2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

Gearing up to release the third-generation Santa Fe, the decision makers at Hyundai plotted a strategy that would put the crossover on as many shopping lists…



atl3630 says:

Great vehicle, but $35k – that’s nuts.Does anyone else feel like car prices
are getting out of control? Put 20% down on this vehicle ($7,100!!) and a 4
yr loan and your payments are a whopping $660 a month!!!!

Grappone Automotive Group says:

The 2013 Santa Fe is definitely a small SUV you want to check out!

See Auto Guide’s review here: http://youtu.be/R7G7rqYlGQQ

Sheehy Hyundai of Waldorf says:

Check out AutoGuide’s review of the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe! “Sporty,
Sharper, and More Aggressive!”

Central Valley Hyundai says:

The 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe offers an exciting and engaging driving
experience. Check out this great review.

Jim Ellis Hyundai says:

Gearing up to release the third-generation Santa Fe, the decision makers at
Hyundai plotted a strategy that would put the crossover on as many shopping
lists as possible. Check out the entire review by clicking on the play
button below!

김훈식 says:

It is no waterproof

Jason Cook says:

Lots of expensive Bells/Whistles that can’t be ‘repaired’ in this ‘throw
away’ age (just like relationships) – only replaced + import costs I’m

Thornhill Hyundai says:

Best in class safety.

LifeISMagix says:

For about 2 years now, this car is a head turner for me. I own a Ford
Explorer, but let me tell you, I would buy Hyundai over Ford or Dodge
anytime! And did you see the Genesis? Or Genesis Coupe? Hyundai is the
future Lexus.

MrImbag13 says:

it looks like Audi Q7 2012

ahmed ahmed says:


deultimateusername says:

is it true that the steering wheel doesn’t center itself when going over

CJTamino10 says:

Hyundai is improving at making cars. Keep up the good work!

fickmeindreamcacao says:

what car in this category does not have plastic in them?

Nazmus Saquib says:

I think the main reason is, we don’t really like overnight changes. For
example, we honor the people who make millions over the years with hard
work, but we don’t really feel proud of lottery winners, even if the win
was not a big prize. Even in 2009, Hyundai wasn’t something that someone
would brag about. But the radical change is good for auto world, in terms
of healthy competition. I personally just want to see vehicles that can
reduce deaths in future.

johnherrera305 says:

It’s a fully loaded SUV…a great price for what you’re getting.

janson key says:

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nikeadidasdudetx says:


omar khan says:

yea but this kinda looks better

fickmeindreamcacao says:

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FerrariVelocita says:

Korean technology has surpassed Japanese technology. Look at all the
technological advancements made by Korean electronics companies on OLED
display technology compared with lackluster LCD of other companies. Hyundai
Heavy Industries is also the biggest shipbuilder in the world. In fact, the
world’s largest shipyard is located in Ulsan, Korea. Korean technology is
superior to Japanese technology, except maybe when it comes to cameras.

F Ahmad says:

That doesn’t look like the old load lugger

fatcamper says:

VW, Chevy, Honda, Toyota, Nissan…2WD SUVs are FWD. Cheers.

TL Pantalones says:

It can’t perform like other AWD cars

Domine Koritnik says:

Koreans have no tradition in engineering cars. That what they put together
are not-well-designed vehicles, that have no-good-sell-value. We recommend:
do not, never buy one “Korean vehicle”.

camotefarmer says:

the Japanese don’t make German cars…

palebeachbum says:

I generally hate big SUVs, but this new Santa Fe is really appealing. Very
sexy and I love that red leather!

Serhiy L says:

What is the colour (code colour) of this car ???? Who can answer, pls answ.
! 🙂

gordan james says:

One word: FAGGOT!!!!!!!

TrollsAreRetards1 says:

So many envious dick heads like you punk.

xudyline says:

this car is so damn expensive here in my country,in US is just :35.925$
full loaded,here in Portugal is 55.990€ converted in dollars is like
72.970$…wtf,why Hyundai?

johnherrera305 says:

Go fuck yourself.

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