2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition Walkaround & Features

2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition Walkaround & Features

Here’s our first 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition that we received. In this video I cover the differences between a Trail Team model and a normal FJ…



Gabriel Wilson says:

if i lived in this city, I’d definitely buy from you. it’s always good to
see a sales man who actually has some in-depth experience with the vehicle
he/she’s selling.

JackKangaroo1 says:

I love the look of the FJ. Just a real eye-catching vehicle and rock solid.
In my case I went for the Nissan Xterra for the sheer practicality of 4
full doors and better visibility. Also, having owned a Toyota Camry and a
Nissan Maxima, the Maxima was by far the better car, so I’m kind of a
Nissan fan. If I got a Toyota SUV I’d probably get the 4Runner. Same
chassis as the FJ but a more convenient configuration overall.

showemright YTchannel says:

wow just learned the 2014 is optional equipped with a 6 speed manual..nice.

1566johnnyboy says:

love this vehicle…so sad they are stopping production.

MrBakakeng says:

2 tone looks nicer

fernando montano says:

Best informative review I ever watch for the FJ on you tube! Thanks for the
video you answer everything I wanted to know about the FJ thumbs up. :-)

JULIUS K says:

A lot of good info. Thanks a lot.

honyasenyou says:

I read that FJ can be fitted with an extra internal fuel tank.

ruskymx says:

I think MSRP of this one was around $36-37k

ruskymx says:

I haven’t hear of that option in the US at least. In other countries, I
have no idea.

Silversapien says:

I’m going to be moving to Hawaii in about 6 months and think this vehicle
would be perfect for me when I’m there. Do you happen to know if the Trail
Team edition can be ordered if a dealership doesn’t have one in their

최 재훈 says:

아무리 봐도 모하비 만한게 없어..

David Hill says:

That’s the best overview video of the FJ. A Chevy Avalanche slammed into
the back of my FJ. The rear spare tire acted like a giant bumper. My back
door and other parts need replaced but you should see the Chevy. It looks
totaled. The fact that a Jeep slammed into the back of the Chevy at the
same time was the Coup de grace.

عبدالله العصفور says:

Weak engine

Silversapien says:

Best FJ overview I’ve seen on youtube so far! Thank you so much for this. I
was getting tired of trying to research this vehicle and coming across
dealers or people just pointing at things and saying “This looks really
nice, that’s really nice too.” Glad you were able to talk about the
features in-depth and give comparisons to other vehicles.

fernando montano says:


ruskymx says:

Not that I know of. The way our dealership get them in is with the Upgrade
Package or Special Editions. I’m in Central Atlantic Toyota (PA, MD, VA,
WV, DE, & DC). Each region may order them in a little different. I’m afraid
they are phasing the model lone out. I haven’t heard anything official but
more and more rumors are circulating that 2014 MY is the last.

ruskymx says:

They are kind of a 4 door but it’s the half doors like an access cab truck.
The wheelbase is shorter than a 4runner so there isn’t as much room in the
back seat.

honyasenyou says:

No, no stock auxiliary tank exists as of now. I just checked the official

ruskymx says:

Congrats! You are going to love it!

ruskymx says:

Thank you! I have been selling Toyotas for 11+ years and I bought our first
FJ back in March of 2006 so I’m very familiar with them and all other
models too.

MrPookiexL3oi says:

I just got mine Saturday.

ruskymx says:

Aftermarket, just about anything can be done. I was thinking you were
referring to factory equipment.

ruskymx says:

I wouldn’t mind having it either!

ruskymx says:

I agree! It is my favorite SE FJ!

aznfrkguy says:

it if was a 4 door.. i would get it in a heartbeat

congausa1 says:

2011 Army Green TT rim and color still the BEST.

ruskymx says:

Yeah it’s definitely an off-road vehicle and the handling/steering feels
reflects that. Over time you will get used to it and other cars will feel

Tony stark says:

Cold outside!!!

ruskymx says:

It’s possible, but really depends on the region. For my area, special
orders for Japanese produced models take 6 months or so to show up at the
dealership. Another thing to keep in mind is that Toyota may have built all
the SE’s they are going to build. Once they hit their number, no
more…special order or not. It may not be possible to even order one.

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