2013 Hyundai Santa Fe: 4 Guys In A Car review

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe: 4 Guys In A Car review

One of the most popular crossovers in Canada gets a seriously fantastic makeover, impressing all of us with its blend of features, comfort, and price.



814gt says:

Get a Subaru forester turbo. Much better build quality and safer. Better
visibility and refined suspension. 

Jānis Liepiņš says:

Turbo diesel is best for Europe… 

James Lee says:

It needs a 7 speed CVVT transmission for better fuel economy , and paddle
shifters for a more engaging drive Great looking car. Japanese are shaking
in their pants

Everette Singleton says:

Noise Vibration and Harshness

Kelvin Tso says:

by subjective, I think you mean it looks good to blind people.. jk, I like
the CRV, but it’s always felt a lil smaller than the rest of the lineup, I
think the new one is bigger though. I don’t like Honda interiors though,
exteriors are pretty nice this gen.

bewarden says:

Is the Buick Encore 2013 in your plans list?

TheDenkata says:

You have to try Hyundai Santa fe 2.2 CRDi 4WD(197bhp)… 7seats…epic car
for this price…

Bobby D says:

Had an 08 SF with the V6, have the 13 with the turbo and it craps all over
the V6 it’s also much lighter and nimbler than the old one. Great car still
needs a bit of work on steering and suspension as do most Hyundai vehicles.
Can’t be beat for value though.



mlps93 says:

I don’t care what he’s doing, he should find a new hobby

Kelvin Tso says:

for $38k?, I’d get an Infiniti EX, JX, or low FX. If you want the Santa Fe,
I think it’d be smarter for the lower end models, or an in-betweener.

mlps93 says:

When did i say that? Everyone has their own taste as to whether a car looks
good or not You make it sound like it is a crime or wrong to dislike

mlps93 says:

lol That guy is a joke who trolls every one and video with Hyundai
publicity and/ or personal attacks on users. Including a video about Mazda
CX-5 where he claims Hyundai Santa-Fe is better but, the CX-5 and Santa-Fe
do not compete against each other, the CX-5 competes against the Tucson/
ix35. You know he is a troll when he hides his recent activity and doesn’t
allow comments on his page. How Hyundai “will always win” is just his own
wet dream and fantasy.

ACS402010 says:

Sorry buddy. That ugly-ass sweater has GOT to go.

Carlos Valentino says:

I’m in between CX-5 & Sante Fe Sport. I would be great to see a Head 2 Head
video. Thank you for your videos, I find at times that I know more than the
sales person. Looking forward to more videos,

Nick Agustin says:

@Kelvin Tso $38k canadian money. if you get FX or EX in canada, that’s
easily 45-50 range even more.

mlps93 says:

CRV Quality, reliability, engine refinement, resale value Honda wins Style
and looks is subjective

wtrdogg20 says:

Good review! It is all I can say… The Santa Fe is not perfect, but it is
definetly a lot of car for a fair price. It is actually more car than a
Rav4, that is competing in 2 segments.

rsxzx6r says:

guy with glasses looks like a chubby tobey mcguire

bnr32gtr90 says:

I lol’d at 3:55 at dude on bike

YTdwiles says:

What’s NVH?

mlps93 says:

Too many I only reply to him if he replies to me, but he will comment on my
comment when it doesn’t have anything to do with him or Hyundai I would be
talking about Lexus/ Toyota being long lasting with another user and he
would barge in and start talking about unrelated matter and making personal
attacks on me and the other user

Nat Daniels says:

A brilliant CUV.

mouthies3 says:

Amazing comment on the ride guys, I’ve always had a complaint with my
sonata in terms of the ride, it feels hollow over bumps rather than giving
a solid “thud”. I also agree with the steering remarks, Hyundai’s steering
is stiff on center then loosens up on the turn in, not very linear and
rather awkward. One detail i think you missed, commenting on interior
materials, i found the new Hyundai interiors nice to look at, but not nice
to feel or touch.

Max Kulakov says:

So what would you pick: Santa Fe or CR-V?

mlps93 says:

what do you mean??


We had a 2007 Santa Fe, just traded it in for a 2013 KIA Sorento, we had a
2003 Kia Sorento before the Santa Fe…I think I like the Sorento better,
and it has a V6.

Kelvin Tso says:

isn’t it $1.02 US to $1 Canadian?

Emiliano Bautista says:

Four gays in a car!

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