2013 Toyota Camry vs 2013 Honda Accord

2013 Toyota Camry vs 2013 Honda Accord

Each year the Camry outsells the Accord, but should it? We put these two sales juggernauts to the test to find out which car you should buy. http://www.autog…



walrusking14 says:

I just couldn’t ever bring myself to buy a Camry for one simple reason, no
manual option. 

sameer jura says:

I just bought the 2014 honda accord exl and its 10 out of 10. I love it.
Don’t buy camry it sucks. And I just sold my 98 honda civic. It had 400.000
miles and still running great. Honda for the win thanks

Hayder Es says:

I cant ever love the camery

ReggaeDubSoundSystem says:

The Accord really looks alot better. I always looked at the Camry as
“Grandma’s” car. 

adyyy22 says:

As Camry owner, I’d buy an Accord.

SirtubalotTX says:

Both are good cars but as far as I’m concerned? my overall nod goes to the
Camry and here is why: (Subjective bit’s first) The Camry interior is nicer
and more comfortable for me with the seats being supportive, but not too
hard. The Accord’s interior is also ‘nice’ but too sterile and stark for
my taste with the seats being slightly ‘bricky’. Exterior styling? both
nice and perhaps the Accord has the edge there but for people like me that
want to fly under the radar and don’t want any “hey.. look at me.. I’m
driving a flashy 4 door” negative type attention…the Camry is perfect.
For people seeking comfort like me? The Camry beats the Accord hands down
in ride quality (Sans SE) with it’s more cushy, but still controlled ride.
All Camry trims except for the SE are softer sprung but the Accord is one
size fits all. If you want a ‘firmer’ drivers car? get the Camry SE or the
Accord but you better pass on the Fisher Price CVT in the Accord because
that’s another big reason why I avoid the Accord like the plague…the CVT
summarily kills any sporting pretenses that might exist. (The stick shift
4 cylinder Accord is actually quite fun). The proper 6 speed automatic in
the newer Camry is superb. Performance wise? both 4 cylinder Camry and
Accord (auto to CVT) run very similar and there is no appreciable increase
in performance with the Accord unless you go to the manual or the V6. As
far as safety metrics? The Accord and Camry are very similar except in the
small offset frontal crash test where the Camry didn’t do as well.
Statistically, these types of crashes are relatively rare but I will
concede and from what I understand, Toyota is working on this.
Incidentally and according to Autonews..”Cars performing poorly in the
small overlap test can still receive top-pick status if they perform well
in the IIHS’s four traditional tests. To get the best rating of Top Safety
Pick+, the vehicle needs a good or acceptable small overlap result.”..
which is exactly what happened with the Scion TC due to an apparent slight
difference in air bag deployment strategy which the Camry isn’t utilizing.
Point I’m making is the Camry was close enough to not to steer me in
either direction at this point and to say the Camry is an ‘unsafe’ car due
to one single, newer safety metric is a stretch. That is my 2 cents
worth.. think for yourselves and get what works for you!

thomas4776 says:

Good review, on the two most popular sedans. I think the styling and
quality of Honda out shines Camry by a Hugh amount. As everyone already
forgot how many millions of Camry’s were recalled recently?

Tra'lane Francis says:

Honda sound more like a mans car so ill go wih that not granny camry

Remote Viewer 1 says:

I bought the Honda because it is the drivers car, the engine is more
refined, styling in my coupe is very nice, and I get 38 mpg in eco mode.
While both cars are truly neck and neck in reliability, mileage, and value,
I think the camry is just tooooo bland in its styling. I have driven a lot
of Toyotas, and looks aren’t something they are aiming at. And the lights,
while seemingly very a small styling cue, are awesome and really make the
car pop in visual. I don’t think the Toyota is a mistake, but this review
does a wonderful job in detailing their respective attributes.

sameer jura says:

Yeah i got exl. I love it. Really nice car I paid 30.000 for mine and I get
full tank about 500 miles and it’s. Not a hybrid. It’s a 10 out 10 trust me
you will love it. 

Mega Pijon says:

Badass accord ftw, + VTEC 

George McKean says:

I bought the Camry SE, because I test drove the Accord. The Accord was a
nice car, but it lacked feed back. The stupid and cheap CVT belt driven
transmission on the Honda made me wonder what other important things Honda
had skimped on in the Accord. It felt as if I were driving an old go-cart
with one speed. No, I am more pleased with the high performance 6-speed
real transmission of the Camry. I will leave to Accord to the ladies for
which it is designed…like all Hondas.

Dyno Don says:

Honda will not back their product. If you have a warranty issue, you are

Willie Mays says:

Camry is one of the most boring cars to drive. I like Accord much better.
It has the most comfortable front seats in its class and much better
handling. An easy choice for me. 

D Sump says:

I think i will chose the Honda Accord, but I still will test drive the
Camry just to make sure. . 

israel aguilar says:

I was expecting a race…

Maestro_T says:

Apart from a few details on the exterior, I think this newer Camry looks
worse than the old one. The interior appears to be a huge improvement,
though. To me, the Accord has a more upscale appearance, in part because
they stole some styling cues from the Genesis (what? Honda stealing from
Hyundai?!). The interior looks like it’s going after a somewhat sportier
look than the Camry’s. Both are nice, but don’t forget the Poor rating the
new Camry got from the IIHS if safety is important to you.

