2013 Scion FR-S vs. 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Comparison

2013 Scion FR-S vs. 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Comparison

The affordable sports car shootout. AutoGuide asks the question: which affordable rear-drive sports coupe is faster, the Scion FR-S or Hyundai Genesis Coupe?…



aliultimate009 says:

Here is what i think :
Toyota 86 is a lightweight 4 cylinders small car with a very good control
on small courses + drifting ability & a very good fuel economy by those 2
reasons ( small engine & lightweight )
The problems with it :
1- tiny back seats.
2- small cargo hold.
Now for the Genesis Coupe :
Genesis Coupe is a lightweight V4 & V6 with Standard USB and Bluetooth –
Good steering and brakes – Great reliability score – Long warranty –
drifting ability – good fuel economy for V6 models compared to other V6
The problems with it :
Limited headroom for taller drivers – Vague stick-shift feel – Turbo lag on
2.0T models.
There are complains about the Genesis Coupe for it’s price but i’ll explain
the very expected reasons for it :
The car has 19 inch wheels with bridgestone potenza grip tires which are
really good on the turns – Aux ( USB & Blue tooth as mentioned ) – brembo
brakes – windshield automatic defugger system – folding side mirrors – TCS
– ABS – ESP ( Electronic Stability Program ) – heated seats – automatic
sunroof – CD player – infinity sound system – tires sensors ( hope i’m not
wrong on that info ) – rear & front parking assists sensors – navigation
system ( i don’t know if that option is a standard in US market or not ) so
i guess with those – it’s reasonable for it’s little high price for a V6.
But notice for example ( this is a general point which isn’t related to
this video ) people prefer to buy Mustang GT over the R-Spec 3.8 V6 model
for the Genesis since the price of the Genesis R-Spec 3.8 V6 is too close
to it – but forgot about 2 things :
1- Mustang GT ( base model i guess if it was the one which the Genesis
R-Spec 3.8 V6 is close to it’s price ) doesn’t have the options that you
have in the Genesis Coupe & worse fuel economy.
2- If you took off the available options on the Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6 R-Spec
model it’ll become cheaper enough to make you smile to add tunes & upgrades
on it for the saved price.
Another General example :
The 370Z 330 HP model is a 2 seat V6 3.7 light weight – the Genesis Coupe
V6 model got bigger engine 3.8 with 348 HP GDI engine model – more options
& 4 seats 2+2 with way better fuel economy – 370Z got 18 mpg – Genesis has
21 mpg – with all of the options in the Genesis Coupe – fuel economy & 4
seats 2+2 it is only higher by 4000 nearly for the Genesis Coupe track
model – just take off the Genesis Coupe options and see the price
comparison without forgetting the Genesis 4 seats 2+2 & the fuel economy.
The Genesis Track pack which is 34.000$ is almost equal in performance
against the Nismo Z370 ( i’ve seen a report on a certain course where the
Nismo 370 was faster by only 0.1 against Genesis Coupe 3.8 track pack )
which is 43.000 – 9000$ difference between both.
The rest is up for the reader to decide :)

bud ley says:

Why did the scion frs toyots 86 subaru brz whatever not comw with a turbo
or atleast a seperate model that did

Brett Brinley says:

When the FR-S looses………ohhhhh wait winning is not everything and the
fastest is not the best… Fun to drive does not win races hence the race
track. Plus the Gen is more comfortable in daily driving. Stick with the
base Gen and it will still win if you focus on price. Thought that guys
glasses would make him a little more studious.

Michael Williams says:

Just build a miata. lol

But seriously, the FRS is the better car until you start talking post
purchase, sub $4k, tuning ability. FRS has a BIG aftermarket, but the
Genesis 2.0T has the capability to make 10-30 more HP out of the box
easily, better braking, as well as the front tires.

