2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Test Drive & Crossover SUV Video Review

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Test Drive & Crossover SUV Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/new-cars/hyundai/santa-fe/?id=32972 The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe is a brand new redesign that makes this the 3rd generation automobile….



quietguy1948 says:

Good review…

booksyn says:

I thought the Santa Fe came out in 2000 and was marketed as a 2001 model

MrRockfish5 says:

Your and idiot

David Malinovsky says:

The Santa Fe is larger than those, and a bit more plush. It’s especially
bigger than the Juke.

mgee63 says:

I lift things up and put them down!

Manojlo says:

Where is that log cabin at?

Maynex says:

The “Maynex H2-Flex” hydrogen hybrid vehicle kit can turn this ride and any
other into a super-powerful hybrid in under 10 minutes! Google the

Ted McScorcher says:

This is the hilarious chevrolet salesman spreading his bs all over YT lol

Mike Rummell says:

get smoked by the hyundai genesis coupe r spec

Jonathan Altieri says:

I’ve been in the new Hyundai’s and there build quality and so on, is on par
with Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Only thing that Hyundai needs to improve on,
is there 4 cyl engine refinement, which has been achieved on the new Santa
Fe, and there ride and handling balance. Other than that, they’re good

natangeles says:


Wan Hahn says:

The new segment leader without a doubt.

Oscar Ribeiro Burger says:

In Brazil, we are suckers Pay for this car Us 80,000 dollar

mikegnz1 says:

Agreed, engines are reliable. My only knock against Hyundai would be that
they OVERstate the HP numbers on their engines. When tested, hyundais
continuously underperform and fail to meet their “internal testing” numbers.

AndradaZB says:

Wasn’t the first production year 2001?

Ted McScorcher says:

Ignorant babble from some rabid jealous canadian, of course.

Ted McScorcher says:

This is by far the best option in the segment. It looks almost premium and
doesn’t get a blush parked next to an X3. In Europe, where LWB isn’t
available, most versions are 7 seaters with a leading class 200hp turbo
diesel engine and delicious 6-speed manual stick.

daryl g says:

No power tailgate?

Ridhwan Azizan says:

Hyundai rule the world

Danick Laliberté says:

Nice car.

TonyTube407 says:

As always, I enjoy your reviews. However, your camera person needs to do a
better job focusing on the car’s interior…a little fuzzy.

KandeeMann2001 says:

lol – i think it’s funny that so many people complain about cars not having
a power liftgate option. are we seriously getting too lazy to take a few
seconds to open up the trunk now? it seems that the more conveniences we
get, the more we want. people seemed much happier back when cars were just
cars. adding all these convenience features only ignited our lust for more
of them. keyless entry, push button start, one-touch everything…all
tailored for lazy-ass people. lol. but..NICE HYUNDAI!!

Jaimeson Hazel says:

It kinda does in the Lower trin 2.4 model with the smalle rims, from a
distinct angle

fvgotch says:

LOL. Why? your imaginary friend said so?

JDM-House says:

Well you seem to love korean cars and korean music. FAIL

JDM-House says:

Jealous? I own a forester xt with a 2011 wrx swap putting out over 300hp. I
would be suicidal if i owned a hyundai or had some dumb wife that liked

Narrowc ross says:

Asia is the future

khagan Udege says:

Flawless design throughout the exterior and interior. LED headlights and
the 8 inch navigation system on a Hyundai is overkill. And the option to
change the suspension from sport to comfort. It’s just brilliant. Looks
like Toyota, Honda and Nissan better turn it up a notch if they want to
stay in business.

FerrariVelocita says:

The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe is America’s best designed and most reliable
large SUV of 2013. Made in USA, engineered by German and Korean engineers.
Viva Hyundai Motors!

davidrx795 says:

Yea right

Jeffrey Bishop says:

then don’t fuckin’ buy a danm hyundai at all dickbrain..these are great
engines…in my opinion…hyundai all the way..and why do you think hyundai
has the damn 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty for pete’s sake i
mean come on.

JDM-House says:

have a nice day you brainwashed gook. I’m going to enjoy my rides while you
sit on youtube jacking off to hyundais

JDM-House says:

Haha what are you comparing my forester to a santa turd? You’re in canada
you want to prove who has a shit car lets race and you’ll get smoked!
Guarantee you don’t have anything compareable to my rides

JDM-House says:

ok go drive your hyungai and think you’re getting a deal. My forester xt
will leave this piece of shit in the dust. Hyundai is for poor and stupid
people that think they’re getting a bargain but end up financing the car at
outrageous rates and pay $35,000 for a turd that has a msrp of 17000 and
has no resale value.

Malook Dhillon says:

man he reviews the cars like a teacher…great ..loved that.

Joe Shine says:

This is bigger than new Crv I like both actually, but santa fe looks little
bit bettar and has good equipment.

Dan daman says:

Ours cost 40,000

San D says:

10 years warrenty? Seriously, that’s just crazy. Thumbs up!

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