2013 Kia Rio – Hatchback | 5 Reasons to Buy | AutoTrader.com

2013 Kia Rio – Hatchback | 5 Reasons to Buy | AutoTrader.com

The 2013 Kia Rio is sleek, sporty and better built than ever. Here are five reasons to consider buying the Kia Rio hatchback. Compare cars, read reviews and …



John A. Sabha says:

Big Like

kubanskiloewe says:

drive the european version of the automatic….that means only the 1,4ltr.
with only 4speed autom. But i like it very much with all options except
navi and rearcam. very good for that price. After years of VW/Audi/Opel i
have to say, good solid work KIA !
what i dont like is the bit to hard damping especiall with the 205/17″ and
it has no independent rear axle. Rear visbility is worse too but
fortunately the mirrors are excellent! All in all a bit heavy but very very
ruggy and solid made car, since 22000km only 1 warranty thing; the upper
fronttablet was noise on bad roads….no big deal, 10min work.
Have a conversion to LPG with additional 60ltr. Tank
I wish they would offer the 1,6/6speed in europe as in USA….

Shannon Robinson says:

Here are the five reasons to buy a Kia Rio by AutoTrader.
*1) Cutting-edge style 2) Outstanding warranty 3) Great Value 4) Fantastic
fuel economy 5) Inspired interior*

What would be your top two reasons to buy this amazing hatchback?
#kia #kiamotors #cars #autos

Eric Lupo says:

this is the car i went to kia to buy it fit my budget better. i was upsold
to the optima. i love the optima so far but i really kinda wish i stock to
plan A and got this car. woulda been much more affordable

Mahwah Kia says:

Here are five reasons why you should drive away in the 2013 Kia Rio. Click
here to take a look.

Dennis Eakin Kia says:

Here are five reasons why you should drive away in the 2013 Kia Rio. Click
here to take a look.

Kia Store Anniston - Oxford says:

Who needs a Civic when the Rio is this awesome?

kkaid38 says:

It’s good

afterstars says:

This is the worst run on sentence.

schoolyardxgamerz says:

Korean cars are actually reely reliable. If there well cept they will
easily beat any warranty they give you. Witch 10 year/ 100k miles beats any
of the competition. Seriously check. Kia/Hyundai are the ONLY makes in the
us with that warranty on EVERY model. Even there least expensive Rio.

mrzack888 says:

should i buy a kia or a hyundai elantra?

Jason schmidt says:

you should use comma’s in your sentence, and explain your story.

Peter Morris says:

If Tony Starks drives KIA Rio5, I’ll go buy it right now.

Sebastian Calvo says:

nice car, but I would love to see a video on 5 reason why NOT to buy one.
Should be interesting and less biased.

abood alqubaisi says:

i add thing most have samsung koren brand tvs phone to other brands beat up
so why not cars )))

John A. Sabha says:

Wow thats cool ! but what about the MANUAL model of kia 5 door 2013 ? .. i
know its a bit different … anyway .. i would be glad if you’d make a
video on it .. Thx !!

alfexSMHO says:

cant wait to get mine 😀

AutoTrader.com says:

We’re not sure we follow you. Did you have problems with a Kia Rio? Was it
one of the new models? Thank you!

Shawn Hoppert says:

I currently own a 12 RIO 5 door, and I have put on over 24000 miles on it.
Love it. But for a few more dollars, I’m trading it in on a Subaru Impreza
hatch with AWD, more space, better ride, and same fuel economy (since Kia
has derated the RIO to 28/36) and versatility of a roof rack and hitch, not
too mention more options. And with better touches on the interior, more leg
and shoulder room all around, its a much nicer car for a little bump in
price. Any questions?

TheWingedScapula says:

Kia is awesome. It is a relatively young company so I understand that
people have their doubts about them. However, the looks of all of their
cars have improved tremendously the past couple of years. Their
reliability, safety, and MPG are all great. Currently, Kia and Hyundai
probably give you the most value out of any other car company.

Josh says:

for people who cant afford the higher end cars Kia is very generous to make
there cars neat and very affordable. Kia substitute from buying a used car.

Adrian Radulescu says:


Philip Arzaga says:


mortonuhv says:

if you get hit in that thing your creamed corn.

Shobin Drogan says:

seriously? not even in the same consumer category

ericj305 says:

Are those what you’d call “dad jeans”?

Clessus says:

I have been testing almost all opponents in same class for about 4 months
and I have decided to buy one of these Kia’s without even thinking twice.It
is way beyond the others in all means.

Curtis Andujar says:

@Benini352 I have a manual sx

Nick Zuklic says:

Kia has really stepped up it’s game. I purchased a Optima EX which I love,
and I will be honest with you. I test drove the Honda Accord, Chevy Malibu,
Toyota Camry, and feature wise, looks, value, driving pleasure was tops and
not even close. People have to get by the badge and give Kia a chance. The
warranty was the icing on the cake. Nobody will give you the great features
as the Optima, for a great price.

filoIII says:

I’m afraid Kia/Hyundai offer such a good warranty just to get people to buy
one and build up their base. I’m ignorant of them, tho. I’m leaning toward
a Rio anyway.

ladyyuna2000 says:

u cant go by that gas it not 30 by the city and 40 by the highway any more

Maggie Grimstead says:

2013 Kia Rio Horror Story you should view my story truly a horror story
Like your take on this Auto Trader

Moby Dick says:

Can u expand please? My dad is thinking of purchasing this…

FudgeRevolution says:

1. Ugly is subjective, it looks like a european hot hatch. If you think a
Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic looks more attractive than this, jump off a
cliff. 2. Toyota’s and Honda’s are using outdated 5 speed and 4 speed
automatics coupled with some engines that make pitiful HP and torque
numbers compared to ALL the competition. 3. It’s one of the cheapest cars
in its class…. 4. The MPG is among the best in the class… 5. You’re
just pulling this out of your ass aren’t you?

HeyYoListenUp says:

5 reasons NOT TO BUY a Kia Rio: 1. IT IS UGLY 2. Its a KIA 3. Cost to much
4. Crap MPG 5. To much Electronics

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