2013 Hyundai Santa Fe LWB Limited V6 Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe LWB Limited V6 Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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David Ferrari says:

The 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe is America’s best designed and most reliable SUV
of 2014. Powered by new cutting-edge Hyundai AWD technology, this is Korean
manufacturing specialty at its best.

Hyundai technology is 100% Korean technology so you can expect the newest
and most advanced auto technology because Korean technology companies are
the most advanced in the world (look at Samsung… the world’s biggest
technology company by revenue)


marc1093280 says:

This Hyundai feels like a premium crossover

Nadhifa'sUslessChannelLOL says:

the Santa Fe is very expensive here in Indonesia. The Sport version costs
over 400.000.000 rupiah/40.000$ while the GLS version is over 600.000.000

Armend Xhoxhaj says:

Hyundai = korea sh*t

booksyn says:

Love this color

Automan14 says:

Same door chime as the all new Kia Soul.

Alexander Liman says:

This car surpassed most japanese SUV on all levels

Ariq Rizqurrahman Fatah says:

This car problem is the third row.. the leg room for the third row isn’t
good. The third row seat has cramped and uncomfortable seat position

Acura rlx sport hybrid sh awd says:

Korean cars are safe always

TheAdventurousCo says:

Wayyy better than Toyota highlander.

selverse says:

IM korean thank you every body ♥

khaled shehadeh says:

This is not hyundai santa fe, it is hyundai grand santa fe

MrTurboRotary says:

3 things they did not explain on this video and I wonder, why not?
#1- No explanation about DVD entertainment equipment on the 6 passenger
version. (Not available?… That is weak!)
#2- Why not show us if there is real space on the third row for a medium to
adults size passengers?
#3- They did not show how much space in on the trunk right below the cargo
So I am still wondering about those details.


inoicaf says:

This car here in brazil cost like 70.000$ -_-

Gunnar Tillman says:


hondafansfags says:

yo mom

Floppydopda says:

Zedd – Clarity feat. Foxes

Tim Lee says:

Plz upload kia cadenza aka k7(euro name). Cuz I saw fb pic you post earlier.

Arthur Fernandes says:

Can you do the 2013 dodge journey R/T

jmjustin14 says:


crashmantan says:

oh then what was that?

sam minhas says:


candybar030 says:

I think that stands for gas direct injection

stripes12345678910 says:

If you do not like or appreciate Hyundai and Kia, just do not watch these
videos. I’m tired of you bitching Hyundai haters.

TheSupergunman3000 says:

Does he reply to comments, anyways could you do Test Drives of interesting
cars, like hot hatches and stuff more, and if you ever want to do a video
on the new e-class or s-class you shall do a test drive, I will find you,
and I will … take a photo! But please do a test drive

killazilla93 says:

Do a 2014 Silverado!!!!

omar santos says:

Why you hate Muslims? You’re so ignorant leave them alone. They have done
nothing to you. If one of them did something to you that does not
automatically mean all of them are same. It doesn’t even make sense are
they all like one family lol grow up whoever you are. Leave them alone and
enjoy watching the video.

Cristian Rodriguez says:


Floppydopda says:

They’re optional extras.

PensandSteelersrock says:

use shazam

David Ferrari says:

Korean auto technology is so new and advanced.

RyanAudi39 says:

The song is Why are you my remedy.

omniffetz says:

yes please

The5starSTUNNNA says:


niclna says:

here in the philippines, sta.fe comes with a CRDI 2.2L with 197ps/3800 and
a torque 43.0/1800-2500 kg-m/rpm

Rashid EL-Hilali says:

please do a 2013 kia sorento review

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