2013 Hyundai Veloster RE:MIX – Drive Time Review with Steve Hammes

2013 Hyundai Veloster RE:MIX – Drive Time Review with Steve Hammes

Test Drive Now road test review by Drive Time with Steve Hammes of the new 2013 Hyundai Veloster RE:MIX M/T. MSRP as tested: $20845. www.Twitter.com/DriveTi…



LZSchneider says:

When will you review the Veloster Turbo?

Melvinyoriel says:

I think I’m getting the automatic trim. Every reviewer keeps concluding
it’s better to handle.

CJ VN says:

Steve, have you tested the Veloster Turbo?

CJ VN says:

Do you know if Hyundai is making any changes to the Veloster Turbo for the
2014 model year?

mojojojo928 says:

Gawd, the bodycolor bucktooth on the Fluster is hideous. :/ Make that a
matte black with just the chrome plinth and badge, and the face’d be far
more attractive… I’m sure the drivetrain and appointments are
representative of recent jumps in Hyundai quality… but the exterior
proportions, detailing, and overall aesthetics of the Veloster, are
painfully hamhanded. Kia’s much-lauded and more restrained new Forte SX
5-door is where I’ll be getting that 1.6L turbo mill. 🙂


The engine is too small.

nafism6969 says:

this or Toyota 86?

cuervorockero says:

mkz v6 please!!!!

Eradium says:

I miss when the displacement in cars in the American market used to be 6.1L
and up instead of 1.6L and lower.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

I much preferred the automatic in the Veloster. The stick shift just makes
this car seem dead unless you love downshifting every 2 seconds.

bg1379 says:

I drove one of these, absolutely wanted to love it, and ended up hating it
🙁 It is not a driver’s car by anyone’s calculations

madant1977 says:

Looks even worse than before… somehow…

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

Had one scheduled the same time as the RE:MIX but it was pulled from the
fleet. So not yet.

OddManOut44 says:

Lol Steve I thought you remixed your own video when I initially read the

Billy Sou says:

Instead of the Accent’s base 1.6L engine, I think Hyundai should put the
1.8L Inline-4 that’s in the Elantra (148 hp).

Kevin Rooney says:

I honestly don’t understand how you can complain about the lack of power
and then say you prefer the automatic… and the way you torture the tires
every time you start off doesn’t help the cars performance. I’ve got an MT
veloster and I’ve got no problem with a lack of power. With the DCT this
car is a dog

winsevenholic says:

nice video 🙂

East17A says:

very nice car reasonble price too .. thank you Steven for the reviwe

shafta99 says:

if you’re going downhill and the wind’s at your back you actually feel like
you’re moving. lol.

tigerbalm says:

The front end has a face only a blind man could love…The FRS starts at

Taylor B says:

This version is UGLY

bmwmsport11 says:

The veloster keeps getting uglier and uglier.

cassmanio says:

I’d say the new 2014 Forte hatch with the turbo is the way to go!

vk45de says:

Despite what others think – tell me it has a 1.6L and I’m going to have a
hard time justifying anything over 18k.

Juan lopez says:

hey.. very good reviews…..when you gonna do rav4 2013?

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