matthew Avila says:

After that, please do a review of 2013 Toyota Corolla Altis, 2013 Toyota
Vios, & 2013 Toyota Yaris, & Toyota Hiace

Romi Vaswani says:

Good job.. Must improve English…

farrel m says:

bro kalo ngomong yg jelas jgn kumur2

Travis Williams says:

wow this car is shit compared to my 2010 toyota Kluger Grunde all electric
seats roof mounted dvd sat nav revers camera keyless entry push button
start oh and auto back door and sunroof dont think i will be buying a
fortuner its like the poor mans SUV!! oh it also has seat warmers and rear
controlled aircon! hmmm think thats it

Aldo Hakim says:

Review all new suzuki swift GX A/T please…….

blueshapire says:

best fail 3:18 14:32

prayata maheswara says:

kok kalo matic di gas gas sin emang gak rusak

Aditya Eka says:

kalo mau review pelajari dulu bro spesifikasi mobilnya biar jelas

safrudin udin says:

evalia belom ada ni?

William Japianto says:

what the interesting about the car is if you press the lock button the
mirrors are automatic refolding and upon unlocking again after you start
the engine

MrSexyasskicker says:

R.I.P english

prayata maheswara says:

tuh si satwika gas gas sin mobil matic rusak aja

Muhammad Ichsan says:

The he is talking not singing

Fernaldo Garcia says:

Dude, it’s not 102 hp, that vnt turbo prude

AJ Cruz says:

Hey guys Please Like my Comment so everybody can see I have an update
probably the 2014 or 2015 Design of Fortuner and Hilux and Ford Endeavor or
Everest 2015 Design Hope you Watch it thanks ….

Rindanu Bima says:

bagus bro tp englishnya diperjelas lg supaya mudah dipahami. trus ini
cara,gaya ngereview sama judul videonya mirip sama video @saabkyle04 ?
Improv dikit lah, jgn ngejeplak banget. Malu 🙂

Afiq Abdul says:

you’re so funny

Leonardo Tio says:

Correction : it’s not a front parking sensor, it’s a corner sensor

Julius Ian Panogot says:

By saying manual did you nean the seatsbor the tranny?..because that is
clearly an automatic..and number 2, the 2013 Toyota Fortuner has 144 HP not
102..that was the old model..

Raja Bangkit says:

stupid man,with bad english…more batter u use our langgued bro..

ibnu ilham says:

Nice !!!

Timothy Setiawan says:

think first, indonesia is tropic, so why its need seats warmer, this
fortuner on gasoline model is also come with reversing camera, corner
sensor, back sensor, satnav, and roof mounted dvd player, and more sportier
on TRD Sportivo Model. fortuner on different country must have vary spec
from indonesia model, also yor kluger if its come to indonesia.

gun gun gumilar says:

en de popomus,,, wadududu… ngomongin ape sih??..

William Japianto says:

dancing 😛

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