2013 Hyundai Sante Fe DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

2013 Hyundai Sante Fe DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

http://www.everymandriver.com/ – 2013 Sante Fe LTD AWD DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Support the EMD Team with a $20 Gas Card via Pa…



Everyman Driver says:

2013 Sante Fe LTD AWD DETAILED Review on @EverymanDriver with

NOLAItsNotOva says:

I think I’d still take this over the Outlander. The Outlander just doesn’t
look good to me. If I’m spending $35k+, I want my car to look good to me

Andy Brant says:

Wow! Perfect review with class comparison of competing models. You summed
up a lot of key points forums and I enjoyed your detailed info when making
your points…awd, miles driven, as tested price, and overall mpg. Quick,
concise, and all the right points. Thank you! New subscriber. 

evidencebased1 says:

Would you do a comparison between the 2014 Highlander, Santa Fe, Traverse,
Pathfinder, and MDX? Especially with regard to access to and hauling around
7 passengers? I think many people with families (and people with 6 adult
friends) are looking at this crowded field and would like to know which is
best in terms of ride, features, quality, and utility. Thank you

Pedro Pedrosoy says:


Tom S. says:

What? No mention of, or comparison with, the Dodge Durango?

N says:

go ahead stick with the faggy cheap luxury suv. lulz

TheAndiBay says:

Hi Dave, how is the interior build quality? Is it cheap? Thanks!

fvgotch says:

Firsty, I apoogize for my rude comment above. I am glad you replied back
with more civilized manner than I have. But also, thanks for proving my
original comment to this reviewer. The reviewer compared $38-39K MSRP
tested Santa Fe against twenty something thousand Mitsubish Outlander. Top
end model should be compared with top end model, which you even stated
above as $39K verses $35K MSRP. Of course, we know out the delaer price can
be had for less than MSRP for both cars.

Stephen Hendricks says:

Dave, Think your gas mileage might have something to do with the great
acceleration you cite for the Santa Fe? I have an identical engine in a KIA
Sorento and regularly get 18-20 mpg in mixed driving. As far as cargo
capacity is concerned, it’s certainly true that the Buick Enclave has more
total room with the seats folded. But it’s also nearly a foot longer than
the Santa Fe. With a length of over 200 inches I couldn’t fit the Enclave
in my garage with a bike rack and still close the door.

cnevarez4 says:

Your forgetting the ford explorer, Chevy traverse.

fvgotch says:

Damn you are too freakin stupid. I was comparing MSRP on those two cars at
their fully loaded spec. Hyundai $38K, Mitsu $36K. Look it up on their
internet site dumbass. You wanna talk about ‘ral-life’ out the dealer
price? You think you can get better deal off Mitsu or any other Japanese
car dealers over Hyundai/Kia…? LMAO, it real life, you can probably get
limited Santa Fe for $30-33K while you would be spending at least that much
or more for the Mitsu, mark my word, fool.

Rahu Sh says:

Honda Pilot for me. Kia is using deceptive marketing tactics to fool
customers. Outlander will be my second option due to the price.

Jordan Gauger says:

I’ll stick with the 2014 MDX… $40,000 for sub-par engineering is insane.

SierraM363 says:

I like most 7 passengers SUVs including this one. However, my budget is
rather low so getting a sweet fully loaded Outlander SE Touring for under
$31000 was just too good to pass up. The great gas mileage is just a bonus.

Keshawn Johnson says:

I’m really curious to know this, but what car do you drive Dave?

SierraM363 says:

No Prob dude 🙂 Dave is cool. He wasn’t completely mistaken. You’d still
save a lot of money and probably get better gas mileage by buying a fully
loaded GT Outlander. Not surprising because the Santa Fe is huge compared
to the Outlander. Santa fe awd – 4068 lbs, length 193.1 in. Outlander awd –
3571 lbs, length 183.3 in.

