2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport AWD on & off-road Review

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport AWD on & off-road Review

http://www.TFLcar.com ) The new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T AWD is a modern Crossover that most people will never race or take off-road. But will all-…



DashCam NYC says:

Are you next to a firing range?

Thomas Yohannes says:

Do you think this is better than the Toyota Rav4?

logan shaffner says:

dream car 🙂 <3 

YANG LU says:

why you chose a Chinese music for a Korean car.

greennick98 says:

Nathan…. Lol

Dean Kastelec says:

Santa Fe beats anything of equivalent price. The Koreans have over taken
japan in electronics engineering and are now beating them at automotive
engineering as well. I ended buying a santa fe based on reviews by friends
who owned them, skeptical at first, but after having driven every other
make I couldn’t believe how much it trumps over rivals. It is a big margin
and hence why there is a waiting list to order. 

Madison Jay says:

chosun.com / Oct. 22, 20

Customers Sue Hyundai Over Leaks in Santa Fe SUV

Consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Hyundai Motor for leaks
in the New Santa Fe SUV. Led by a Santa Fe driver identified as Lee (33),
customers filed their suit at the Seoul Central District Court on Oct. 17
demanding that their vehicles be replaced with new ones.

The New Santa Fe was unveiled in April last year and now tops SUV sales in
Korea. This year alone, 60,000 were sold. But Hyundai has received a
growing number of complaints about rain water leaking through the roof or
the trunk since the monsoon started.

In August, Hyundai apologized and promised to fix the leaks for free and
extended the warranty for five years. But many of the customers who filed
the complaints felt the carmaker should recall their cars or provide some
sort of compensation. There were also concerns that repaired SUVs would
fetch lower prices on the used car market.

Lee, who led the class-action suit, said, “The vehicle has a structural
flaw so a partial repair is not enough.”

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea
Transportation Safety Authority are looking into the problem. 

tecnocato says:

Is it really zombie ready?

7150285 says:

that guy is not over 6’1

Steven ryu says:

don’t compare Hyundai to stupid Suzuki. Hyundai is better than Honda at

camshaft53149 says:

because its entertaining seeing you get madbrah

Eden Maru says:

Hyundai’s have really come a long way. They really improved their quality
and design. Yes they were shirty cars back then but that’s cuz they were
still new to the market. Today hyundai still has a few thing to improve but
don’t all cars? Look at Toyota and Honda when they first came out… They
were shitty cars too. But after years of testing and improvement they
managed to make it a good car. I will give Hyundai another 10 years be4
they become like a Toyota or Honda..

WAllen says:

I think it already looks a little dated .

Bobby D says:

I’m happy with the stereotype its forced the company to prove themselves so
30 years ago they had crap cars but not now. I’ve saved thousands over the
years buying 3 different Hyundai products and usually get features other
makes charge thousands more for.

Cecilia Blanski says:

we bought this car and our second Santa Fe too we love it…

edgardo rey says:


Hamish Ram says:


wtrdogg20 says:

BTW, I am also a HONDA owner, I used to have a Civic, now I have a CR-V,
plus the other Hyundais, so, you can have an idea of what I expect from a
car, considering I also like Honda.

Steven ryu says:

Are you on crack? The Elantra beats Civic. Yes, Honda sucks, so does


im sure if you turned the esc on the car would manage to pull out of that

Kanchoba says:

I’m not on crack, why, are you? Elantra ‘beats’ Civic in terms of styling.
Everything else is about the same. So STFU fanboy and get a grip.

submissions72 says:

who the hell buys a Hyundai or a Kia or a Suzuki car..

Oscar Ochoa says:

esperaba una prueba d verdad… todo los tramos q pasaron los puede pasar
un corsa evolution!!!

Bobby D says:

I published a 0-60 at 7.5s see my channel

specialbrownbeef says:

Hyundai better than Honda…c’mon u making me laugh….!!!

Chineseninja100 says:

american prick head

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