You actually get a bit better package for later modifications(assuming,
once again, you’re spending less than $4k on parts) if you buy the Genesis

Nathan McCallister says:

lol you can just put summer tires on the fr-s with the money you saved from
not buying the gen and that fr-s with summer tires would beat the gen
around a track

Bernardo Jaimes says:

Scion is beast in other colors and I say small cars are better 

Gani Ismakovic says:

no matter what ill choose the toyobaru brz or frs. why? i can trust the
people who make the car. toyota and subaru have been in the tuning game way
longer and all you need to do is slap a turbo on it and itll beat the gen
without issue. the purpose of this car was to be a fun affordable sports
car. the frs lost by about 1 sec. tells you a lot compared to a car with
274hp vs the frs’s 200hp. im done. 

jonathan lopez says:

7:33 bro this guy is fkn stupid! genesis hands down even if it is a base
model 2.0t. I would still take it over that gay ass scion.

bada bing says:

Just STFU. Go test drive them and see which is a better car. Once a week,
go with the scion. Everyday driving? Go with hyundai genesis. So much
better in comfort.

Judy Feng says:

Sean Ferguson Many customers will buy trash if they are blind.

Phillip Fitchew says:

People really misunderstand the FR-S. The car was made as a platform for
motorsport. Everything on the car was put there with the understanding that
it would likely be modified or replaced. Knocks against the car like a
cheap interior are a part of this philosophy; FR-S owners likely will not
care about the interior, save the seat and the wheel. Also, why put a
premium interior in a car that’ll probably be gutted anyways? Let the
consumer save that money to put towards coil-overs or better wheels.


Lol soooooo Genesis coupe 3.8 v6 for the win always

jonathan apelacion says:

Genesis has a meaner looks and more HP than the FRS … people keeps saying
that Hyundai is a cheap brand, last time I remember scion is the cheap no
sorry cheaper brand than Toyota … Hyundai goes with the class as Toyota
and Honda …. the only advantage on the FRS is small and light weight but
no power and interior sucks… IMO.. just saying

John Doe says:

The FRS is the greatest car ever built. I don’t care how much your Ferrari
retails for, I’ll smoke you whenever Dom asks me to. I can do 200mph
drifts around corners while running these Prius tires.

rosamel palo says:

Fr-s is better? That guy is full of crap.

Yung Chan Jin says:

Definetely Genesis Coupe! 

Sam Sepehrdad says:

We all know that the scion is a better car knowing that it’s made by Toyota
and it’s very affordable 

RollinInMyCar says:

NOT a 2.0t R-Spec

NoShadowOfDoubt1 says:

Hyundai and Kia are just trash in a fancy bag.

Popo Bear says:

Just by the fact that Scion is basically a Toyota no comparison with this
korean shit quality junk, just look at the car itself ugly ass face lift
from 2010 model.
Plus who give a shit if FRS makes less power then Genesis, FRS got the
potential for tuning, while Genesis’s shit quality engine cant even handle
big power without blowing up.
in the end FUCK Korean shit quality junk and keep loving JDM!

Easy E-Man says:

The Genesis is not my pick out of these two even though I’m a huge fine of
turbos, FR-S, BRZ or GT 86 whatever you want to call it, is a nicer looking
car and well put together. The Hyundai has an odd looking front and well,
just really cunky. Mind you, when they said it cost less, that’s a little
of a lie because right when you get this Toyota, Scion, Subaru cross breed,
the first thing you’re going to do to it is slap on some better wheels, so
they are about the same in price, YOU DECIDE!! 

Charles C. says:

+KrazyFuckinCrackers1 you are pathetic and butt hurt.. 06:00 on 1080p HD
full screen on my 17inch laptop it shows 2.0T. It goes to show you trolls
try too hard sometimes.