MrRjsnowden says:

This is a six passenger right? I think the GLS is seven, but not the

byungkuk1 says:

I like the thorough comparisons with other SUVs.. very useful

KandeeMann2001 says:

another amazing review – fantastic work! and i think your MPG findings
might also be affected by the AWD system, as we have the santa fe limited
FWD model and have been netting a respectable 24-26 MPG in mixed driving,
on a consistent basis. plus, with all the incentives, we got ours for an
“out the door” price of just $34k, and that’s fully loaded. so great value
and AMAZING vehicle! always love your reviews, man. keep up the amazing
work! and happy holidays!!

Everyman Driver says:

Jorge, guess I had to draw the line somewhere. The Sorento rocks but again,
I had 6 other comparisons 🙂 Dave

sunsirel says:

Ugh, glass roof. Ugghhhh. I like the Hyundai much better than the KIA even
though it looks a bit like a soccer mom mobile from some angles.

SierraM363 says:

Dude, you must have poor negotiating skills or that dealer is ripping
people off. I was quoted a 2014 Outlander SE AWD with the Touring package
for around $30,600. I could probably get the GT AWD Touring for a couple
thousand more, but I couldn’t imagine getting quoted anywhere near
$35,000+. Mitsu is also offering 0% financing or $1000 cash back so you can
probably get a really good deal now. Where are you buying your cars?
Canada? Sounds like he’s charging over MSRP.

Everyman Driver says:

Interior is great. I really liked this vehicle – Dave

fvgotch says:

I have to question the way you were comparing this fully loaded limited
Sante Fe to the base model Outlander. I’ve shopped for Outlander before but
the top model Outlander with loaded option costs $35K+.

Herbert Boxman says:

Luv the enclave

Everyman Driver says:

Great points @Stephen… the powerful acceleration probably didn’t help my
average last week – Dave

Lou Pus says:

the 3 row santa fe is made in korea. the sport is made in the usa

Everyman Driver says:

Thank you @byungkuk1. Took a lot of number crunching and research to track
all that down 🙂 Dave

Gweeper64 says:

I was just going to ask if you’d done the Ford Explorer yet. When we got
our last Honda Pilot, the Explorer was our second choice. It felt more
“closed in”. With the Pilot’s boxy shape, it is hard to match in how wide
open and roomy it feels inside. will definitely have to check out this
Santa Fe next time though. Maybe a revamped CX-9 will be out by then too.

Benjamin C says:

Nice review, Dave. I know you don’t have a choice with cars you receive,
but I’d be great if you did a full review on the 2014 Subaru Forester
(Motortrend’s SUV of the Year).

werbrown says:

Nice review Dave,thanks

tianqi0324 says:

Hi Dave, I really love your reviews, very professional! I’m just wondering
would you do a review on 2014 4runner limited model? I’m looking to buy
one… Thank you!!

Mohd Mans says:

Wana be MDX

Everyman Driver says:

I do get Subarus from time to time @Benjamin, so hopefully they’ll send one
my way. Thanks – Dave

N says:

how is it a wannabe mdx u stupid failed troll. lulz

jorge vazquez says:

I have a FWD GLS and average 18.5 since the purchase last May. Great value
for money vehicle

SierraM363 says:

Relax, I wasn’t trying to bash you. Just trying to make sure people don’t
think people would be paying $35,000+ for a fully loaded Outlander after
reading your post. You said in your post that you shopped it at $35000+,
you didn’t say MSRP so people might be confused. The Outlander is a less
expensive vehicle with good incentives, so it will be cheaper option for
option. Outlander GT AWD Touring package MSRP: $34,720 Santa fe Limited AWD
Technology package MSRP: $38,855

Osama Rulx says:

plz review range rover sport 2014 if possible!!

Mark C says:

How’s it compare with the Toyota highlander?

J Lee says:

mdx all day!!!!!!

MooseheadDrinker says:

Have you guys ever considered inviting some mechanics to your show to talk
about the mechanical aspects of the car? ie: build, reliability, potential
problems/repair jobs, etc…

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