2013 New TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO – Exterior & Interior

2013 New TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO – Exterior & Interior

SUBSCRIBE TODAY!! http://bit.ly/1235nCS Hello!! and welcome to my channel!! In today’s video is 2013 New TOYOTA LAND CRUISER PRADO. I’ll introduce the exteri…



Zinyak says:


talosafar says:

extremely ugly car from the back 🙁 

herbie0408 says:

Nothing to see here people, just a glorified tank for fat folks, lol

171TITO says:

The grill is UGLY! I would get it customized to look like the 2013. Other
wise, me likey!

richard ramos says:

You need to talk…….

Azaad Mowjood says:

Good review mate. You’ve got good skills. Keep up the good work..

Driver's High Channel says:

Thank you Azaad Mowjood

JAPANmayak says:

Great review, thanks! 2.7L engine?

Driver's High Channel says:

Thank you Panthera Leo

Ethan Rolve says:

Good review but, I still don’t like this car, Its too ugly, I prefer the
old version

Driver's High Channel says:

Thank you JAPANmayak Yes.that’s right!

Azaad Mowjood says:

Got 3 way camera and super live sound. Only thing lacking is the sunroof.

Driver's High Channel says:

Thank you jeiron sierra

mzy111alam0dey says:


jeiron sierra says:

excellent video’m fan of Toyotas Prado, I am very happy for this new
edition new left ah. I can only thank the Japanese for this wonderful truck

azera55555 says:

could you find a white suzuki every? They seem to be really popular in
Japan. Thank you!

Panthera Leo says:

The thing that is so fascinating about this Prado is the new headlamps.
They’re really cool… Liked this video and subscribed to this channel.
Keep up the good work 🙂

Жека Голова says:


2003paa says:

Пожалуй лучший внедорожник в Республике Саха(Якутия)!!!

The4x4offroader says:

very nice video SUBSCRIBED
your 2012 prado video & this 2013 helped me compare both generation prados

I wanted to know one thing
Some prados have spare wheel in rear but in some countries they have spare
wheel under the SUV
why so?
I’m looking for prado VX but it does not have spare wheel at rear
that enhances the look of the car more
can i get it done somehow?

xiN Lokas says:

Toyota Prado TX Or TXL4 ?

avtogid says:

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maoth alkasadi says:

test drive 2014
Toyota Prado 2014 تويوتا برادو

Alex Wong says:

I prefer the OLD Version !!! This Front Light too Urgggly….

cell antenna0336 says:

2013 Prado is good.
But I prefer to 120 Prado.

MiniMinChiii says:

Great suv really comfy and vey nice to be in TZ.G is even better.

Walter Black says:

Interior looks a bit cheap, but that’s ok, it’s well worth the money,
unlike Range Rovers.

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