2013 Hyundai Grand i10 1.1U2 CRDi (Diesel) – First Drive review by OnCars India

2013 Hyundai Grand i10 1.1U2 CRDi (Diesel) – First Drive review by OnCars India

One of the most awaited hatchbacks, the Hyundai Grand i10 is here in the Indian market. Most awaited because the car will also be offered with a diesel engin…





Greg Nathan says:

This Car stunned me with its pick-up, power, silent motor, performance,
interiors, exterior design, Cost – Its so perfect!! Test drove the VW Polo
before this one and it sucked with lack of pick-up and noise inside the
Cabin 😛 ….Maybe good beyond 1800 RPM but then, whoever drives at high
speeds within Indian cities & towns???….. 



Rinku Maano Rinku says:

No pradeep. You can keep your car idle till one month without use, but sure
it will be only apetrol car….petrol

Rohit Eligeti says:

I did a test drive and it turns out great

Kapil Sabharwal says:

I want to buy grand i10 (asta optional-petrol variant) for city driving
only …but i just love the looks of i20(sports) a lot more than this
car… little difference of budget between the two is no problem. Few
points that concern me are- MILEAGE, MILEAGE and MILEAGE ..
so i20 looks wayyyy better and is a segment above than this.
i10 has improved ride quality but untested and new.
am little tilted towards i20 because of the way its Looks, Only!


2014 GRAND i10

ThisMakesMeThink says:

I’m from the US and I wish I could buy one of these for commuting to

gagan singh gangwar says:

instead of grand i10 go for Ritz

jaskiran singh says:

Must say you are a very Irresponsible driver and a review team. (Referring
to 9:58 to 10:02)
Irrespective of whether there is a car or any other vehicle behind you or
NOT, one should still give respective indicator to change the lane. And
dipper signal to the vehicle in front of you to warn its driver than you
want or are going to overtake.
For people like you who dont give a DAMN! to such rules and don’t follow
them diligently, GOD has only expression when things go Horribly Wrong
becoz of your FAULT – Oh! Shit
You’ll understand when someone else does the same with you and “God forbid”
Shit Happens with…


2014 GRAND i10

Rakesh Srivastava says:


sanjogar says:

Will this two airbags be efficient? This car is excluisve for India and
other emergent markets so this car will not be tested by EuroNCAP such like
the outgoing model.
Nissan March (Pulse, Micra) gaind only two stars in LatinNCAP and 4 in
It could happen tah Gran i10 in India is not as safe as the European

FreeSpirit says:

I love the gear shift position in the i10, it is just perfectly positioned,
just brilliant!

pradeep nayak says:

I have also planned to purchase grand i10 petrol, but m worried about the
battery drain issue, if we keep car idle for a week, the battery gets
completely drained, is that true ?

S@hil S@luja says:

Plz upload test drive of Hyundai xcent as soon as possible 

Chaitanya Vyas says:

Agreed. Hyundai could have Magna and Sportz (Optional) with ABS.

Hyder Ali says:

This car is without airbags, i have Asta version………..

Germie pagador says:

hope grand i10 CRDi variant will be available in the philippines, mass of
buyer because pilipino people love deisel engine. I AM SALES CONSULTANT OF

shiva kumar says:

Hi OCI, That one is really a great review. I’m really confused between
swift LDI and grand i10 Magna(CRDI). I’m looking for long term maintenance.
I go on highways… I know swift is proven, grand i10 is new, doesn’t know
much about it’s engine reliability. I went for test drive of grand
i10(Diesel) twice. First time when I drove, I felt very good about the car.
Then I went after 4 days to test drive once again, the engine was making
more noise (ran ~750Kms), which created some doubt in my mind.

Mr.Basheer. NP says:

Thanks for your reply dear ….

OnCars India says:

Hi Sukhjinder, Thanks for writing in. We’ll answer this question very soon
at OnCars. Stay tuned!

chandan sharma says:

great review… impartially verdicted.. true review.. one issue i
discovered.. AC vents doesnt close at zero… leads rear AC vents doesnt
fll air pressure.

OnCars India says:

Thanks Nat. Yes, the top end spec is what we’ll recommend too cause it is
also the safest of the line-up.

OnCars India says:

The Grand i10 is an improvement over the previous Hyundai cars in terms of
steering and suspension setups. However, it still isn’t as good as the
Swift or as taut as the Figo. You need a driver’s hatchback, look at these
– and also the Polo and the Etios Liva D.

OnCars India says:

Yes, ABS with EBD and dual airbags (front – passenger and driver) are
available only on the Asta variant. You can get the pricing details
(including on-road price) of the Hyundai Grand i10 in your city at our car
research page which has been mentioned in the video description.

OnCars India says:

Thanks Osum Rider.

Tsu qiao hua says:

pretty car

Heramb Patkar says:

WOW…..you guys have really stepped it up!!!….. awesome camera work,
editing & direction…audio needs slight improvement though….but all
other changes are highly appreciated!!!…Good Job OnCarsIndia!!! 🙂

OnCars India says:

Thank you for the kind words! We hope to live up to your expectations with
every review 🙂

faisal shaikh says:

1Gb Hard drive!!!!!! whats that?

Ess Kay says:

As if getting a TN car in Rajasthan was not good enough the review was
informative and crisp. A great background score and production values I
think you gave a unbiased view of the car in the backdrop of some very
scenic locations. Its a huge effort and it shows. Keep up the good work
guys. For one you have turned me into a follower as I am going to jump into
all your reviews once I hit the submit key on this comment.

OnCars India says:

The Grand i10 is more spacious and feature rich as compared to the Swift.
The Swift however has better driving dynamics. We say you go for the Grand
i10 if your usage is mostly restricted to the city.

Kabriskhalis says:

Does this glovebox acts as heating glovebox if we switch on heater.how is
heating of rear ac during winter.

Amol jadhav says:

Very good review harshal patil , i really liked the review of sound of
grand i10 hyundai cars door. TY

OnCars India says:

Hi Kabriskhalis, The rear is a welcome addition. The cooling efficiency
isn’t as good as the front A/C vents but over a fair period of time, it
helps keep the entire cabin cooler.

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