2013 Hyundai Tucson – Auto Review from GoAuto.ca

2013 Hyundai Tucson – Auto Review from GoAuto.ca

The Hyundai Tucson, or ix35 in Europe, or Hyundai JM (Joyful Mover) in Japan, is a compact crossover SUV built and marketed by the Hyundai Motor Corporation….



jouruji says:

Good at studying….. goood shit and that’s aboutit -_-

Fatma Alsarraf says:


Brian the Red says:

You should really redo this vid for False Advertising the MPG.

fernando15532 says:

Que horrible le queda con el paragolpes, se porque tengo uno.

LUpilot2012 says:

40-45 mpg!? Bahahahahaha, you’re lucky if you get 30

Justin Greene says:

hahaha funny!

Fascist Canuck says:

Correct. My fucking Accent does not even get 40 on the highway. The mileage
on my Accent is a joke.

alxalxfrv says:

Beautiful car

kishona69 says:

The convenience of having all windows fully automatic is something that is
totally overlooked by way too many car makers…….

Gwalkerlawyer says:

His lie about the gas mileage reinforces the negative stereotype of car

mikestermike says:

Huh? 0:25 The MPG test by the government shows no more than 30mpg highway.
Not 40.

Justin Greene says:

this is bull. there is absolutely no way this car gets 40 mpg. I bet it’s
lucky to get 25

Michael Danger says:

I heard you can get 45 mpg, down hill in neutral.

A.D. Wheeler says:

NOT a review.. this is a dealer commercial!

Shamus Constant says:

You did a good job with that vidoe and basic walk around.

1PavelPro says:


zaphod351 says:

40 to 45 MPG, yea, that’s a flat out lie. Try 20 to 30 MPG.

thetremendoustim says:

Ill take it, if you throw in your bracelet

Nootaxx1 says:

He doest have a clue what hes talking about 40-45 mpg for a an SUV, I dont
think there is a SUV in the world thats get 40 mpg for 25k….

shawnriv9 says:

40-45mpg? I don’t think so. Edmunds.com says 20/26.

Go Auto says:

We do sell the wheels separate! Head over to gohyundai(.)ca for more

MNRick041 says:

I have driven these and do not think much of them. I work for a chain of
dealers and I drive different cars every day. The Nissan Rogue and Toyota
RAV4 are nicer on the road and have nicer interiors than the Tucson. I just
don’t like the cheap look of it.

airjordan2394 says:

do you sell the wheels seperate?

I look good without a shirt says:

I live in Tucson, It’s such a great place!

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