2013 Kia Sportage – Drive Time Review with Steve Hammes

2013 Kia Sportage – Drive Time Review with Steve Hammes

Drive Time review of the 2013 Kia Sportage EX AWD by auto critic Steve Hammes. MSRP as tested: $30800. Twitter @DriveTimeVideos www.TestDriveNow.com.



Siege says:

I keep reading reviews on these things with users saying that its’s pretty
damn unreliable, there’s a couple on Edmunds that said this car left them
on the side of the road. That sucks, because I love the look of the

al liuk says:

the seat belt would not release choking my son he had to be cut out by fire

Hudson's Listowel Kia says:

Drive Time review of the 2013 Kia Sportage EX AWD by auto critic Steve

Eau Rouge says:

In Steve We Trust ….

330Xis says:

I’ve owned the same Hyundai, a Veracruz, since 2008. I believe I’ve gotten
good value for money from it. No breakdowns/unscheduled maintenance visits
in over 65k miles. An AWD system thats gotten my family through mud, snow,
ice, and downpours with no problems. I’ve towed a pop-up camper from 1000
to over 9000 feet of elevation and never felt a lack of power nor
unrefinement. None of the interior appointments have ripped or broken down,
that includes the DVD player and sourround sound system.

luxurykid666 says:

Steve Hammes:1 Kia Sportage:0

TerryFilming says:

No, they’re not. They’re being sold as what they’re worth.

Wasr Fan says:

Our 2013 LX which we bought brand new late last year and now with about
7200 miles is the best CUV we had… very stylish, efficient and reliable.
The ride is kinda stiff but turning at high speed compensates its
“stiffness”. With its 5/10 year warranty… its all worth the investment.

Nick Casale says:

dude, great video, but can’t handle the super newscaster voice…

TerryFilming says:

No, they’re not. They’re slowly increasing in prices. Why? Because that’s
how much they should be worth. Every single reviewer has said the car
provides things you would only get by purchasing more options. Too many
option pckgs? WTF? Clearly you haven’t seen Mini’s option booklet, which
there are hundreds of options. Same with FIAT. Depreciate fast? It’s
becoming much better. Drive unrefined? The vehicles are first-birthers.
Stop spreading your illogical nonsense about a great company.

97I30T says:

Subaru is much better than Hyundai or Kia anyways, so smart choice.

maebeeee says:

My neighbour has this crappy car. It is so uncomfortable and ugly.

KANGHI5KHAN123 says:

It’s not about what’s coming down the line, but what’s available NOW. Other
car companies will also have other cars coming out this year, and next
year, and the year after that. You review what’s available now, and compare
it to the competition. Obviously, KIA falls short on this vehicle. So folks
can either go to a different company, or wait around until KIA gets their
act together.

bryan rodriguez says:

Instead of doing my Homework im watching Steve lol

Kainj1000 says:

This is so expensive

arfer says:

Sportage owner for 2 years here. I’ve got the 2.0 diesel which has plenty
of power and torque. The reviewer is right, the suspension is set pretty
firm. Great for cornering, not so great for potholes. I also agree the
steering gives a bit of a disconnected feeling. I’d like Kia to change
that. I might also add that I find my driver seat a tad too firm. I’d like
more foam and support on the seats. Maybe I’m just getting old!! Overall, I
still think it’s a great car, but not perfect.

dave dunn says:

Kia/hyundai are getting waayyy to pricey and have too many option packages.
They also have very cheap plastics on the interior. They also depreciate
fast and drive unrefined

daddyavalos9 says:


TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

I’ll have my 7-year old daughter voice over my next one…that should help

TerryFilming says:

KIA is not supposed to be luxurious. Hyundai made it clear that KIA would
become the sportier model.

walkthepark says:

was in the market for a new cuv. this was high on my list because of its
style and value but after driving it i was turned off by its lackluster
driving dynamics. it is a toss up between the crv and the cx5 for me.

jonajs98 says:

Excellent decision.

David Halifax says:

either way Kia is becoming overpriced.

MNRick041 says:

It snows in large portions of California.

MrColdStove says:

The ride is HARSH…Totally a deal breaker

triplexxxsatyr says:

I rented the 2012 version of this CUV and I was mildly impressed with its
ability to handle 8 luggages, 6 carry-ons, and 4 adults rather easily. The
8 luggages needed a bit of manipulating like Tetris to fit into the rather
modest cargo space. But the ride was something else. If you’re the driver,
you won’t feel the disconnect as the passengers would. It’s a weird feeling

David Halifax says:

I totally agree. Although the Koreans are coming out with great products
for the past few years, their pricing are also creeping up as well so now
they cost just much as the Japanese and American rivals, even though I
prefer the more compact dimension of the Sportage and Tucson, still the Kia
name just doesn’t speak luxury or refinement yet.

nismofury says:

It would do far better if it was lower in price. Instead of 30 k it should
be $25k fully loaded.

khalidmargaah says:

Wonderful Steve. And great channel

shafta99 says:

kia is known for giving a lot of car for the money and great warranty.
however, now that they are priced comparable to the big boys they need to
step up the suspension refinement and engine offerings, nice but too many
downsides at this price.

bmwmsport11 says:

I don’t care how reliable a Kia is. Not going to spend over $25,000 on one,
even though my favorite model is the Optima SX-L which happens to be $33k.

Andy R says:

People learn your facts before you comment. KIA has become a lot more
reliable. Every car company has issues with their vehicles. Yes the ride is
a bit stiff but with the refresh that’s coming later this year I’m sure KIA
is going to address that an many more issues.

PussMag says:

Sportage comes from longer history than CRV, anyhow it needs a lot more
refine improvement beside the quality.

gary blake says:

no car is perfect but i love my sportage

JDubbs07 says:

Kia’s pricing is in line with the competition, as is its reliability.
They’re also more reliable than the German brands, which rarely perform
well in reliability rankings. And their resale value is also competitive
now. It’s amazing how little people know about far this company has come.
The Optima just won an international car of the year award at the Detroit
auto show.

gary blake says:

i have this car i think its great

alessvcfull says:

Lo justo a mis necesidades. Trujillo – Perú.

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