Giordano Cerrano says:

The guy in the Toyota know’s nothing luxury in a camry pfff he’s a toyota
guy, if he gets in a V6 Accord i don’t think he will drive a Camry ever
again. Some Acura models look better than Lexus now in and out..i will be
driving Honda’s for has long as i can drive!

Indy The Great says:

The Accord is a better car, but the Camry offers a hybrid option.

illegalfreakTV says:

How about the Chevy Impala or Ford Fusion? Americans buying foreign cars
(especially Jap & Korean) are idiots!

Noah Zizian says:

We bought a honda accord and we started it the first day and the airbags
all went off for no reason! We then bought a camry, no problems! Toyota the

Arnie G says:

hondas get jacked everywhere in the U.S. this is why i don’t buy hondas.
they don’t suck i just like their being jacked by stupid teens lol

Aritra Paul says:

Honda accord wins! Camry is ugly and look at the interior ewwww

Lyndon Bishop says:

dont buy a new camry. they do not crash well in the off set crash testing. 

ravaneli55 says:

a little gay and very prepared and non spontaneous

Giuseppe Jay Gambino says:

2014 honda accord is the way trust me 

Toyota Mỹ Đình says:

Thích Camry hơn

Ted Roberts says:

Honda dealers know there cars are really good so I bought a Camry se way
better deal. And I am sure by 2022 my next car will be awesome.

theawsome dominic says:

I loved Toyota but the Camry just looks soooo ugly honda is better

Alan M says:

I always considered Honda/Acura to be more Sporty like having
suspension that’s geared a bit more towards Handling and Reducing Body
Roll, having a Stiff Chassis, minimal Sound Deadening Materials leading to
Lower Weight and Less Comfort, but Better Handling. Generally Sportier

Toyota/Lexus on the other hand I consider to be more Comfortable, having a
Softer Ride, softer suspension, higher profile squishy tires, Higher Weight
from the Thicker Cushioned Seats and huge amounts of Sound Insulation which
offers a more Comfortable, Quiet and Pleasant ride. But in turn the things
that make them More Comfortable also make it Lean and Roll in Corners
during Enthusiastic Driving.

My Conclusion is:

You will be More Comfortable in the Camry. The Car will feel more stable at
highway speeds, You can drive on imperfect roads with bumps, cracks and
rocks and still be as comfortable as if you were sitting on your couch at
home. (For Older People)

You will have More Fun in the Accord. The Car is more Engaging to drive.
Carving Canyons will be enjoyable. The Car will feel less refined than the
Camry over broken roads and there will be more Engine and Tire Noise but
hearing the engine only makes you want to Drive More Enthusiastically.
(For Younger People)

Both Cars are astonishingly Economical.
Both Cars are exceptionally Cheap To Maintain.
Both Cars hold their Resale Values better than any other Brands.
Both Cars will be More Reliable than a toaster.
Both Cars will go for A Million Miles.

The Accord is just a better car overall. Better engineered, better engine,
better handling, better chassis;stiffer, better looking, only thing that
puts me off on the accord is that CVT. Car makers are leaning towards CVTs
over ATs and Paddles over MTs, Just their way to get better economy I guess.

Drive The Accord, Ride In The Camry


chuck Norris says:

Put the honda badge on the camry and you all would say camry is better. Put
the toyota bade on accord and you all would hate it. What i’m trying to say
is you commenters have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. And just
basing your opinions on what you’ve heard about a car. Clueless idiots.
Honestly, they both have their own goods and bads. Neither is better than
one another, theyre the same. A family sedan to bring you A to B not a
sports car -_-

Gore Tan says:

The Accord just looks, drives, and is simply just better than the Camry.

Hassan Ali Bhatti says:

Camry is best


I was looking at the accord but now I changed my mind to a Camry because
the interior is much nicer and I know I’m going to spend a lot of time in
the interior rather than the exterior

josemardf rod says:

I prefer the accord it is most cold and faster and a better look and the
Camry it is like a cheap car

Fuck You says:

I love both Honda and Toyota. Their reliability is beyond reproach. We all
owe them a big thank you, for making such a faithful products. Unlike some
other companies, that have traditionally produced pieces of trash on
wheels. Having said that, if you enjoy the simple pleasure of driving, and
a playful, and edgy nature, in your car, then go with the Accord. If you
prefer a more staid driving experience, then go with the Camry. Two great
cars. Two different personalities.

Wilfredo Bibar says:

Camry for the win.

Ed Strickler says:

#camry v. #accord which is better? Check out this video!
2013 Toyota Camry vs 2013 Honda Accord

Kevin Brown says:


Tennesseestorm76 says:

Which car has the softest ride? 

AutoGuide.com says:

Camry or Accord. Watch our video comparison to see which car you should
pick. http://ow.ly/krS3j

Ronald Escobar says:

Honda ftw!

Владимир Артемьев says:

My Lexus ES300h-The Best!!!

Raquel Contreras says:

Accord (((:

Ivan Martinez Nieves says:

The Honda Accord is better.

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