2013 Kia Rio | New Car Review | on Everyman Driver

2013 Kia Rio | New Car Review | on Everyman Driver

2013 Kia Rio SX Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Please visit http://www.everymandriver.com/ Support the EMD Team with a $20 Gas Card via Paypal…



Shanekqa Torres says:

all the pro youtubers come out. nice video. tho I think the sound might
have some issues or maybe its my earphones. anyway wish it had been the
hatchback. since that’s what im looking into. my Camaro is killing my
wallet in everyday driving. no complaints on the highway. nearly matched my
kia forte on the highway. deff looking into a rio. people always forget to
mention the warranty.

jesus daniel Aquino says:

Thats a lie, have power enought and is very silence

Jason Lin says:

Bought a Kia Rio Aug 5 last year, car drives well but the automobile fuel
efficiency is completely out of reach — through research i found out that
the official rating for fuel consumption is carried out in Korea and most
supposely in close door in some manufacturing complex with gradually no
real estimate, very disappointed. Overall, car runs well and service is
made every 8,000 kms or any 4 months whichever comes first. But if you
considering a Rio and at the same time wanting a fuel efficient car, please
don’t buy a Kia! This car consumes on avg 8.5l / l00kms in Canadian streets
which is above other brands in my experience compared to more fuel
efficiency Dodge Journey and Honda Accord.

MiniCactuar says:

I wasn’t saying that buying new cars was wrong. New cars are perfectly
fine, for those who can afford it. My point was that a college student
should focus on his debt in the first place, then worry about new cars,
TV’s, etc. It’s a terrible advice to suggest that students should enter the
car payment game when they already are piling up their education debt.
Anyway, clearly this isn’t a popular view. People seemingly love investing
in depreciating assets and paying a lifetime of interests…

FoodyTunes says:

10 minute videos are too long. 6-7 minutes is what it should be.

David Malinovsky says:

A channel called Everyman Driver should praise a car like this and stop
whining about the power. What “Everyman” can afford a $600 per month or up
payment on a V6 sedan or more for a luxury car? You can also tell that
you’re both fairly young (or at least didn’t drive in the 1980s) because to
me all new cars have huge power Go find an old Ford Tempo or a Volvo 244 or
a classic VW and then come back and complain about the Rio lacking power

Alexis Serrano says:

I just bought this exact same car today (except its silver) and love it so
far. can agree with the review dead on.

David Malinovsky says:

Sounds logical, I often side with buying a low trim larger car opposed to
buying a loaded smaller one I’m more of a Chevy Cruze fan personally

Sherwood FiftyThirtyBC says:

…..in Australia they might call it a Kanga-Rio ??

Everyman Driver says:

You might want to check your spelling and grammar before declaring a

MiniCactuar says:

A good college car? I have to strongly disagree with this statement. It is
a known fact that college students have massive debt, the average is
25,000$. It is NOT a good idea to slap an extra 20,000$ for a brand new Kia
when you already have so much debt and little revenue. This kind of
statement has it all backwards. First you study, then get a used car, then
pay off your student loan, then look for that new car when you’re a few
years into your job. Common sense and priorities, people!

jonaswang79 says:

Nice job

Mcurleyhair says:

Dave come sit on the hood of my car! Follow my instagram @Mcurleyhair

RashidLikesBlank says:

its actually called the Nisaan Versa, u see … The Versa 1.6 features
black trim (instead of body-colored) for the exterior mirror housings,
license plate trim, and front grille; 14-inch steel wheels; black interior;
four radio speakers with pre-wiring for a radio—but no radio itself. Air
conditioning, AM/FM/CD audio system, power windows, power door locks, power
mirrors, and keyless entry are offered as part of a value package.

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:

Looks good on the exterior, but I think for the same price I would go with
a subaru impreza which has slightly more power and identical gas mileage,
plus the advantage of AWD.

RPG Entertainment says:

seriously a car with new frikin spare tire? FUCK THIS!

noduleman says:

Hi, Any idea when you guys will be reviewing the new 2014 KIA Forte EX??

Ridhwan Azizan says:

The Hatchback Rio was better..

Dylan Davis says:

@Everyman Driver I noticed one concern that this video had neglected to
show. Now, I may just be nit picky myself, but I STRONGLY felt that the
Rio’s rear view window was extremely shortened. Ontop of that, the review
mirror is slanted & has the seats up high. I fear it’s a scary shoulder
check seen as you can barely see out of the rear view window.

Thomas Le says:

When you said the seat room in the back was comparable to thw Accord, did
you actually mean the Civic?

vader12341 says:

hello guys,thank you for the info,impressive car no doubt.great
engine,enough space for our family.The most impressive part is the steering
weel and the panorama roof.On the other hand the price 40,000 US dollars is
also impressive,but could be lower,if y wish.

sciguy0504 says:

Corolla doesn’t have half of the features the RIO has. It still has a 4
speed auto.

john trainer says:

I’m sry to say my 2013 accord has way more rear leg and head room..

zero says:

i would never recommend anyone buying this car .

coming99 says:

check out those cheap wipers (what gives?)

quietguy1948 says:

Your reviews have really grown on me – your presentation is very good and
your auto reviews are obviously well thought out and accurate. I had a Kia
Optima EX turbo and really enjoyed the car. Gas mileage wasn’t stellar but
power, ride and handling I’d rate above average. Big change (for me), just
purchased a new, 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T… I LOVE that 5.7 hemi and no,
I didn’t get this to save gas but I don’t bury the go pedal every chance I
get. Thanks for your work!

Sherwood FiftyThirtyBC says:

Dave/Alex- something doesn’t sit right. My 90 Civic DX hatch routinely gets
35mpg in city- 43/44 mpg highway with modest throttle body injection, 1.5L.
naturally aspirated…all stock. Not picking on Kia here, but shouldn’t
35mpg city be a minimum with this class of vehicle….especially having
current GDI technology? Some of the next-gen Civics after mine were
reported to get almost 50mpg highway….makes me wonder if airbags and
current day safety stuff are adding weight. thx

Mike2Stroke says:

RETARD ALERT!!! a 1.4l diesel yaris has a lot beter mileage than a 1.6 gas
engine !! AND dont compare korean cars with japanise ;-)(even though KIA
started making good cars now)

zero says:

i rented this car. a few fun points.

David Malinovsky says:

You have to sell new cars in order to have used ones later to buy. You
could tell people to buy used cars all of their lives. That would be even
better. Truth is, often the “high” from buying and owning a new car
supersedes the “high” from being frugal and saving money.

venictos says:

I personally as a college student could never dream of affording this car.
Only students with rich parents can buy this for little Susie. I would not
recommend a Kia for anyone yet alone this ride because it’s a Kia for one
and also compact cars are dangerous in my opinion. 2006 525i

hikari94122 says:

I have the 2012 Kia Rio5. Had it now for 16 months now and still love it. I
think it handles great and drives awesome. I have done many road trips 1200
miles plus and never felt like I wanted to pull over because of being
uncomfortable. I’m 6’4″ 210lbs and I fit with room to spare. I can stretch
both legs out all the way straight when cruise control is on.

zero says:

sorry i gotta disagree with you guys. this car is not worth the metal it
was welded on.

zero says:

best part is flooring the pedal and only going 20mph. it made city driving
fun. and going over speed bumps at full speed.

rskim119 says:

Wish it had the LED daytime running lights in that package.

aquateen77723 says:

I would buy a base Impreza for 18,000 out the door. More power, AWD, better
looking, etc. 21,000 is way too much for this tin can.

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