2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser – WINDING ROAD POV Test Drive

2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser – WINDING ROAD POV Test Drive

For the best video experience, we recommend wearing a good set of headphones for the POV Test Drive at 3:21. The audio in this video was recorded with binaur…



Jim Brinton says:

Best test drive I’ve seen. No idle chit-chat. Love the car.

Asd Asda says:

Very nice

JagInJersey says:

Love mine, couldn’t be happier.

SmallyBigz says:


Break in an engine? WTF
It’s not a goddamn pair of shoes.

Yeah I’m sure the FJ is totally trashed now because he floored it a couple
times with only a couple hundred miles on it.

I guess I missed the warning from Toyota about not flooring it or going off
road in it for at least it’s first few thousand miles to “Break it in”


مازن العتيبي says:


fsimpro says:

you, sir, are retarded.

DMaster Mensionz says:

This vehicle is going to be a collector vehicle when they stop selling it

Diax1324 says:

It’s utilitarian and you shouldn’t want a pretty car to thrash, that’s
stupid. You’d feel bad for it.

mevgenrus says:

Thank you!

obi wan says:

The best car

M0ren025 says:

What color is that? Red/orange? Like I want the toyota name

Dsr Maaz says:

ارحبي يا جنوط الهلل

Seth Dodd says:

If only a small, maybe 3 liter turbo diesel engine, was available, this
would be perfect!

Grimlock1973 says:

If I were a dealer I would NEVER let you take out a vehicle to test drive!
The fj only had 230 miles on it and you floored it several times! The new
engine and drivetrain has to be broken in for it to perform right. Hate to
be the person who ends up buying this poor fj cruiser!

lee winters says:

Onevery nice ride!

Electric Funeral says:

What’s wrong with the rims? I’ve seen this vehicle around here but never
with those kind of wheels…


lol….so its about the money

Unicvr says:

please TEst Cadillac XTS ! ^^

Lars Dennert says:

@jackkangaroo1 the fj is a shortened version of the 120 platform aka prado,
4runner, gx470. Buy one of those and you get a lwb 4 door fj.

Fabien Humeau says:

This car is so ugly

TheGetawayer says:

Must feel funny to be seen in one of these 😀

Ɠℓʋѵɩćħツ says:

will it drift?

ZorlocMortimer says:

Only difference is these are very capable off road. The Aztek did nothing
well in addition to being ugly.

mxp231 says:

KONY 2013

Arthur Sperotto says:


david dykeman says:

Great review, I’ll take your advise about the gas mileage on this and give
it a pass.

Diax1324 says:

am I the only one that doesn’t mind this car’s looks? I don’t think it
looks terrible.

Arthur Sperotto says:

Thank you very much.

بارود _ says:

قصدك هلل وبرجستون

ThePandaBeat says:

Love these videos, it’s like taking someone elses car for a spin… BTW,
love those rims in the FJ.

WoZIMoo says:

Set of winter tires? Never heard of?

Nicky Nugroho says:

Ancient rims .

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