2013 Toyota Camry Review

2013 Toyota Camry Review

This is a review of the 2013 Toyota Camry by Ron Doron of TheDriversSeat.tv.



David James says:

this dude doesn’t like Toyotas… lol… 

Anthony Cuda says:

The V6 Camry gets better fuel economy than my Kia Soul…. That’s

Theharrizable says:

Lucky I dont take advice from fat people. 

Gerald Davis says:

Those American sure love their old cars. They seem to keep’m longer I tell

Ye Htet Khaung says:

Nice car! Love it.

Faisal Farooq says:

I bought this Toyota Camry ATARA R 2012 from one of the Dealers in Sydney
on November 27, 2012 for a total price of 31,000 AUD only for the
attraction that Toyota claims a fuel economy of 7.8L/100 Km.
I started having problems with this car from the very beginning and I
reported the problems to Toyota Dealer in January 2013 but unfortunately,
till today my problems have not been fixed by Toyota even after repeatedly
contacting both Toyota Head Office & Toyota Dealer. I was being sent back
and forth between Toyota and its dealers. Finally, I realised that I was
just wasting more and more of my time and energy but with no significant
Toyota claims that that this car does 7.8L/100Kms and actually I am
experiencing around 11.5L/100Kms & this has increased recently to 12.5
I have already complained to Fair Trading, who advised me to launch a
complaint in CTTT which I have recently done & now waiting on my Hearing
I have even reported the complaints in written to Toyota Head Office but
they never send me anything in writing & I have to call them on their
Customer Experience Number every time & waiting for long time in queue.
Now my situation is like that I have a New Car but seems like without
warranty or the Customer Server which Toyota Claims is very good but my
personal experience is very Bad.

CNPresents says:

Don’t say shit about toyota.. I’ll kill you.. It’s my favorite car….

dave dunn says:

0:38 2013 camera???

boovoo66 says:

It’s funny Ron test drove a new 2014 lexus is 250awd no power for 46000 and
then a 2013 Camry v6 for 28000 lots of power lol come

Fussinated says:

This car along with any American and Japanese car is better than any
european piece of crap.

thedriversseat says:

I would take the Accord V6 over the Camry V6. The engine felt more
responsive and the handling was sportier. Honda did a good job with the
proportions of the new Accord to give it a sporty look. Could you get away
with a Coupe? The Accord Coupe comes in a 6-speed manual which is probably
the most fun mid-sized coupe for the money.

jorge romani says:

This car is just too vanilla. There are many better choices out there

ylen13 says:

I lease my cars. 3 Years and a new one.

IYQUC (read those letters) says:

I totally get his perspective. You can’t often drive the very best cars
(and worst) without wanting something at least distinctive and probably
luxurious too. I have a Lexus LS 430; I got it used, but in immaculate
condition b/c someone paying nearly $90k for a car is often going to take
great care of it–and he did. The price was the same as a small new Kia. It
was a no-brainer. There’s a good chance that my reliable car will still be
great & great looking when that Kia is in the junk yard! =)

Jakkid Sanetuntikul says:

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Eroblue11 says:

My sister just bought one, she loves it!

basketball798 says:

Yea lol 5.7 0-60 should be enough. Thts fast if u ask me

MrUrnidiot says:

not when the repair bills come in. I prefer Audi, but don’t have the green,
but also in long term repair cost

ylen13 says:

Toyota sucks, BMW all the way baby!

ImperialistsBuster says:

does the 2012/13 camry hybrid have better ride than the previous models, i
heard camery is no longer soft and cushy

Ben Moore says:

Do not buy the Toyota camry! or any Toyota for that reason. The entire
Honda series is way better and more reliable than any of the Toyotas for
the same price! next time go check out your local Honda dealer when looking
for your new car

cargogh says:

According to all American car journalists, soccer must be the number one

thedriversseat says:

Purely personal preference. While they are extremely practical, I don’t
like the way they drive because the insulate the driver from the road. The
Prius is a terrific vehicle and I recommend it to the people all the time
because it’s economical, reliable and has a strong resale value.

jorge romani says:

You must feel very smart about buying a used car with no warranty that only
uses premium fuel and looks like a grandpa’s car. Eventually your car is
gonna need parts, like tires, brakes, belts, tune up, etc, those things
cost 5x more than the parts or labor from a KIA or Honda. You just bought
the car because you are a “badge whore” and couldn’t afford a new Lexus.
Hey guys look at me, I drive a Lexus, I am successful and better than you.
Well nobody cares about that boring looking car you drive

thedriversseat says:

I think we have a language barrier and I really want to understand your
comment. #1 – I like Toyota. They are a good, reputable brand. #2 – unlike
most reviewers, I try to look at it from the perspective of the consumer.
Personally, I would never buy a Prius even though I owned one in 2004-2005.

venom5809 says:

Landcruiser still looks great.

thedriversseat says:

The Accord was definitely more fun to drive. The Avalon has improved
dramatically and is solid in every manner, but the Accord V6 is more sporty
and has better vehicle dynamics – handling, steering & acceleration. Honda
really stepped it up with this Accord.

Winter99ize says:

Great car as you point out but I would take the Fusion over this. Fusion is
much more attractive too. You highlight what Toyota needs to work on which
is excitement and 2 ton appliances

Michael Garcia says:

Honestly do you think the 2014 Honda Accord V6 is better then the Camry?
I’m in the market for a new car I like the Camry and the accord I know
Camry are know for recalls over the years and accord bad reputation with
the V6 engine. I don’t want the base accord because of the CVT. I want the
V6 but im not sure because of bad reputations of V6 engines, Honestly of
the both which one is going to last over 10 years?

dave dunn says:

CAN U REVIEW THE 2013 VENZA??? Its often overlooked

Brandon Friesen says:

Or that but the VW, Mercedes, and BMW are german engineered and that works
better for me somehow. Also I cant live with a Honda badge

drhaneen1988 says:


Martin Cooksley says:

BUY A BMW TO BE DIFFERENT, HA FUNNY WHEN ALL bmw’s look the same, and are
becoming common

Only1DrewN says:

Ron it’s been 2 months since your channel has done a car review? Whats
going on? I love your perspective

Mike Gentry says:

38 seconds welcome to the Toyota Camera

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