Richard Burch says:

A LOT of people seem to bash the FRS and say it has no power or a cheap
interior. I will say that the interior on the base trim model does leave
something to be desired, especially with the HVAC controls. However, the
10-series is pretty sweet. It takes a lot of it’s inspiration from the
Toyota FT86, sharing the same HVAC controls, push button start, Navigation,
frameless mirror, as well as a few other cues. On top of that you have a
few other 10-series extras: silver silk seat belts, silver ignition paint,
glowing LED dash, glowing blue/white front/rear emblems, special trunk mat,
FT86 Headlamps with HID’s and Xenon DRL’s…and the list goes on. The
first thing I did to my 10-series was buy a new wheel/tire setup (17×8’s w/
245/40 Continental ExtremeContact’s) – they bite a helluva lot harder than
the stock Prius tires. Just putting tires on this car changes it’s
behavior completely. I also have exhaust, intake, crank pulley, short
shifter, a lot of TRD components, and a bunch of interior upgrades. I can
tell you that right now this FRS interior is not at all bland or cheap
feeling. The good thing about the FRS is that a lot of it’s flaws are easy
to fix and don’t take tons of money. Coilovers, tune, driveshaft, and a
few other things are next up on the list but those are all a little on the
expensive side. My point in saying all this is that, unless you get the
10-series FRS, don’t expect BRZ Limited-like creature features. The base
FRS is a steal for $24K, and it is still fun to drive on the road despite
not having 300 HP.

yaboy sami says:

Genesis coupe is still beast even though Hyundai just got into the sports
car scene. Wait and see what they can do couple years down the road…

Miguel C says:

These bastards didn’t factor price when they did Genesis vs Mustang. 

Savagenerds says:

I honestly like both of them, and i would take either if given the choice..
However if i were to buy one i’d choose the Genesis (I’ve drove one at a
dealship and almost fell in love with it).

Brian Garcia says:

I own a FRS and I Just want to put this out there for another FRS owners.
This car may say it needs Premium gas only, but that is BS. This car runs
perfectly fine on Regular gas. This is coming from the Toyota dealership
itself where I bought the car. I run a premium tank every 3rd fill so it
can just clean my tank and injectors.

Noshtyyy says:

That’s a 3.8 Track, not a 2.0 R-Spec. R-Specs come with red interior, not
black, and 2.0 R-Specs don”t have fog lights


Requires premium has? Damn 

RandomnessM says:

I own a V-6 ’10, 3.8L Genesis Coupe, and it runs beautifully <3

Edgar Alfaro says:

lets get right to it… intro continues for30sec. lol

Charles Reese says:

The frs and brz need a turbo or supercharger option. Just my opinion.

Ya-BOY ChickenLittle says:

But if they had the Genesis 3.8 it would rape the frs in the face

Nick Duel says:

I considered getting an FR-S however I had to go with turbo Genesis. Once
I took out the silencers from the turbo it screams 🙂 I think it looks
better too but that’s my opinion. I think both cars are great.

Francisco Muniz says:

R spec Hyundai cost over $2k more…. Drop the 2k I. Tires , intake and
exhaust…. Now the frs wins easily and all day long…. And you have a
reliable pocket rocket for years with a bullet proof engine. Unlike the

TVinmyEye says:

Frs are starting to be as common as mustangs and gaymeros, dont get my
wrong the frs is a very solid car handles better and has history, but I’m
all for the underdog here. The gen came out of nowhere and what i respect
is that hyundai has really improved the genny significantly (not bad for a
car thats only been on the market for 5 years) cant wait to see and
experience what the 2015 models look and drive like. 

Justin Buice says:

looking at these from a daily driver perspective, the Genesis has a higher
quality with far more features inside. When I test drove the FR-S I was
surprised at how cheap and plain it was inside. People on here are arguing
over track performance as though they go to the track every weekend.
considering these cost nearly the same, I would choose the Genesis just
because you are getting a more premium comfortable interior with modern day

Brandon Bailey says:

Sad thing is people still think that Hyundai’s 10-year warranty covers
bumper-to-bumper for the 10 years.

Empire Elite says:

Those cars sure aren’t race cars. Chevy Camaro is a real race car. Base
price is 23 455 dollars. Boom. Chevy done just won the race. 

YutoRadwimps says:

I think “Hyundai” sounds like “Honda”. I suspect Hyundai wants to be
mistaken for Honda :-/ Don’t forget that Hyundai is Korean company. Hyundai
has never produced NSX, Civic and S2000 😉

John Freeman says:

they are driving a track model not r-spec. r-spec looks nothing like that

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