2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review

This is a review of the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo by Jeff Glucker of Hooniverse.com.



Chad Del Rio says:

just got the 2015 turbo r spec… such a fun fantastic car

Anthony Hedge says:

What a knob

Ivestor1 says:

After doing lots of research I just bought the 2014 Turbo. I wanted a
hatchback that gets good mileage and looks good with some kick to it. This
fit the bill. The 3rd odd ball door doesn’t bother me but the ceiling
height in the back is an issue but I don’t intend on having more than 2
people in there at a time anyways :P. 

Ryan Phillips says:

He said he’s ready to suck *ock!l

Tossdarice says:

Sucks they’re front fwd.. I wouldve bought it if it was rwd. I just got the
genesis coupe instead :D

Rain Nguyen says:

Great review, but seriously people it’s an economy car not a sport car. So
unless you’re a pro racer, stop whining about the speed:) Once again great

pilot7180 says:

Best review of the 2014 VT so far.

revolutionday1 says:

I just drove a 2013 Hyundai Elantra, which probably has the same suspension
setup as the Veloster, as a rental, and definitely experienced the same
issues with the rear end that the reviewer did. A very spooky feeling car
that I wouldn’t buy.

Conversely, my daily driver KIA Forte SX has a solid rear axle and is much
more planted.

Go figure.

Chris Lammon says:

I just bought this car, absolutely love it. The suspension thing is true,
however there is an aftermarket torsion bar that can be picked up pretty
cheap that corrects it quite easily. Not to mention, the sound of this
thing once you put a nice aftermarket cone style filter on it sounds
incredible. Absolutely recommend this car.

YooToobModerator says:

Thanks for pointing out SFA kid…

Steve Hunt says:

This is a joke right ? People actually like these kinda cars ? 

Lawnboy Richie G says:

is guy is annoying just drive the car bro,

전종호 says:


te3f says:

if you can read? this guy obviously doesn’t respect his viewers.

supercooled says:

Did you listen to the review? The reviewer is 6’3. You decide.

TheGoozealot says:

Thats what i thought. I saw the giants buildings in the background i
recognized them.

Edgardo Amado says:

Really good review

yong lee says:

Thank you for the awesome review.. 1 of the best veloster turbo reviews
i’ve seen.

Jeff Glucker says:

I… laughed.

David Ferrari says:

The 2014 Hyundai Veloster sports Hyundai’s new cutting-edge advanced
technology. Hyundai Motor Company manufactures its own engines (known as
Lambda) and they are one of the most technologically advanced engines in
the world. Korean technology companies are the most advanced in the world
(look at Samsung… the world’s biggest and most advanced technology
company by revenues and innovation index). FORZA HYUNDAI MOTORS!

Agouti says:

The issue he speaks of with the feeling in the rear suspension is actually
pretty common with front heavy hot hatches when they try to control the
understeer with very stiff rear stabiliser bars. Adding a turbo up front
(50+kg entra over the front wheels) would only exacerbate it.

yobobjm says:

Wait, is Hooniverse in Irvine CA?

DumbDuck44 says:

5:22 it almost feels like you have a torsion beam rear suspension…
because you DO! Its not a multilink independent rear, so it won’t feel like

Mazdaspeed L says:

that’s because it doesn’t have independent suspension and enough damping
for firm tuned suspension. but it gives the sporty feeling to kids

Jeff Glucker says:

No. We have writers all over, but I’m based in Huntington Beach…

Matt S says:

I’m 6′ 2” would this be too small?

stugats77 . says:

2:45 is just like my gf when she opens her legs she can also swallow 2
camera bags

Jeff Glucker says:

Of course! I’m still on the Autobytel channel, my own TheHooniverse
Channel, and here as well…

Johan Cha says:

based on your comment I dont believe you will ever have the capability of
making real money… to buy Ferrari, Lambo etc. so you have no other option
than this…. sad loser

te3f says:

point proven.

Jeff Glucker says:

this guy obviously doesn’t get sarcasm…

Graeme Vogel says:

the aussie version has better suspension. bad luck u.s.a.

chakenfangersaregood says:

seems like it would be terribly balanced with the engine being placed way
on the left side lol.

lemony sneaky says:

that’s one good looking center console.

leafrunner123 says:


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