2013 Kia Rio 1.4 SX Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour, Test Drive and Night Start-Up

2013 Kia Rio 1.4 SX Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour, Test Drive and Night Start-Up

Hello everyone! This is another long requested video that I have for you all today. Do welcome the 2013 Kia Rio SX to my channel. Once again, a very big than…



Timothy C says:

how much the price for this rio in malay?? 

Grant Rodgers says:

Why does it say “this video is not available”?

Chyan Sie says:

I saw 14L/100KM. Did the owner slam on the pedals everyday? 

KutWrite . says:

Liked it, but would’ve liked to see the whole car from the sides and rear.
I only saw the front view.

MrDutchdemonify says:

Why are there so many Automatic transmission cars ? 

309 kimtaeyeon says:

+alexlovesmac can you do a full review on Rio EX edition and compare to SX?
I really want to see the full review. 

Ariq Rizqurrahman Fatah says:

I love the wheels. 

Timothy Denis says:

Great review. Very comprehensive 

BillyNoMates1974 says:

Very good review. thank you for the video.
I really like the camera view in the middle with a realistic drive with a
mix of town and motorway (highway) driving.
Nice to hear the automatic gear changes with heavy acceleration and normal
What rev’s was the engine doing at highway speeds and what was the highway
speed ?
I am looking into possibly buying one here in the U.K.
Thanks again.

Rio Rio Abdullah says:

really full features version for malaysian market. here in indonesia we
just have a single airbag with alot reduced features version, even doesn’t
have those integrated HU and LED light.

Fabian Madurai says:

Really good, in depth Review.

Yaz Edry Yazmi says:

I thought those cars comes with a Manual Transmission, those automatic
flappy gearbox sucks….

Nidheesh Gopalakrishnan says:

Amazing review….. thanks a lot….

Alyson O'Connell says:

it’s a 6 speed auto not 4 speed

Satwika Wika says:

is it UK version? why light stalk located on left side steering, kia in
malaysia usually has light stalk on the right side

George Tiger says:

What does the fox say?

Adrian Pragacha says:

How good is the sound system of this car? 

ZSAINT KP Iloilo says:

Blue = D

Justin Loh says:

Is that garmin GPS yours?

Chong Chee Meng says:

and i’m like: ALEX! Get in the car! Outside very noisy ar! xD

Bright Ivan says:

This place looks familiar…. Oh btw I get to test drove this once, and
it’s kinda awesome. Smooth and quiet ride.

Alexander Tang says:

Alex , please do a review on the 2009 Hyundai Avante x20. 

cnchong xx says:

Why can’t see

sebbi3 says:

bro should make 1 cerato review…

Ryan Rygart Han says:

Nice review, you even showed us the static bending lights.
Hoping to see ur next video on Cerato ;)

page gros says:

looks like the company of kia had done the intensive training and make a
good job ! I believe after 20 years, the kia motor will overtake many other
motor.But currently , the kia motor still have many things need to improve
it ~

Saiful Hamdan says:

I cannot view this very video. It says “not available in your country”. Any

ClubbySuperCharged says:

Love the test drives!

Honeydew Darren says:

open double hazards for saying thank you ? NicE! Learned from japan ? 

Emerson Liew says:

Dear Alex, Could You Did The Review, Tour, StartUp, Quick Dirve (if can) Of
The 2013 3rd Generation Toyota Vios 1.5G (Full Specs With Complete
Accessories includes Navigation) … Hope My Request Will Come Truth !! :D

Alyson O'Connell says:

it is a 6 speed auto you nutjob

TheNwarBudakBudak says:

should do on the new Cerato..

ScGmail says:

Hi Alex, should make a video review on a Optima K5! It would be great!

Jason Lin says:

Bought a Kia Rio Aug 5 last year, car drives well but the automobile fuel
efficiency is completely out of reach — through research i found out that
the official rating for fuel consumption is carried out in Korea and most
supposely in close door in some manufacturing complex with gradually no
real estimate, very disappointed. Overall, car runs well and service is
made every 8,000 kms or any 4 months whichever comes first. But if you
considering a Rio and at the same time wanting a fuel efficient car, please
don’t buy a Kia! This car consumes on avg 8.5l / l00kms on Canadian streets
which is above other brands in my experience compared to more fuel
efficiency Dodge Journey and Honda Accord.

Saiful Hamdan says:

I cannot view this very video. It says “not available in your country”. Any

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