2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo vs. 2013 Scion tC Release Series 8.0 Comparison

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo vs. 2013 Scion tC Release Series 8.0 Comparison

With their unique and bold styling as well as loud color options, here are two cars that certainly aren’t for everyone. Both the Scion tC and Hyundai Veloste…



Jonny Draken says:

Why are the headlights hyper flickering? Is that some new sport light
feature on tuner and supercars?

romeo martinez says:

This guy’s lisp is Killin me . Sorry. 

FrostByte says:

Itssh eashier to get into the rear Sheatss 

narcoti says:

The TC is Brash and Bolder? Do these guys have eyes? The TC isn’t even a
Hatch its a Coupe…

David Hee says:

Via +AutoGuide.com 

revostage4 says:

Focus st ftw

chris bona says:

The amount of saliva in that Veloster…

Sean Kim says:

As well as thessse 

freezor80 says:

Along came the R-Spec Turbo Veloster! It fixes the issues they are having
with it.

-HiveMind- says:

That guy sounds like a cartoon…

TVinmyEye says:

TC=terrible choice and tiny cock

TEDdotcom says:

These are Canadian-spec cars…just look at the kilometer readings on the

Jeff says:

I’m Scott Malkinson I gotta a lisp and I’ve got diabetes

mantlecollector says:

Even Hahn from Tokyo drift doesn’t like Hyundai’s. When he gave the guy the
red Evo the guy said what do u mean it’s mine and Hahn said ur representing
me now, what did u think I was gonna let u roll up in a Hyundai. Lol

ConnorND2013 says:

these guys are herbssss lmao

Jose Lopez says:

They talk good about the tc and bad about the veloster but yet it still
manages to win! Wow! Make your mind! 

Matthew Grismer says:

My God can someone please teach these guys how to speak with a proper
cadence . . 

noxnyc23 says:

my 2008 scion tc is still running strong with 253,000 miles on stock
clutch.. I love my 2014 sti and all but im very proud of my great daily
driver reliable car scion tc..

Daniel garcia says:

Mazdaspeed 3 is too hardcore? Haha!

Rain Nguyen says:

Do you people eat exhaust for a living? If not, why complain about it being
quiet? Seriously you buy it to drive not to marry the f**kin exhaust:)

John Whiteley says:

I just traded a 2008 GTI for a 2013 Veloster Turbo. GTI was a great car —
I got 182,000 miles out of it with absolutely no problems. BUT — the $325
oil changes ($800 every 40,000 miles) were killing me. And the GTI ate
tires. I was lucky to get 25,000 miles out of a set of $700 tires. The
Veloster runs on regular gasoline (GTI uses premium), oil changes with
synthetic oil cost about $75, and the tires should last longer and cost
less. And I like the peace of mind of that 100,000 mile warranty.

นันทิชา พริบไหว says:


Ryan Taylor says:

The dude for the Veloster’s voice is killing it for me. 

sb632 says:

I’m sorry but for them to call the GTI hardcore is a complete joke. The
MS3, Focus RS are the “hardcore” hot hatches. The GTI is the best all
around car in it’s segment and has the best built quality by far of any in
the group.

Bilal Ahmed says:

The veloster has three doors…

Rain Nguyen says:

The TC’s interior is terribly ugly. Cheap cloth material totally ruined it
for me.

Makkein says:

Lisp killed me.

WhiskeySauers says:

Couldn’t even watch this because of his lisp, Jesus.

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