2013 Kia Forte Koup SX Test Drive & Car Video Review

2013 Kia Forte Koup SX Test Drive & Car Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/kia/forte-koup/2013/ The 2013 Kia Forte Koup is a vehicle aimed at the younger generation; those without kids or a family yet. This …



maximus9401 says:

for this kind of money, in this class, the civic si (if you want sporty) or
the civic ex-l (lux type) is clearly the better choice in my opinion

Sirradal says:

I’ve had mine’s since August ’12 and it’s proven itself to me. Reliable,
fuel efficient, sporty, and prime for some aftermarket goodies.

Hudson's Listowel Kia says:

2013 Kia Forte Koup SX Test Drive & Car Video Review!

Kia Store East says:

Need some get up and go? Try a Forte SX.

fvgotch says:

Go find yourself a job first moron.

ryan kelly says:

civic si lol

gil zur says:

And if Im old fart looking for some screws ?

iamgod6990 says:

At the end of the day its a kia.. enough said


genesis coupe ?

Bry Man says:

You can also get alot from the Accord coupe, Veloster Turbo coup, Elantra
coup for around the same price range as the forte.

valante7 says:

I am thinking about buying this one.

lizzy prasad says:

Yeah, why not! Considering that the Civic Si and VW GT (though they’re nice
cars) have more horsepower and both cost $3,000 to $4,000 more than that
Kia coupe.

Theugly Sirmadame says:

You must have 1999 Honda Si which you call car…. Loser

Sarah O says:

I’ve never had crappy mpg with my forte koup. Depends on where and how fast
I am driving but I get btw 25-42.

supercooled says:

That is what the true definition of a poser is. I love (hate) how fake
ballers buy entry level ‘luxury’ cars and think they’re driving Bentleys. I
rather drive something econobox with good value and best bang for the buck.

chrisdblue says:

on what plant are you from where you think a kia and merc are in the same
class!!??? your retarded number one. number two i never said i thought i
was elite, i said i refuse to buy jap crap. so yes i drive germain. and if
u go on the streets and ask people what they consider a middle class car, i
bet NO ONE mentiones a mercades. everything you said, is wrong.

Riley Bowen says:

i have a 2012 KIA forte 4 door with a manual shifting option but its no
paddle its stick i want to use it but don’t know how some one pleas help i
have searched Google all over for how to.

Christian Silva says:

Honestly you can’t beat the features of the Kia’s as of recently. Factoring
in just price , on paper the Kia wins in every category. But there’s more
to a car than how much it costs and although the Koup is appealing I don’t
know if it’s right for me.

chrisdblue says:

i fucking hate honda u idiot. what the hell are you talking about.

john dalton says:

If they put the genesis 2.0t engine in this thing it would be a nice
mazdaspeed3 competitor!

NeutralGenericUser says:

I’ll take the Scion tc or the 2013 Civic Si 🙂

김 준 says:

I have this car..it’s great!

schoolyardxgamerz says:

Fuck sion tc!!! 19 grand for base and its 70% plastic!!!!


put 1k more and get genesis coupe lol

77rxpharmacy says:

one day you will learn that you just made a complete fool out of yourself.

Owen Hasler says:

a base forte sx costs $18,800 with a manual transmission. when it is fully
loaded with an automatic, it gets to $24,700. so when you compare this car
to other cars, remember what your comparing, base to base, this is over
$7,000 less than a frs/brz.

IcedCoffee81 says:

in your dreams loser!

Theugly Sirmadame says:

The back looks like a Tc? This guy is f**** blind. The koup has no equal..

lizzy prasad says:

After all, they don’t know what they’re missing. The haters could keep
hating but I ended up buying a 2012 Forte sedan when I originally wanted a
Civic or a Corolla. They’re nice dependable cars but they didn’t catch my
heart like the Forte has, which gives me more power, room, and value for
the money too. I’m glad your Optima’s a good car.

Theugly Sirmadame says:

Shut up you Honda bitch.. The koup Rocks

palebeachbum says:

That’s just it. The people who hate the most are the most inexperienced and
clueless in regard to the cars they hate on. I like Kia! They’re stylish,
relatively inexpensive, come with a stellar warranty. With that being said,
I drive a Nissan, lol.

ryan kelly says:

im sorry but a civic si or vw gti would rape this car

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