2013 KIA Rio | Calgary Dealer Review and Pricing

2013 KIA Rio | Calgary Dealer Review and Pricing

http://www.eastsidekia.ca/2013-kia-rio.htm — Hi everyone, I’m Kelly Temple, General Manager from Eastside Kia in Calgary! I’m totally excited, because today…



Eastside Kia says:

Kelly Temple will be doing a review on the all new 2013 Kia Rio.

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Here’s a video we put together to get you pumped up for this year’s FIFA
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Clint Eastwood says:

nice glasses

Christina Pronger says:

I really like the new look of this car.

Alvyn Gan says:

nice car

Lewis Carol says:

very nice review

Arthur Z. says:

good design 🙂

ladyyuna2000 says:

great review on this 2013 KIA Rio

Matt Smith says:

Canadians are too nice.

jodelle6 says:

5.3 litres every 100km, yeah i don’t think so!! i bought a rio 2013, not
the hatchback one but the 4 doors one. it’s black. i really love it. very
nice looking, very fun to drive. but to say it will always be 5,3 litres is
a lie. the best my car did was 5,5 on the highway. the average is 7
litres/100km. i still recommend it because it is nice to have all these
options for a very fair price!! i think my car looks much better than the
other ones of the same category.

Eastside Kia says:

Kelly Temple does a walk-through of the all new 2013 Kia Rio.

Manuel Ernesto says:

very nice car

Eastside Kia says:

We just created this new video on the 2013 KIA Rio! Have a look and let us
know what you think!

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