2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Test Drive & SUV Video Review

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Test Drive & SUV Video Review

The Hyundai Santa Fe has been totally redesigned for the 2013 model year. There are now two distinct wheelbases being offered: a short wheelbase called the S…



carpuppy says:

There is a mother Santa Fe at 350

Tech Defender says:

Does the limited get a 7 Passenger version? 

Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale says:

Pick your passenger capacity: The 2013 +Hyundai Santa Fe features a short
wheel-base seating 5 passengers and a long wheel-base that seats 7. Which
is your favorite? Post your answer below.

Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road says:

Pick your passenger capacity: The 2013 +Hyundai Santa Fe features a short
wheel-base seating 5 passengers and a long wheel-base that seats 7. Which
is your favorite? Post your answer below.

chuchahan says:

Damn, thats a sexy suv.

Hoon Lee says:

Seattle.. You will thank God if you could ever afford one.

murray b says:

Amazing SUV, Crossover, whatever you want to call it. The 2.0T or the 3.3
V6 will blow you away. Handles extremely well and plenty of room for tall

jorge romani says:

The BULLSH!T is strong on this one.

dave dunn says:

Yikes that awful on gas

Charles allen jr says:

A loaded Santa Fe GLS will run around $35,000. The Santa Fe Limited will
run about $37,500 in the U.S. that is the front wheel drive. The AWD add
another $1,500 to that price.

Cruzin Streets says:

In that black version at the end, it almost has hints of the BMW X5 and
Audi Q7, this cars seems like great value for money the chrome accents
really set it off nicley, do they come in a turbo diesel version in the US?
I noticed in Australia they’re out the door like hot cakes in the diesel

seattle1986 says:

the vehicle is crap and will always will be. Hyundai is the worst car maker

prototypeglory says:

I’d rather grab a pilot or highlander. Better resale and reliability
without the stigma of driving a knock off brand

john nash says:

i like it


If the vehicle doesn’t have selectable 4-high/4-low then I consider it a
crossover. And even Dodge say that it’s based off of the Jeep Grand
Cherokee platform, which has been a crossover since day one, but just has
more guts therefore it plays one the line between full-crossover vehicles
and full-suv.

TheRyansLionMC says:

but the japenese economy is falling :/

Basim AL abd ulkareem says:

I want to buy one that can accommodate seven passengers, and how much it
will be priced with shipping to Saudi Arabia?Thanks

FerrariVelocita says:

The Hyundai Santa Fe is America’s best and most reliable large SUV for
2013. Made in USA, engineered by German and Korean engineers. Viva Samsung!

Tom Anderson says:

racist… shame on you!

booksyn says:

Yeah the 2007-2012 Santa Fe is the best looking in My opinion, although I
appreciate the original design because it paved the way for these amazing
redesigns. Screw the Pathfinder! Hoping for a nice burgundy 2007!

TheRyansLionMC says:

wait what if i want the second row bench for the limited, is that not

patrick jackson says:

This vehicle is amazing.

david dykeman says:

My buddy got the sister car/truck of this the Sorento. To me the car felt
cheap inside. I’d go with the proven brands, Toyota or Honda with much
better resale value.

Kamel Camel says:

What kind of prices are you finding in your part of the world? Here in the
Southeast, I’m considering a Sport with tech package and tow hitch for

Craig G says:

SUBARU ! just wait until you need parts……HUGH PRICES! and your car
insurance will reflect that.

95thRiflesOCI says:

Funny most of the cars in this segment are bigger then the highlander and
have less cargo volume? Except for the chevy traverse and its sisters.

happa productions says:

@YouBocaj67Tube Personally I think the Hyundai is quieter(engine) and has
more comfortable seats but it costs more

etbartido says:

2013 Subaru Tribeca way better;)

SweetWife84 says:

Santa Fe is the Vehicle that no one gives a crap, you will be completely
invisible driving around town. Not anymore

ACS402010 says:

They start at $28,000ish for the Sport model in my neck of the woods.

TheRyansLionMC says:

its not a crossover though, its an suv

Charles allen jr says:

The Santa Fe GLS is the 7 passenger. The Santa Fe Limited is the 6

gil zur says:

please make it stop

David Ferrari says:

I have the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe and this car is excellent. The technology
that goes into this car is so advanced. Much better than what Toyota has.

poooooow says:

Wow, looks great!


For “class leading towing” – Durango has this thing beat.

David Halifax says:

In Canada it’s called “Santa Fe XL”, maybe Hyundai should just call this
the extended wheelbase model instead. The pricing advantage is no longer
evident so most buyers are going to opt for proven Japnanese brands once

dave dunn says:

Typical hyundai, LOOKS GOOD DRIVE LIKE SHIT! Its too bad they dont drive
refined llike a honda or toyota.

KristenScarbrough says:

Hell, I’ve owned a 2004 Santa Fe and I have to say that was a great car. I
wouldnt mind owning this one either.

youtubasoarus says:

Did you not actually listen to him reviewing it? He said it drove nice and
quiet like a premium vehicle.

ACS402010 says:

Test drove one today…I’m in love. Looking at a white one.

TheRyansLionMC says:

santa fe ftw the sorento has a cheap interior

bigd1 says:

My fourth Hyundai and what piece of crap to drive , the steering sucks

Cruzin Streets says:

I also thought i’d point out, that the premium models of the santafe even
some mid models have LED tail lights and daylight led running lights. The
actual design or rear of the Santafe in the Aus market seems different to
the US?

Eden Maru says:

To all of u that’s h8ting, Hyundai has really come a long way. They really
improved a lot of stuff and I myself got to experience that improvement.
Its great. As far as quality they don’t use cheap material anymore. As far
as driving and handling it feels smooth and quiet. Don’t judge a car by
what you “think” it might be cuz Hyundai use to be shitty cars back then.
Honda and Toyota were shitty when it first came out too. Look at them now.
Give Hyundai about 10 more years. They will be the next

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