2013 Kia Rio Review

2013 Kia Rio Review

Join Host Alex Lefriec for a drive and review of the 2013 Kia Rio. The Open Road: The Last Honest Car Review. Follow TOR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.co…



The Open Road says:

Nice to have a fellow GOT fan! Alex

MrRussian2023 says:

Any idea what happened to geo metros?

Billy Sou says:

Alex — I wouldn’t compare the Rio to the Spark. I think the Chevy Spark is
more of a microcar which I would compare to the Scion iQ. I would probably
compare it to the Chevy Sonic, corporate cousin Hyundai Accent, Nissan
Versa, and perhaps Honda Fit. (Toyota Yaris disqualifies — Toyota is
uncompetitive in the subcompact category).

The Open Road says:

Hi Woodcote. The sonic is a more direct competitor but sometimes I like to
bring in cars that are out of segment because to me, they make more sense.
In this case, if you’re going to buy a small car then really go small and
take advantage of what they really have to offer. To me the Forte makes
more sense and is only slightly more expensive than the Rio. Thanks so much
for watching and see you on the road. Alex

Stephen Hendricks says:

Alex, Obviously you weren’t excited by the Rio and that’s not a surprise.
But kudos for providing a perspective on a vehicle that lots of folks
(non-enthusiasts obviously) may consider as an inexpensive daily driver.
Few reviewers make the effort to look at this class. Have to agree that
unless a consumer is trying to save as much as possible that the Forte is a
far better choice in the KIA stable. But in this segment, KIA’s strong
warranty and “inoffensive” styling make it a reasonable choice.

Ahmed Shahreer says:

Good informative review !

Woodcote says:

The reference to the Spark seems a little weird…maybe the Sonic? I agree,
the lack of a spare is just cheap. Thanks for the review!

MrNicholg says:

The trees were more interesting than the car.

The Open Road says:

haha honestly no I don’t because you still see a ton of them!

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:

Alex Lefriec…King of the North !

Ahmed Shahreer says:

Good informative review !

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