2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Car Video Review

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Car Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/hyundai/veloster/2013/?id=32972 When the Hyundai Veloster was released in 2011 many enthusiasts were excited to see a fantastic looking and affordable sport compact…



Bryan Ramey says:

Hyundai needs to ditch their non turbo and make two models. One with the
current Turbo and the other a Rally AWD 250hp Model. 

Angry Whale says:

Drives like a box on wheeles.

Rain Nguyen says:

F**k the haters on this car! It’s beautiful, built for looks, not for

Ezio Abbnawi says:

Is it a RWD ?

bougelaal says:

surprisingly… i see more non turbo models out there then the turbo
model…which is quite surprising because the non turbo looks like absolute
crap compared to this car……
i think for this car to be a success… it needs to be AWD with a perhaps a
better suspension and upgrade to a 2.0-2.5L 4 cylinder…or maybe even a
GDI V6 version

thecoffeeshop111 says:

is this an FR or a FF?

buildmorefarms100 says:

When I watch this guy it always looks like he is trying to flex his upper
body….every video is the same stance…

bel91583 says:

Hyundai nice car

kun yao says:

this car starts at 21k, not under 20k, that’s a big difference.

Juan says:

Took a drive in Veloster base…worst, piece of junk ever. All the reviews
of the Turbo edition only make it seem worse. Guess ill have to wait for a
better hot hatch to come out.

The Acanthus/Plinth Type says:

For the price… it’s a fun little car. But don’t expect it to totally blow
you away or last ages. Proper hot hatches aren’t cheap anymore…

Carlit0Tit0 says:

Why the hell not?

Razi Hasan says:

this is not a review

reich115 says:

Everyone has their own liking in cars.

xxxDEEZNUTZxxx says:

They werent trying to go all out performance w/ this car u dumbass.
ChunkyCharcoalC’s brain….fail.

chamade166 says:

Unpolished Korean junk.

sophisticatedmav says:

Decent car. It seems a lot of manufacturers are taking styling cues from
Audi. Not a bad example to follow.

da man says:

boy chevy, sure pays alot, to advertise all over youtube, hey shity….go
Fuck Yourself cock suckers!

Michael Leibowitz says:

So, why not design a dual-clutch for the turbo model?

TerryFilming says:

Right. That’s why Hyundai recently made more money than Honda last year,
ranking only fifth in most profit made amongst all automakers. Don’t even
bother to say “Hyundai’s cars are cheap, that’s why they sell more”, which
is completely false. Whether you noticed or not, Hyundai’s prices have
actually increased significantly, now in the range of other competitors.

Autobytel says:

A big part of their focus is going to be on educating used Veloster Turbo
buyers about the matte paintwork

ksearles85 says:

Homophobes are closet gays, sup homophobe.

SweetWife84 says:

Edwin happens to know a few things, this isn’t how to standby your car and
not even a step inside to do the review

darkpill says:

Why not take it for a spin?!

Drewbie85 says:

dual clutch is also in the GTI. @theQuiet2010

MichaelHavoc says:

You do know heavier steering is desirable in a performance oriented car,

mark marshall says:

the EQUUS is incredible

DizMatt says:

so you don’t like the Audi or Ferrari carbon black finishes?

Mr11ESSE111 says:

very ugly car

JoshJW11 says:

Im getting one of these!

Jamal Fakih says:

now if they just put 2 doors on it and it is awsome

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